Construction and Engineering in Thailand

 Civil Engineering Public Co. Ltd.
Civil Engineering builds high-quality infrastructure, buildings, and provides construction materials. Highway and road construction, rail systems, airport and port construction, water infrastructure, industrial construction. Construction material trading services.
 Ch. Karnchang Public Co. Ltd.
One of the major general contractors and constructors in Thailand. List of achieved works.
 Wandeegroup Asia Co. Ltd.
Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd is a full-service architecture and construction firm located in Pattaya and has been in operation as Wandeegroup (Thailand) since 2004. Services include design development, planning, permitting, scale model production and CGI.
 PWH Thailand
PWH Thailand is a turn-key contractor including all mechanical, structural, architectural, electrical and control works. For material handling for coal mining.
 MTECH Thailand
MTech Thailand specializes in software, training and consultancy for the construction industry. We are Building Information Modeling (BIM) specialists.
 Geonoise Thailand Co. Ltd.
Geonoise Thailand provides acoustical and environmental engineering services. Noise and vibration measurements, dust measurements, air pollution control. Sound mitigation calculations.
 Sahakol Equipment Public Co. Ltd.
Sahakol Equipment provides full-scale mining solutions from mining planning, open pit mining, mining consultancy to large equipment rentals and maintenance. Equipment : conveyors, spreaders, crushers, shovels, trucks, bucket wheels, etc.
 Harn Engineering Solutions Public Co. Ltd.
Harn Engineering Solutions distributes products used in building engineering system : Fire suppression systems, air-conditioning systems, sanitary systems, refrigeration systems. Provision of consulting, designing services in projects and provision of engineering solutions.
 Dorsch Consult Asia Co. Ltd.
Dorsch Consult Asia belongs to the Dorsch Holding GmbH, and provides for all of the group’s activities in Southeastern Asia. It offers an integrated, multi-disciplinary package of engineering, economic and environmental components covering the entire range of planning, design, supervision and advisory services for infrastructure and industry projects.
 A.S. Associated Engineering (1964) Co. Ltd.
A.S. Associated Engineering (1964) builds railways, skytrain stations, main water pipelines, irrigation systems, roads and bridges, broadband internet networks, government housing projects.
 Geo-Technology Consultants Co. Ltd.
GTC provides geotechnical and civil engineering services. Subsurface investigations and consulting services in geotechnical engineering and civil engineering for both public and private sectors.
 World Construction and Engineering Co. Ltd.
World Construction and Engineering has large experience in building and civil engineering, including mechanical and electrical work. Customers include high-rise hotels, resorts, condominiums, shopping complexes, factories, marinas, housing estates. .
 Tericon Co. Ltd.
The projects of Tericon, a medium-sized construction company include resorts and hotels, office fit-outs and car showrooms, villas, penthouse and condominium fit-outs. Also interior and decoration work. Located Bangkok.
 Bangkok-Noise Control
AV-Consulting is an acoustical engineering consulting firm specializing in noise control, building physics, acoustics, environmental technology, vibration measurements and control for marine, industrial and commercial applications.
 Klima Group (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Klima is a contractor and consultant on all aspects of chiller, refrigeration and HVAC - (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems. We also design and market Fabric ducts, (Textile ducts or Air socks) used for draught free air distribution. We also develop and manufacture ozone systems used for water treatment and cooling tower water treatment.
 Thai Nondestructive Testing Public Co. Ltd.
Thai Nondestructive Testing : engineering inspection and nondestructive testing of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, boilers, piping and structure in the fields of oil refinery, power plants, petrochemical plants, ship building, offshore, bridge and building construction, and various heavy industries.
 Unique Engineering and Construction Pcl
Unique Engineering and Construction is centered on medium and large scale infrastructure projects and utilities such as in steel bridges, reinforced concrete overpasses and road underpasses.
 PAE (Thailand) Pcl
PAE (Thailand) is a leading provider of design and build project services for oil and gas production facilities, up stream and down stream, as well as field development solutions.
 International Engineering Public Co. Ltd.
International Engineering is involved in telecommunications, engineering, and information technology. IEC is a provider of fixed line and wireless communication hardware and airtime services. IEC offers a variety of engineering products and services for use with low voltage electricity.
 Indo Construction and Engineering Co. Ltd.
Indo Construction and Engineering specializes in construction management, renovation, structural engineering and interior decoration management. Commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Offices in Bangkok and Phuket.
 NIIFT Co. Ltd.
We are an innovative engineering and packaging consulting company, established since 2002. Our services are: engineering and professional consulting. Authorized sales and service for : steam, hot oil and hot water boilers, absorption chillers, plant accessories, cooling towers, packaging machinery. Energy and efficiency enhancing services, turnkey project executions, design and development.
 Italian-Thai Development Public Co. Ltd.
The main activity areas of Italian-Thai Development are : airports ; buildings ; dams and tunnels ; highways, expressways, railways and bridges ; industrial plants ; mining ; pipelines and utility works ; marine construction services ; rapid transit systems ; steel structures ; telecommunications. One of Thailand's leading construction companies.
 Suwatudom Engineering (Rayong) Co. Ltd.
Suwatudom is engaged in chemical and petrochemical construction project, invested by multinational companies. The company offers its clients pressure-vessel fabrication, large storage tanks, structures, equipment installation, piping, insulation, sandblast and painting, chemical plant pre-commissioning and contract maintenance. Also turn-key warehouses and industrial buildings.
 Siwa Testing Inspection and Consulting Co. Ltd.
Siwa Testing Inspection and Consulting Co. Ltd. provides engineering services which can be grouped by their nature as inspections, testing and tank inspection and calibrations. LPG tank inspections, boiler inspections, pressure vessel inspections and certifications, tank capacity calibrations etc.
 Lock-Build Group
The Lock-Build Group is capable of servicing a wide spectrum of projects : from single family residences to large scale urban developments and from chemical plant factories to greenhouses. Using the lock-built system or conventional construction methods. Services available : architectural design, feasibility, mechanical and structural engineering, cost estimates, construction management.
 K-Tech Construction Public Co. Ltd.
K-Tech Construction's projects include : commercial complexes and office buildings, residential housing and condominiums, hotels and resorts, industrial infrastructure such as manufacturing facilities, mass transit systems, bridges, highways, power projects, waste water and other environmental projects; and mechanical and electrical engineering services.
 Nawarat Patanakarn Public Co. Ltd.
Nawarat Patanakarn Public Co. Ltd. is one of Thailand's largest construction and engineering firms. Various types of works include : High rise buildings, hospitals and shopping centres ; roads, highways, expressways, railways and bridges ; wastewater treatment plants ; tunnelling and pipe jacking works ; dams, reservoirs, ports, berths and jetties.
 Ritta Construction Company
Ritta Co., Ltd. Began its business operation in 1987, with 220 million baht worth of financial support. Providing uncompromising standards of service in construction, general construction design, consultancy and project management, the company has gradually expanded and earned its reputation as a reliable contractor to both local and international clients.
 Zircono Co. Ltd.
Zircono Co. Ltd., engaging in engineering business and services. Extending in Petrochemical & Chemical, Polymer, Oil & Gas / Refinery Industry, Environmental Protection, Water and Waste treatment.
 Consulting Association of Thailand (CEAT)
The Consulting Engineers Association of Thailand (CEAT) was founded in 1977 to represent the Engineering Consultancy Profession in Thailand.
 LGV Engineering Co. Ltd.
LGV Engineering is a business development company offering consultancy services in the field of engineering in Southeast Asia.
 Sino-Thai Engineering & Construction
STECON has participated in the construction of many building projects such as government office buildings, warehouses, condominiums, shopping centers, hospitals, convention centers, exhibition halls, museums and airplane hangars. Industrial projects such as petrochemical plants, chemical plants, steel mills, oil refineries and power plants.
 Syntec Construction Public Co. Ltd.
Syntec Construction is a construction and engineering company with in-house ability to undertake turnkey projects from the initial design stage to full commissioning and operation of a project. Company has extensive list of current projects.
 Haycox and Associates (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Haycox and Associates provide architectural design, project management and consultancy services to the construction industry. Projects have included major road works, structures, waste water treatment, office complexes, building and renovation work in the United Kingdom, Middle East and for the last twenty-four years in Thailand.
 Qualitech Public Co. Ltd.
Qualitech provides non-destructive sesting, inspection and certification services and engineering advices as an independent third party engineering service provider.
 Tasin Construction Company Ltd.
Thai construction company with many years of experience who have developed a good relationship with local suppliers, subcontractors, and other specialists. As such, we know exactly where to obtain the highest quality of materials and the best subcontractors in Thailand. Factory and warehouse construction.
 Envelex (Thailand) Ltd. - Curtain Walls
Envelex offers a full range service to the building facade industry. Curtain walls which can contain glass, aluminium panels, composite panels, stainless steel, natural stone etc. Export oriented with many projects completed abroad. Suitable packing services provided.
 Seafco Public Co. Ltd.
Seafco provides deep foundation works, such as large bored piling, diaphragm walling and substructure construction in Thailand.
 W. and Associates Consultants Co. Ltd.
Our engineering services include : electrical power, lighting, fire alarm system, security system, sound system, telephone system, telecommunication system, building automation system, air–conditioning system, ventilation system, smoke control system, vertical transportation, plumbing system, etc. Well–known buildings in Thailand have been our clients.
 Asian Engineering Consultants Corporation Ltd.
A group of Thailand's leading professional civil and structural engineers offering consulting services for major public and private construction projects.
 Channakorn Engineering Co. Ltd.
Channakorn Engineering (CNE) is engaged in the construction of building plants, the construction and renovation of roads. Other construction-related areas such as in soil examination units, land back fill units, drilling units, location survey and grading works.
 LV-Technology Public Co. Ltd.
LV-Technology Public Company Limited is a Thai engineering company supplying equipment and know-how to the cement market and related industries having clients in more than 40 countries around the world.
 Siamtone Co. Ltd.
Siamtone produces from small core drill to deep diaphragm wall trenchers, to meet all underground and excavation requirement.
 Triangle Engineers (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Triangle Engineers Co. Ltd. : Design, engineering, consulting, and construction, fabrication. Team based on eastern seaboard. Civil, architectural, structural, piping, mechanical, and instrumentation works.
 Abex Hydraulics and Engineering Co. Ltd.
Abex Hydraulics & Engineering Company Limited is Thailand's Leading distributor/stockist in Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Fluid Connectors, and Filters.
 Fastech Co. Ltd.
Fastech is the leading engineering and construction company in field of advanced structures; Pre-engineered Metal Building, Tensioned Fabric Structure, Spaceframe, Point-fixed Glazing.
 FioTec (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
We evaluate, design and construct turn key plants and systems: Solvent recovery plant, dryer systems, waste water treatment, BSL3 laboratories. Engineering: Switzerland, construction: Thailand
 MES Mitr Project Services Co., Ltd.
We are one of leading Plant Engineering company in Thailand. Our Quality System is certified by ISO9001. We are an affiliated company of Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
 Project Planning Services Co. Ltd.
The Project Planning Services (PPS) is one of the leading project management firms in Thailand with experienced professional engineers, architects, and construction oriented specialists.
 Site Preparation Management Co. Ltd. ( SITEM )
SITEM has provided the facility management in computer center, telecommunication center, clean room laboratory and other controlling center, which require 24 hours operation.
 Meinhardt (Thailand) Ltd.
Meinhardt Thailand's continuing success is based on our track record of providing quality engineering services that are cost efficient, reliable and respond to the challenges of innovative design.
 General Engineering Public Co. Ltd.
General Engineering : civil engineering, bridge construction(bridge bearings, pot bearings, expansion joints), building construction(concrete prestresses system, precasted walls, etc).
 Thai Semcon Co. Ltd.
Thai Semcon is your complete solution in Engineering. We make it easy for you in electrical and mechanical projects, construction, communication and computer networking.
 Christiani & Nielsen
The Group is a comprehensive construction service organisation offering : civil and marine engineering and construction, buildings, public infrastructure works and steel structures, expert design.
Construction consultant. Team of architects and engineers, designers.