Marble, Granite and Natural Stones Industry in Thailand

 C.V. Natural Stone Co. Ltd.
C.V. Natural Stone engages in indoor and outdoor cultured stone. Texture spray granite mist coat and granite stone coat. Extensive list of cultured stones : easy ledge stone, coral stone, slice castle rock, edge stone, ledge stone, cobble feeling stone, granite caste rock, lava stone, bricks etc.
 Ratchada Marble Co. Ltd.
Ratchada Marble : Marble and granite tiles. For counter tops, vinity tops, table tops, monuments, and columns, statues, sculptures, lanterns, basins, gountains. Also slatestone, slate tiles, sandstone tiles, etc.
 Stone Gallery Co. Ltd.
Stone Gallery products include : marble, travertine, limestone, slate, mosaics, granite, crystal and onyx, sandstone, quartzite, patterned stones.
 Thong Heng Stone Product Co. Ltd.
Thong Heng Stone Product produces quality granite, marble, sandstone, limestone products for all aspects of stone construction. Both imported and locally produced.
 Hin Saeng Nakorn Co. Ltd.
Hin Saeng Nakorn is involved in import and export of natural stone and domestic sales. Export of sandstone and decorative stone products. Import of granites, slates, basalt and quartizites.
 Saraburi Granite Co. Ltd.
We have more than 50 kind of granites and also import granite from other countries. Large granite factory in Saraburi. Granite and marble tiles.
 Bualuang Marble Co. Ltd.
The products of Bualuang Marble include marble, granite, and composit marble. Marble and granite tiles.
 Asia Granite Group
Asia Granite has 40 years of stone business experience. We have marble, granite,sandstone quarries in Thailand, 10 in total. Other stone products from around the world. Marble, granite, sandstone, slate stone, quartzite, limestone, gravel, laterite. For floors, walls, columns, staircases, counters and tables, sculptures, water landscapes etc.
 Stone Marketing Co. Ltd.
Stone Marketing is capable of processing various kinds of stones according to customer's specific demand. Products include : tiles (granite, marble, sandstone, slate, mosaic) with different surface characteristics, counter tops, kitchen tops, bathroom tops, floors and walls.
Kamraingern is a distributor of table marble, decorative stone products. Also Thai silk.