Transformers in Thailand. Manufacturers and Suppliers.

 QTC Energy Public Co. Ltd.
QTC Energy is a local manufacturer of transformers, using the latest technology and machines and modern facilities.
 AC2M Co. Ltd.
AC2M is a manufacturer of high frequency transformers, EMI filters and coils used in power conversion products. All the manufactured products are made according to our customer's requirements winding with single or Litz enameled wire up to 200°C of temperature grade.
 Daihen Electric Co. Ltd.
Daihen Electric power transformers are manufactured with technical collaboration from Daihen Corporation, a leading transformer manufacturers in Japan.
 Acme Insulation Co. Ltd.
Acme Insulation imports, exports and supplies various kinds of electrical insulation products, equipment and accessories used in manufacturing of power and distribution transformers. Our diversified clientele includes leading power and distribution transformer manufacturers, OEMs and governmental electricity authorities in Thailand and neighboring Asean countries.
 Thai Maxwell Electric Co. Ltd.
Thai Maxwell Electric designs, manufactures and services electric transformers. Instrument transformers - oil type and cast resin type for indoor and outdoor use. Transformers from low voltage up to 36 kV. Oil type and Dry type.
 Thai Patanakit Transformer Co. Ltd.
ThaiPatanakit Transformer is an electrical transformer manufacturer based in Bangkok with a regional office in Laos PDR. High performance transformers for industrial, commercial, governmental and residential use. Single and Three-Phase Products. Rated from 1 - 20,000 kVA up to 75,000V. 24/7 emergency service and 2 year on-site warranty services.
 Tira Thai Co. Ltd.
Our electrical transformers under the brand name "Tira Thai" are well recognized by our customers in both public and private sectors.
 Ekarat Engineering Public Co. Ltd.
Ekarat designs and manufactures distribution transformers in different ranges. Ekarat also produces solar cells from its own solar cell factory.
 Charoenchai Transformer Co. Ltd.
Charoenchai Transformer : Oil immersed transformers, cast resin transformers, corrugated fins and tanks. Extensive info in on-line catalogue. Service and maintenance of transformers.
 East Electric Accessory Co. Ltd. (EEA)
Manufacturer of all kinds of low voltage transformers in Thailand, both EI and toroidal, for applications such as UPS, amplifier, emergency lighting, medical, instrumentation and other OEM products.
 Estel - Thailand Transformers & Inductors
Estel Co.,Ltd. produces high-quality, small and medium capacity transformers and inductors in Thailand.