Industrial Machines : Importers and Distributors. Machinery and Factory Tools.

 Marktec Corporation (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Marktec provides non-destructive testing products : penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, Eddy current testing (ECT), ultraviolet light testing. Also marking products : character marking equipment, identification marking, stamping marking. Office Bangna-Trad road.
 Mechill Engineerings Co. Ltd.
Mechill Engineerings makes precision machining, die-casting, molding, and surface coating equipment. CNC machining.
 CFT Engineering Co. Ltd.
CFT Engineering provides automobile machinery and equipment (loop transfer hangers, assembly lines and sub-lines, etc.), material handling systems, process equipment (hydraulic presses, washing machines, numbering machines, leak testing machines, wet painting systems).
 Sahakol Equipment Public Co. Ltd.
Sahakol Equipment provides full-scale mining solutions from mining planning, open pit mining, mining consultancy to large equipment rentals and maintenance. Equipment : conveyors, spreaders, crushers, shovels, trucks, bucket wheels, etc.
 Getabec Public Co. Ltd.
Getabec can manufacture steam boilers, hot water boilers, waste heat boiler, thermal oil heaters and pressure vessels.
 Nex Flow Air Co. Ltd.
Nex Flow Air manufactures a variety of products for cooling, cleaning, blow-off, industrial housekeeping, conveying and static elimination such as vortex tubes, air knives and air amplifiers in order to improve safety in the production processing.
 Zicom Thai Hydraulics Co. Ltd.
Zicom Thai Hydraulics is a subsidiary of Zicom Singapore. It supplies hydraulic system for OEMs, the marine, agricultural and construction industries.
 Palawatr Co. Ltd.
Palawatr, located in Nakhon Pathom, provides equipment and machinery for : rice mills and sugar industry ; mining, cement, ceramics, oil & gas and petrochemical industries.
 Vuteq Thai Co. Ltd.
Viteq Thai produces a variety of equipment and machinery. Jigs, fixtures, conveyor lines. Steel case fabrication (for cutting,drilling, planing, welding, dyeing), precision machining (milling, lathes, drilling), dressings for diamond wheels, etc.
 Thai GMB Industry Co. Ltd.
Thai GMB Industry produces water pumps and suspension parts.
 Thaicheer Powder Industry Co. Ltd.
Thaicheer Powder Industry manufactures iron mechanical component parts, stainless steel parts, brass bush parts, component parts for vehicles, heat treatment parts, sewing machine component parts. For the automotive, motor, electrical power, construction industries.
 Intermach & Service Co. Ltd.
Intermach & Service provides new and used plastic molding machines, preform molds and blowing molds, blow molding machine PET, auxiliary equipment for injection machines and blow molding machines.
 Labtech Engineering (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Labtech Engineering produces and exports : two roll mills, hydraulic presses, single and twin screw extruders, flat film and sheet chill roll lines, combi calendering and chill roll lines, blowing lines, filter testers, pelletizing systems, bottle blow moulding lines, high speed mixers.
 New Bangpoo Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
New Bangpoo Manufacturing : steel structure fabrication and welds, heat treatment furnaces, car carrier trailers, power transformer tanks, storage tanks, materials handling equipment.
 Sinei Mould Co. Ltd.
Sinei Mould designs and manufactures molds, castings of all types. Auto pats, motorcycle wind pump motors, water pumps, electrical appliances, agricultural equipment, refrigeration products.
 Energy Technology Co. Ltd.
Energy Technology is a supplier of industrial products and equipment. Steam and condensate system-consultant and designer, including energy saving and heat recovery. High-technology pumps (Rotamac), non-metallic magnetic drive pumps (Innomag), chemical pumps (Friatec).
 Cromwell Thailand
Cromwell Thailand is part of the Cromwell group UK. We provide a wide range of products : cutting tools, abrasives and power tools, precision and laboratory equipment, workshop equipment, hand tools, fasteners, lubricants and chemicals, welding wquipment, etc.
 Rock Heat Engineering Industry Co. Ltd.
Rock Heat Engineering Industry fabricates, distributes and installs painting booths, spray boots, baking ovens, drying ovens, curing ovens, drying equipment.
 Plant Equipment Co. Ltd.
Plant Equipment supplies pumps and valve for chemical processes, waste handling, food processing, corrosive handling etc. Bangkok and Rayong offices.
 M.U.I. Rubber Belt Co. Ltd.
MUI Rubber is a manufacturer of rubber conveyor belts. Wide application in mining, construction, aviation, transportation, agricultural and chemical industries.
 Patkol Public Co. Ltd.
Patkol and its subsidiaries manufactures and sells : machinery and equipment for food and beverage industry, electrical appliances, cooling system equipment, foam plates and equipment for cold room business.
 Siam Carbide Co. Ltd.
Siam Carbide is a leader in tungsten carbide and diamond industrial tools. Tungsten carbide tools include drawing dies, rods and blanks, parts in mold and dies, mechanical seals, cutting tools. Diamond and CBN tools : diamond dies, grinding wheels, cutting tools, diamond dresser, diamond powder, diamond compounds, diamond cutters, diamond files, diamond heads. Dicing blades and micro blades.
 Media Machinery Co.
Media Machinery manufactures and markets industrial and wastewater treatment equipments. Maxxfill filter presses, eccentric helical rotor pumps, diaphragm type metering pumps, air operated double diaphragm pumps, ph/ORP controllers, filter belt presses, piston diaphragm pumps, filter press accessories and eccentric helical rotor parts.
 Machinery Design and Parts Co. Ltd.
Machinery Design and Parts designs, produces machine parts and assembles. We assemble machines, electric systems, pneumatic control systems, hydraulic systems, coating work. Shredders, washing machines, draw a wire machines, mix colors machine, packing and capping machines, oven and combustion chambers, roller cutting machines, reel machines.
 Premier Machinery Co. Ltd.
Premier Machinery offers customers machinery design, machinery installation, machinery reparation, and machinery manufacturer in the animal feed factory and any fields of industrial agricultural factories.
 Sahamit Machinery Public Co. Ltd.
Sahamit Machinery is an importer and distributor of machineries and equipment. Special steel products, machine tools and tooling equipment, pulp and paper, machinery and equipment for wood processing, electrical engineering. Before and after sales service.
 Damrong Machine Tool Co. Ltd.
Damrong Machine Tool Co., Ltd. represents and distributes leading brands of machines, machine tools, industrial products, factory equipment, pumps, compressors, and construction accessories.
 Linapack Co. Ltd. - Packaging Machines Manufacturing
Linapack is a manufacturer of packaging machines, stand up pouch (doypack) fill and seal machines, filling machines, dosing units, ancillary equipment for filling lines and related equipment.
 ThaiIntermat Co. Ltd.
Conveyor and racking (storage systems) manufacturer : We offer a wide range of conveyors (belt, chain and roller conveyors) and handling systems suitable for distribution, manufacturing and all associated industries.
 SMC Corporation Ltd.
SMC Corporation Limited (Thailand), manufactures blow moulding machines. Standard and high speed blow moulding machines, large blow and injection technical moulding machines, extrusion heads, clamping systems. Export oriented.
 Newlong (Thailand) Ltd.
We offer refined products with excellent service through our major lines of products 1) Sewing Machine and Heat Sealing Machine 2) Packaging Machine System and Bag Making Machine 3)Printing Machine
 Automation Control Systems Co. Ltd.
We are an Agencies and Distributors of many brands of factory automation components and equipments in Thailand.
 Namsang Engineering Co. Ltd.
Namsang Engineering provides sales and rental services for power diesel generators (portable / stationary), portable and stationary air compressors, forklifts and batteries, Ariel Working Platform. Based in Bangkok with branches all over Thailand.
 Steinert Co. Ltd.
The current product portfolio of Steinert in Thailand comprises : Adhesives and special cleaners for the furniture and woodworking industry, paper packaging, as well as textile and automotive industry. Sealants, coatings, foams and special adhesives for the construction industry. Industrial machines and equipment for the furniture woodworking industry
 B.S.C. Teknik Co. Ltd.
B.S.C. Teknik Co.,Ltd. supplies and services spray coating equipment in Thailand. The scope of supplies includes spray guns (conventional, HVLP, manual & automatic), spare parts (fluid nozzle, fluid needle, air cap), spray gun repairs, pressure tanks, agitators, air motors, glue pumps, diaphragm pumps and air less equipment.
 Entagear Co. Ltd.
Entagear is a representative agent of quality and branded industrial products : power tools products, crane and hoist systems. Products include air/electric power tools, hoist, explosion proof products, spare parts. Services include installation and commissioning, preventive maintenance, on-site service, overhaul, load testing with certificate.