Waste Water Treatment Plants and Equipment

 WHA Utilities & Power Public Co. Ltd.
WHA Utilities & Power have a dual business core : 1) Distributing raw water, producing and distributing industrial water and providing wastewater treatment services in industrial estates. 2) Electricity generation and distribution, both conventional (coil- or gas-fired power plants, hydro power) and alternative (solar rooftop, waste to energy power generation).
 Thai Tap Water Supply Public Co. Ltd.
Thai Tap Water Supply produces and supplies water in the provinces of Nakhon Pathom and Samut Sakhon.
 East Water Public Co. Ltd.
East Water is responsible for the development and management of main water pipeline systems on the Eastern Seaboard. The Company supplies raw water to industrial estates, factories and waterworks via raw water pipeline systems in Chonburi, Rayong and Chachoengsao Province.
 Utility Business Alliance Co. Ltd.
UBA offers advanced scientific methods in managing water pollution using renewable energy produced from treatment system as a source of energy for other purposes. Operating and monitoring software, waste and waste water treatment, waste to energy systems.
 ZeroWater Thailand - Roong Koo Co. Ltd.
ZeroWater offers advanced 5-stage filtration systems for the purest tasting drinking water experience at home and at the office. Filter pitchers and jugs, glass water dispensers.
 Phol Dhanya Public Co. Ltd.
Phol Dhanya distributes : personal protective equipment (helmets, safety eye glasses, ear plugs, face shields, safety gloves etc.) ; safety and environment products (gas detectors, eye and body washers, chemical containment, safety locks etc.) ; environment control products (clean room clothing and clean room suit, equipment for cleanroom etc.) ; different waste water systems.
 General Environmental Conservation Public Co. Ltd.
GENCO manages both hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste, offering services for collecting, storing and transporting industrial waste. Facilities in Ratchburi province, and at Map Ta Phut industrial site.
 Padaeng Industry Public Co. Ltd.
Padaeng Industry is structured around three businesses : PDI Energy – provides energy from renewable sources (solar farms) ; PDI Materials – provides added value materials from recycled metals ; and PDI Eco – provides waste management solutions for complex industrial waste.
 Clear-Bioplus - MVP Ltd. Part.
ClearpBio is a concentrated bioactive microorganism mass that is used to degrade organic wastes as a biological activator for septic tanks and waste water treatment with wide applications in condos, households, hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, office buildings, restaurants, etc.
 U.I. Masters (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
U.I. Masters provides water disposal systems and waste-industrial-water processing systema at the industrial park of Chonburi and Rayon prefecture in Thailand. We can also offer you the best solution regarding water treatment facility upgrades and reusing and recycling of waste water.
 Clean Air Thailand Co. Ltd.
Clean Air Thailand specializes in indoor air quality products. It provides high performance UVGI, also known as UVC, and Ozone equipment to improve indoor air quality in air-conditioned buildings. Philips UV purification lamp systems for hospitals.
 Thai Water Expo 2021
Thai Water 2021 Expo takes place at BITEC between 14-16 October 2021. International exhibition on water and waste water technology.
 Premier Products Public Co. Ltd.
Premier Products is a manufacturer and distributor of environmental products. Wastewater treatment products under the Sats brand with technology from Matsushita Electric Works of Japan. Aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment tanks for houses, for medium to large buildings, and for factories.
 S. Napa (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
S. Napa benefits from over 57 years of experience providing innovative solutions across a wide range of services including specialist water and wastewater treatment plants, recreational swimming pool facilities, stylish concept designs for fountains and water features. Water treatments for municipal, private and industrial sector.
 Wongpanit Co. Ltd.
Wongpanit is a full-loop recycling company, that deals with garbage and waste materials such as : plastic, paper, metal, glass bottles, etc. Interesting list of prices offered for recyclable materials.
 Goshu Kohsan Co. Ltd.
Goshu Koshan has expertise in water and waste water management. Wastewater recycle systems, ultrapure water, incinerators, sludge treatment. High quality water for cooling towers, boiling towers, and rinsing water applications in the automotive manufacturing process.
 Organo Thailand Co. Ltd.
Organo Thailand provides water treatment systems for electronic and general industries. Water treatment systems for waterworks and sewage.
 K & N Thailand Co. Ltd.
K & N Thailand is an original manufacturer of reverse osmosis water purification systems. Useful for seawater desalination, brackish water and fresh water applications. Our systems can handle 1000 to millions of gallons per day.
 Treat Chemical Co. Ltd.
Treat Chemical produces water filters and provides water purification treatment services. Reverse osmosis systems, electro deionization system water filters, softening system filters, clarifier systems, sand filters. Also treatment units for home use (we use their equipment and are quite satisfied, ed.).
 Aquacheme Co. Ltd.
Aquacheme specializes in the water treatment of cooling tower systems, boilers, membrane filtration systems and waste water treatment systems. Our services include water treatment servicing, wastewater treatment servicing, industrial chemical cleaning, risk management consulting and water minimization consulting.
 Crown-Tech Engineering (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Crown-Tech Engineering is a transnational environmental engineering company. The company focuses on engineering, planning, design and construction of waste water treatment facilities, waste air treatment, industrial waste water treatment.
 Liquid Purification Engineering International Co. Ltd.
LPE offers research and consulting services for the development and operation of membrane systems such as, Microfiltration (MF), Ultrafiltration (UF), Nanofiltration (NF), Reverse Osmosis (RO), and Electrodialysis (EDI), for industrial applications.
 Sahapornprom Co. Ltd.
Sahapornprom designs, constructs and starts-up WWTP (wastewater treatment plants). Both for industrial and domestic waste water treatments.
 Papop Co. Ltd.
Papop produces biogas from wastewater in Thailand. Papop has its own technologies, is an expert in biogas generation systems, and the treatment of industrial wastewater. The company invests continually in research and development.
 Watreat Co. Ltd.
Watreat is a supplier of high performance industrial and process water and waste water treatment equipments and chemicals. Speciality media filter, chemicals, water testing kits and water quality analysis reagents, dosing pumps, meters and control equipment.
 Thai Chemical and Engineering Co. Ltd.
TCE products include : boiler chemicals, cleaning chemicals, cooling chemicals, polymers, flocculants and coagulants. Specialty chemicals, sugar processing chemicals, biological products for waste water, reverse osmosis chemicals. Services : system cleaning, waste water treatment consultancy, water analysis, reagents for water analysis etc.
 Creation Center Co. Ltd.
Creation Center provides a complete range of water and wastewater treatment systems and equipment as well as water treatment chemicals, reverse osmosis chemicals, filter media and ion exchange resins for Thai industries.
 Dyna Fluid
Dyna Fluid supplies a comprehensive range of water treatment chemicals and systems, for use in any industry, municipal and buildings.
 Waste Management Siam Ltd. (WMS)
WMS can customize a total waste solution which ensures that your operations will comply with local and corporate international standards.
 Drinking Water Vending Machine
We are manufacturer and exporter of drinking water vending machines, ozone generators, air filters, uv, filter media, reverse osmosis equipment for water and waste water treatment.
 Filter Vision Public Co. Ltd.
Filter Vision designs, assembles, installs and maintains pure water treatment systems in Thailand. Products include : filter cartridges, filter housings, telecom pneumatic tube systems, rainwater first flush filter collectors, UV water disinfection systems, ozone generators, plumbing and ice making equipmenst.
 Creation Center Co. Ltd.
Creation Center provides a complete range of water and wastewater treatment systems and equipment as well as water treatment chemicals, reverse osmosis chemicals, filter media and ion exchange resins for Thai industries.
 Aqua Nishihara Corporation Ltd.
Aqua Nishihara provides waste water treatment systems, waste and oil trap devices, aeration equipment, sludge removal equipment, water filtration equipment.
 Cygnus International Co. Ltd. (Thailand)
Cygnus International offers a complete range of filtration products. Water filters, sand anthracite filters, softeners (cation resin), micro filters, ceramic filters, U.V. disinfection, R/O-reverse osmosis systems, ozonation systems and bottling drinking water systems.