Industrial Instruments, Machinery, Equipment in Thailand

 Industrial Electrical Co. Ltd.
Products: Digital Megaohm Hitester, pressure gauges, manometers, flowmeters, flow switches, thermohygro meters, circular chart recorders, digital multimeters, clamp meters, sound meters, humidity meters etc.
 Max Value Technology Co. Ltd.
Max Value Technology trades in metrology, material testing and inspection products, used in production lines and laboratories. Wide variety of instruments, provides by European and international brands. In-house and on-site calibration services.
 Rojpaiboon Equipment Co. Ltd.
Rojpaiboon Equipment represents many leading international manufacturers. It can provide valves, actuator valves, pipes, flanges, biocon systems, fitting and high pressure fittings, balancing valves, control valves, security management systems.
 Demier Co. Ltd.
Demier has experience in electrical, instrument and control engineering. Design, procurement, installation and commissioning of electrical, instrument and control systems. Control system software. Gauges, indicators, switches, transmitters, position controller etc.
 All About Instruments Co. Ltd.
All About Instruments offers a wide range of instruments : dimension measurements, electrical parts, environmental measurements (gas detectors, lux meters, pressure meters, sound level meters, humidity), force gauges, stroboscopes, tachometers, torque equipment, weight measurements etc.
 T.J. Solution Co.Ltd.
T.J. Solution provides various products; Factory automation products and sensors, power transmission, linear motion systems, machine elements, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, blower and vacuum pumps, field and process instruments, measuring and inspection equipment.
 SV Nittan Co. Ltd.
Supplier of precision tools and parts. Drawing dies and plugs, cutting tips, seal rings, nozzles, wire guides. Stamping punches and molds, rollers, cutters, die sets, can tools, jig and fixtures.
 Compete Technology Co. Ltd.
Cards printers, barcode readers, magnetic readers, smart cards, access control, contact and contactless cards.
 Aerocomm Group Thailand
Business involved with telecom , communication , microwave, television,cable TV and radio broadcast. Aerocomm imports, supplies, design and install system for local customers etc. GPS navigation.
 Brave Engineering Ltd. - Industrial Instruments
Brave Engineering provides premium industrial instruments and integrated solutions for customers. We are the supplier of gas detectors, gas analyzers, Halogen gas detectors, toxic gas detectors.
 Contrologic Co. Ltd.
Contrologic Co. Ltd. distributes high quality products with after-sales service for : Analyzers, measuring instruments and control equipments. Our services include design, installation, and maintenance of automatic control system.
 Specseal Co. Ltd.
Specseal supplies seals and o-rings to Thailand's manufacturing and industries with various brandname products. Seals dealers are welcome.
 IKKI (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
IKKI (Thailand) is a distributor and professional service provider of industrial instruments : metrology equipment, microscopes, melt flow meters, optical equipment, calibration management software, inspection tools, for many industries. Office located Suan Luang.
 Calibration Laboratory Co. Ltd.
Calibration Laboratory or CLC offers a range of industrial calibration instruments,including calibration services for industry sectors in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Calibration instruments for : pressure and vacuum, dimensions, temperature and humidity, torque and force, mass and balance, electricity, chemicals etc.
 Syntech Innovation Co. Ltd.
Syntech Innovation imports scientific instruments, offering also installation and maintenance services. Scientific instruments for analytical, research and quality control. For applications in the petrochemical, packaging, food, and medical industries.
 I.N.B. Enterprise Co. Ltd.
I.N.B. Enterprise is an authorized distributor of THK products in Thailand. Our LM (linear motion) Guide devices are a component of mechanical and electronic systems in a wide variety of industries in Thailand.
 T.V.P. Valve & Pneumatic Co. Ltd. (TVP)
T.V.P. Valve and Pneumatic has been established since 1991 to supply industrial valves, sensors and controls, as well as pneumatic components. T.V.P. distributes world renowned brands such as GEMU, Pisco, Bar, Hafner and Wika.
 IMV (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
IMV test laboratory performs vibration, shock and temperature/humidity/vibration combined environmental tests. Located Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate.
 Seiko Precision (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Seiko Precision produces optical parts : shutters for digital cameras and mobile phones, lens barriers for digital camcorder, auto-focus lenses, injection parts for cameras. Time recorders, clocks.
 Bangkok Taiyo Springs Co. Ltd.
Bangkok Taiyo Springs manufactures metal stamping, forming, and spring parts. Applications for automobile and motorcycle parts industries, home appliances, hard disk drive parts, forming parts.
 W.DhavePatana Co. Ltd.
W.Dhavepatana industrial instruments : temperature sensors, themocouples, temperature and relative humidity calibration laboratory, RTDs specialist.
 Compomax Co. Ltd.
Compomax is an importer and supplier of factory automation components, including proximity switches, photo switches, counters, temperature controllers, digital meters, weight, flow, level sensors and controllers. Electrical components include : load breaks, changeover switches, power meters, power capacitors, power factor controllers, surge protectors, etc.
Thailand industrial instrument supplier directory.
 S. Supachai Machinery LP - Asahi Bearing Units
Wholesaler and retailer of bearings in Thailand with more than 28 years experience. Also the only authorized importer of Asahi bearings from Japan and the authorized dealer of NSK ball bearings.
 Asia Kendy Co. Ltd.
Asia Kendy provides an assortment of hardware, advanced painting systems and equipment and damage–prevention material to many industry giants such as Honda, Toyota, Ford Auto–Alliance and others.
 Wisco Industrial Instruments
Wisco are industrial instrument companies that design, manufacture, supply and support of products for power system protection, control, monitoring, integration, and automation.
 WesTech Component Co. Ltd.
Electronic Components : we sell parts such as IC, transistor, diode, fuse, power module, tyristor, scr, triac, lcd, led, capacitor , holder, trimmer, terminal, switch, resistor, rectifier, relay.
 Rockertek (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Rockertek (Thailand) Co.,Ltd., is the only local importer and exclusive distributor of supreme quality calibrators under the "Beamex" brand from Finland.
 Pneumax Co. Ltd.
We have been the leader in the field of Fluid power ie. hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum pumps, water valves, general purpose valves and services to the industries are total and complete.
 K.P.Trading Group Co. Ltd.
There are three production departments in the Company, i.e., wire and cable, computer assembly and molding and wire harness.
 S.Y. Tech Corporation Co. Ltd.
We are the exclusive distributor in Thailand for Elstein Werk Infrared Thermo Systems, Chiyoda Kogyo Pipe Benders, Nihon Mesh Kogyo and Suzuki Seiko Gas Systems.
 Matco Asia (Thailand) Ltd.
Matco in Thailand is a distributor of industrial products and employs sales and service engineers to provide local technical services to the Thai industry.