Rubber Products and Latex in Thailand

 Sri Trang Gloves (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd.
Publicly listed Sri Trang Gloves produces : latex powdered examination gloves, powder free examination gloves, nitrile powder-free examination gloves, gamma ray sterile examination gloves. Vast selection of disposable medical and protection gloves.
 Chang Rubber Thailand
ChangRubber manufactures premium vulcanized rubber sheet base in Phatum Thani. Products include : CR-Neoprene, EPDM rubber sheets, Food Grade rubber sheets, FKM-Viton rubber sheets, Hypalon rubber, NBR rubber sheets, butadiene synthetic rubber, NR rubber sheets.
 Muang Mai Gurthrie Public Co. Ltd.
Located in Southern Thailand, MMG produces HA and LATZ Latex grades, skim block, comp block and Epoxidised natural rubber.
 Inoac Tokai (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
ITTC produces low & medium pressure rubber hoses for automotive, motorcycle and industrial uses.
 N.Y. Rubber Co.
N.Y. Rubber is a producer and exporter of Natural rubber products. Concentrated Rubber Latex 60% D.R.C High-Medium-Low Ammonia and Skimblock. For glove, condom and rubber thread producers.
 Watap (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Watap (Thailand) produces rubber in Eastern Thailand. Rubber smokes sheets, Standard Thai rubber, latex concentrate, skim blocks, air dried sheets. Watap also produces canned food products.
 CS Rubber Industry Co. Ltd.
Charoensin Group manufacturers rubber compounds, rubber products and polyurethane products for domestic customers and export.
 Longtex Rubber Industry Co. Ltd.
Longtex Rubber Industry manufactures Extruded Rubber Thread and trased its related downstream products.
 Tavorn Rubber Group
Products of Tavorn Rubber Group include : concentrated latex, STR 5L, skim blocks, STR 20, RSS 1-5.
 Progress Inter Rubber Co. Ltd.
We are a manufacturer and exporter of natural rubber bands from Thailand. We produce rubber bands of various grades and sizes, all could be tailored to your needs. All enquiries are welcomed.
 NorthEast Rubber Public Co. Ltd.
Northeast Rubber produces and distributes Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS), Standard Rubber (STR) and mixtures of rubber. For local use and export markets.
 Southland Holding Co. Ltd.
Soutland Holding : ribber smoked sheets, standard Thai rubber (STR) , NR Latex concentrate.
 Tong Thai Rubber Group
Tong Thai Rubber Group produces : Rubber smokes sheets, Standard Thai rubber, air dried sheets (ADS), latex concentrate.
 Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Co. Ltd.
Thai Nippon Rubber Industry is an international OEM condom manufacturer. Products come in different shapes, sizes, textures, colours, flavours, and packaging types. Also greaseless, non-toxic, and water soluble lubricants, suitable for gynecological use or when additional lubrication is needed.
 Thai Rubber Association
The Thai Rubber Association (operating out of Hat Yai, southern Thailand) has a lot of information about natural rubber production and trading in Thailand.
 Unitex Rubber Co. Ltd.
With a production capacity of 3,000 tons per month, Unitex Rubber provides natural rubber latex, ribbed smoke sheets, and skim crepe. Located Songkhla, Thailand.
 Union Pioneer Public Co. Ltd.
Union Pioneer produces elastic products, rubber thread and rubber tape.
 Sri Trang Agro-Industry Public Co. Ltd.
Primary rubber products by Sri Trang include : ribbed smoked sheets, STR block rubber, CV block rubber and concentrated latex. Also value added products such as latex examination gloves, high-pressure hydraulic hoses, injection plastic and rubber moulded parts and escalator handrails. Sri Trang Group consists of a total of 18 companies in the rubber industry.
 AEP Venture (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
AEP Venture is a manufacturer and distributor of rubber sheet, industrial rubber sheet, EPDM rubber sheet, NR rubber sheet, NBR rubber sheet, Nitrile rubber sheet, Nitrile rubber sheet, Rubber sheet Siliconel, and many other rubber-based products.
 Hi-Care Thai Gloves Co. Ltd.
Hi-Care Thai Gloves delivers its customers the following products : sterile surgical gloves, non-sterile surgical gloves, nitrile gloves powder free, latex exam gloves powder free, latex exam gloves with powder, latex household gloves.
 Shun Thai Rubber Gloves Industry Public Co. Ltd.
Shun Thai Rubber Gloves Industry manufactures latex and nitrile gloves for medical and general purpose applications. Exports worldwide.
 Thai Rubber Latex Corporation Public Co. Ltd.
Thai Rubber Latex Corporation (Thaitex) is one of the most important natural concentrated latex producers and suppliers recording over 100,000 tons of natural concentrated latex per annum.
 Srup Anan Plastic Co. Ltd., World Rubber Ltd
World Rubber Ltd. is regarded as one of the largest manufacturers for rubber bands and tubes in Thailand.
 Innovation Group
Chemical Innovation has been the sole sales–representative of the world largest elastomers company and the world largest industrial–polymers company,DuPont Dow Elastomers and DuPont.
 S.K. Polymer Co. Ltd.
Worldwide supplier of rubber mouldings in all polymers.Quality, precision,reliable rubber mouldings for all your requirements.