Medical Check-Ups in Bangkok's Hospitals - Comparisons of Packages

See also : Recommended current health screening recommendations, according to U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) and other reputed organizations. We also point out how the recommended tests differ with what is available in in the screening packages offered in Bangkok.

While originally giving info about more extensive health screening packages and promotions, we will keep it simple with this, our latest version of health screenings in Bangkok.

The prices are compared of what can be called the Basic package, which is usually recommended for the lower age groups, but also included in any package targeting the middle-age and older populations.

We name as BASIC a combination of the following tests, usually offered by most hospitals as a starting package. Included are : physical exam,CBC (complete blood count), fasting blood sugar, lipid profile (total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL- and LDL-cholesterol), initial liver functions (ALT, AST, sometimes with alkaline phosphatase), kidney function (creatinine, sometimes including uric acid), urine exam, chest X-ray, EKG (electrocardiogram), medical report, meal voucher.

Hospitals in Thailand, operate like the department stores around Bangkok, with discounts all year round. This is a proven psychological gimmick, to give the impression to consumers, that they get a good deal. We will list the non-discounted prices below and the discounted prices also. Some of the packages listed below may be temporary, most having been present during Covid-19 times, when hospitals were very eager to get customers.

In the column(s) below we will state the name of the hospital, any possible additions to the Basic package (or omissions), the price quoted without and with discounts. There may be different quotes for the standard two main sexes.

Screening includes a visit with a physician, which in our opinion is your chance to make a mark, and inform about specific health issues and worries. You also can receive a medical summary of the results.

Hospitals Package Name Add-Ons Non-discounted Price
(discounted Price)
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Bumrungrad Hospital Regular Program

+Uric Acid +Stool Exam
Not : EKG (electrocardiogram)
+Pap Smear and Pelvic Exam for females

Males : 6,160 Baht
Females : 7,410 Baht
Bangkok General Vital Wellness Check-Up
(age below 30 yrs)
+HbA1C (!) +Uric Acid 4,200 Baht Bangkok General
Bangkok Christian Health 1
(age below 35 yrs)
- Not : EKG 2,700 Baht Bangkok Christian
Sukumvit Hospital Silver
(males & females)
+ HbA1C 5,100 Baht (3,400 Baht) Sukumvit Hospital
RSU Clinic Standard
(males & females, below 30 yrs)
+ Eye Exam (incl. Eye
Pressure) + Uric Acid
+Stool Exam & Occult Blood
3.290 Baht RSU Healthcare
SWU Clinic Package 1 (2019) (EKG : for 200 Baht extra ;
- No Chest X-ray
1,499 Baht Not on website
Phraram 9 Hospital PR9 New Year 1
(likely temporary)
+ HbA1C +TSH (thyroid) +Uric Acid 2.990 Baht Praram 9 Hospital

Notes :

1) RSU Clinic is located at Corner Soi 31 with Sukhumvit Road, close to Phromphong BTS Station
2) SWU Clinic is located on the premises of Srinakharinwirot University, located at the end of Soi 23, Sukhumvit Road, and accessible from Asoke road. Go into the access road to the University (100 meter before you reach Rutnin Eye Hospital). It is located above the Starbucks at SWU University)
3) There are shuttle buses from both Petchaburi and Praram 9 MRT stations to Phraram 9 Hospital. It is not that difficult to reach.

As you see, there are quite some differences in pricing of this basic package, which is meant for people younger than 30 or 35 years old. To be honest, at that age I was hardly worried about my health, but maybe times have changed.
In any case, certainly at an older age, it is useful to check glucose, liver and renal function every so many years. Diabetes, liver and kidney diseases can be very slow and insidious, without much symptoms. We particulary see the benefit for checking HbA1C which is a better test to check whether you are (pre)diabetic, or becoming insulin-resistant, which is one of the most prevalent human conditions.
Personally, we had blood tests at Bangkok Christian in the past, and recently at SWU Clinic. Both were satisfactory, but at SWU you will have to come back later to get your results.