Petrochemical and Plastic Industry in Thailand

 PTT Global Chemical Public Co. Ltd.
PTT Global Chemical is the chemical flagship of the PTT Group. Olefins and aromatics production, petroleum production. It is Thailand's largest integrated petrochemical and refining company.
 Vinythai Public Co. Ltd.
Vinythai operates two PVC plants (emulsion and suspension resins), One Vinyl Chloride Monomer Plant, one Ethylene Dichloride plant and one Chlor-Alkali plant.
 TPAC Packaging - Thai Plaspac Public Co. Ltd.
TPAC Packaging is a designer and manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging for FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) and Pharmaceutical applications.
 Prodigy Public Co. Ltd.
Prodigy manufactures and distributes Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles. For use with vegetable oils, water, fruit juices, food seasonings.
 Flexi Pack Ltd.
FlexiPack Group provides comprehensive industrial packaging. Products such as EPE Foam, Polyolefin (POF Shrink Foam), BOPP Film, PET shrink label, blister foil, EPE Foam Insulation, air bubble (anti rust /anti corrosion), air bubble insulation etc.
 Apex Industrial Parts Co. Ltd.
Apex Industrial Parts produces industrial parts made from polyurethane elastomer (Authane). Wheels, rollers, linings, bumpers, fenders, bushings and bearings, steel rollers, rubber rollers, high precision and automotive parts.
 Grand Siam Composites Co. Ltd.
Grand Siam Composites(GSC) is a producer of polypropylene compound resins. Interior and exterior parts for cars (bumpers, instrument panels, trim parts), wiring systems, climate control systems (HVAC units, air cleaners). Electrical appliance parts, like for rice cookers, electric pots, washing machines etc.
 IRCP Public Co. Ltd.
IRCP operates a fully integrated refinery and petrochemical business in Thailand. Polene, porene, acetylene carbon black, polyols.
 Thai Plastic Industrial (1994) Public Co. Ltd.
Products of Thai Plastic Industrial (1994) include polypropylene (PP) bags and high-density polypropylene bags (HDPE). Plastic film bags, food wraps.
 Thai GCI Resitop Co. Ltd.
Thai GCI Resitop is located at Map Ta Put Industrial Estate. Production of Phenolic Resin for various industries.
 Saha Charoen Metal Plastic Product Co. Ltd.
Saha Charoen Metal Plastic Product is a manufacturer of injection plastic parts. With applications for electrical appliances, electronic components, cars and motorcycles. Painting, printing services. Sub assembly.
 K.H.I. Vanich Group
K.H.I. Vanich manufactures and exports PVC plastic products. PVC clear film and colour embossed sheets (soft to semi-rigid), various designs of printed and laminated PVC, lace sheets for tablecloths. PVC flooring or linoleum.
 Engineer Plastic Products Co. Ltd. (EPC)
Engineer Plastic Products produces plastic inject molds, die-casting molds, jigs and fixtures.
 Thai Mitsuwa Public Co. Ltd.
With 1,300 workers and 121 molding machine, Thai Mitsuwa produces plastic parts for products such as hone appliances, audio visual equipment, office automation equipment, etc.
 MEP Hexa (Thailand) Ltd.
MEP Hexa produces coloring and compounding plastics. General purpose and reinforced with glass fiber, carbon fiber, minerals, talc, etc.
 Riken (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Riken (Thailand) is a PVC Compound manufacturer. Medical PVC compounds : blood tubing lines, A.V. Fistula sets, blood administration sets, infusion sets. Industrial general PVC compounds : for automotive and electronic sectors.
 Apple Film Co. Ltd.
Apple Film supplies plastic bags, sheets and rolls (made of HDPE\LDPE\LLDPE) for department stores, supermarkets, wholesalers and retailers. Merchandise bags with or without side gussets, plastic bags with or without die-cut handle, drum liners, poly box liners, pallet covers, etc.
 C.P. Packaging Industry Co. Ltd.
C.P. Packaging Industry : drinking cups, buckets for popcorn etc., microwaveable containers, yoghurt cups, noodle cups, ice cream containers.
 PTT Asahi Chemical Co. Ltd.
PTT Asahi produces Acrylonitrile (AN) and Methyl Methacrylate (MMA).
 Chemical Innovation Co. Ltd.
Chemical Innovation distributes elastomers and polymers suppliers, like : DuPont Elastomers, advanced fibers systems, and fluoropolymers. Dow specialty plastics, Sartomer products.
 Royal Industries (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd.
Royal Industries is one of Asia's largest producers of high quality baby feeding accessories : feeding bottles, natural rubber nipples, pacifiers, practical items associated with post-natal care.
 Krieng Thavorn Containers Co. Ltd.
Krieng Thavorn Containers produces plastic containers and other useful plastic items. Grease and oil trap tanks, package tanks, storage tanks, ice boxes, refuse bins, road barriers, boats, playground equipment, trays etc.
 Multibax Public Co. Ltd.
Multibax produces polyethylene plastic bags, including sandwich bags, can liners, zipper bags, produce bags.
 Thantawan Industry Co. Ltd.
Plastic products of Thantawan Industry include : Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) reclosable bags, polypropylene drinking straws, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bags like freezer bags, carrier bags, garbage bags etc.
 Tapaco Public Co. Ltd.
Tapaco produces, assembles and distributes engineering plastic parts to be used in assembling electrical appliance (printers, fax machines), electronics equipment and car audio equipment.
 Thai Plaspac Public Co. Ltd.
Thai Plaspac is a manufacturer of plastic packaging products, plastic containers, plastic wares, and other plastic made products by employing injection moulding and blow moulding technology.
 Thai O.P.P. Pcl
Thai O.P.P. produces and distributes many types of plastic packaging film such as shrink film, oriented polypropylene (O.P.P.) film, cast polypropylene (C.P.P.) film, metalized film, stretch film, film for lamination, skin vacuum film and protection film.
 Union Plastic Public Co. Ltd.
Union Plastic PLC is a part of the Saha-Union Group of companies. Plastic part manufacturing and making of injection molds. Plastic parts including automotive parts, electrical appliances, household products and vacuum bottles. Molds including automotive parts, electrical appliances, sanitary wares and others required by customers.
 A.J. Plast Public Co. Ltd.
A.J. Plast is a manufacturer and distributor of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Films (BOPP), Biaxially Oriented Polyester Films (BOPET), Biaxially Oriented Polyamide Film (BOPA) and Metallized film.
 Sri Thai Superware, Bangkok
Srithai Superware Pcl. is the world's largest manufacturer of Melamine tableware and Thailand's leading manufacturer of plastics.
 Thai Prasit Textile Co. Ltd.
Our range of products include agricultural screen nettings, windows screens, sun shading nets, as well as HDPE woven fabric for the manufacture of easy chair and net bags.
 Extreme Packaging Co. Ltd.
Extreme Packaging produces plastic sheets for food containers and electronic components. Natural sheet, non-silicone sheet, frozen sheet, clear sheat, laminate sheet, color sheet.
 Thai Kodama Co. Ltd.
Plastic parts and products by Thai Kodama are used in many industries such as home appliances, refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioners, automobiles, logistics industry, food packaging etc.
 Chyuan Jaan Shing Industrial (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Chyuan Jaan Shing manufactures molds for plastic materials with two colors and with two different materials such as plastics and elastics.
 T.T. Technoplast Co. Ltd.
T.T.Technoplast produces plastics by molding for industrial products, office automation, packaging and toy industry.
 JetThai Plastic Industries Co. Ltd.
JetThai Plastic Industries is plastic mold injection company. Plastic components for electronic devices, such as facsimile machines, telephone and mobile phone sets, printers etc.
 Asahikasei Plastics (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
AsahiKasei manufactures compounding and coloring plastics. Polyamide 66, Polyacetal, Modified Polyphenylene Ether (M-PPE), ABS.
 AV Plastic Co. Ltd.
AV Plastic produces thermosetting and thermoplastic products. Automotive parts, electrical parts, for consumer products, toys, bottle caps.
 Union Thai Polyplast Co. Ltd.
Union Thai Polyplast offers plastic packaging for food and beverages, and specializes in blow molding and injection molding. Shrink film labeling and silk screen printing.
 Polyplex Thailand Public Co. Ltd.
Polyplex (Thailand) Public Company Ltd is a subsidiary of Polyplex Corporation Ltd of India. Polyplex in Thailand manufacturers Biaxially Oriented Polyester (BOPET) films. BOPET films are used in the packaging, industrial, electrical, media and imaging user segments.
 Dow Thailand
Dow Thailand Group has a large manufacturing base in Thailand. Chemicals and petrochemicals sold in Thailand include : polyethylene, elastomers, polyurethanes, coatings, polystyrene, Sytrene-Butadiene Latex, etc. Also joint ventures with Siam Cement Group.
 Starflex Public Co. Ltd.
Starflex distributes soft plastic packaging for non-food products packaging such as fabric softener, dish washing detergent, laundry detergent etc. Also soft plastic packaging for food products such as snack, instant noodle, pet food. Medical device packaging.
 Global Plasts Center Co. Ltd.
Global Plasts Center distributes plastic scraps and plastic pellets. It provides plastic sorting training and consulting services. Distributing plastic beads and compound plastic that can be recycled.
 Panjawattana Plastic Public Co. Ltd.
Panjawattana Plastic offers plastic products for packaging lubricants, milk and yoghurt, consumer goods, agro-chemical products. Also automotive plastic parts.
 JSBY Fiberglass Products Co. Ltd.
JSBY Fiberglass Products manufactures glass fiber rein forced plastic (GFRP). For purification tanks, car accessories, camping car bodies, boat bodies, chemical tanks.
 QM Invent Co. Ltd.
QM Invent produces single injection and double injection molding plastic products, silk screen prints, pad prints, spray painted and UV coated products.
 S.V.K. International Co. Ltd.
S.V.K. International produces extrusion and injection products, blow molding products.
 Daikyo International (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Daikyo International is a precision die cut specialist. Automotive parts (emblem tape, felt and sponge, rubber, masking, non woven and fabric, cloth), electronic and home appliances parts, adhesive tape etc.
 Asia Pacific Petrochemical Co. Ltd.
Asia Pacific Petrochemical imports and distributes : hydrocarbons and oxygenated solvents, such as aromatics, ketones, alcohols, esters and glycol ethers.
 Thai Poly Acrylic Public Co. Ltd.
Thai Poly Acrylic produces acrylic sheets of any desired thickness ranging from 2 mm. to 40 mm. as per customers' specifications.
 HMC Polymers Co. Ltd.
HMC Polymers Co. Ltd. : The largest and most technically advanced polypropylene resin producer in Asia with the last and most modern first polypropylene facilities in Thailand.
 Indorama Ventures Public Co. Ltd.
Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IRP), manufactures : PET Polymers, polyester fibers and chips, purified terephthalic acid acid (PTA), premium worsted wool yarns. A leading global producer of PET polymers, with headquarters in Thailand, and subsidiaries all around the world.
 A.U.T. Co. Ltd.
A.U.T. is a manufacturer and distributor of polyurethane elastomer products, using the trade name AUTHANE.
 Thai Nam Plastic (Public) Co. Ltd.
Thai Nam Plastic's products are widely used in the artificial leather, automotive, shoe industries, in luggage, pool-lining, stationery, furniture and packaging applications.