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We welcome new additions to our directory, and listings are free.

1. You need to check if your site is already listed or not. .


2. We do not list all sites. The usual exclusions are : pornography, overt nudity, gambling, any promotion of illegal activities. Websites mainly built to present advertisements are also not welcome. lists English-language websites about Thailand, and no other sites.


3. If your website is not listed, you need to provide the following by email : Send to [email protected]

A) The URL or web address of your website. This is of course the single most important item.

Something like : or

B) The title of your website : this should be the name of your company, the one featured on the website. If you do not have a name for your business, the URL can be used.
Do not use generic titles like : property agent in Pattaya, shopping in Bangkok etc.


C) Description of your website : What is the purpose, what is the nature of your business or activities. What is the site about.

Do not tell things like : we are the most suitable and most experienced people, and have the intention of always looking at our customers with the most efficiency etc.

Length of description : about 250-300 characters (about 3 lines on this page), short and informative may sometimes be the best actually. Do not copy from your site.


D) Optional : keywords. But they will not be shown on our site. Best to include most relevant keywords in your description.


E) We do not list sites hosted by free servers.


F) Your site should render well in Safari, Edge, Chrome and Firefox browsers. If we get a message about something wrong with your site in any of these browsers, you likely will not be listed. Your site will also be removed during our regular updates, when the site can not be reached, or when something untoward is detected by the browser.


G) We do not list sites that display popups or popunders.


H) New sites are listed NEAR but not necessarily at the top of our pages.
Reasons to list lower include : Poor navigation, poor contact information (like email not there or no address), music playing when opening the site, extensive flash animation, insufficient or not updated content. Lots of advertisements.


I) We will try to list your site starting with WWW . We do not like the short URL for websites. If you do not like this, please do not submit. We are all entitled to some idiosyncrasies, this is one of mine. Not starting with WWW is like not telling your first name, only your last name.


I) You likely will benefit from being listed, so a little effort is required.