Medical Check-Ups in Bangkok's Hospitals - Comparisons of Packages

See also : Recommended current health screening recommendations, according to U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) and other reputed organizations. We also point out how the recommended tests differ with what is available in in the screening packages offered in Bangkok.

Below you see a comparison of extensive general health screening packages at Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok General Hospital, Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital and Bangkok Christian Hospital.
The package at Bangkok Christian is the cheapest and appears good value, but you may want to add additional tests, which will likely bring it a bit in line with test packages at other hospitals.

The packages below are all centered on adults between 40 and 50 years of age. Other packages may be more limited or more extensive, depending on age. In our opinion, tests in health screening packages have not become substantially more expensive over maybe the last 7, 8 years or so, since we started compiling these data. That said, some packages may have slightly different contents than a few years ago, making comparisons not 100 % accurate. On the other hand, overall prices for medical and surgical procedures, medications, have gone up a lot over the last decade.

Screening also includes a visit with a physician, which in our opinion is your chance to make a mark, and inform about specific health issues and worries. You also can receive a medical summary of the results.

Add-on : According to the American Cancer Society, screening is recommended for colorectal cancer in men and women older than 50. This includes, besided regular test for occult blood in the stools, a rather invasive and also expensive colonoscopy every ten years. [There are alternatives to this latest test]. This major exam is not included in any of these 'screening tests' in the Bangkok hospitals mentioned below. We also noted they are not necessarily included for older subjects in more expensive packages. If you feel you may need these exams, talk to your physician.

Do not forget to also check out the data of some lesser known hospitals and clinics at the bottom of this page.

Legend table below :
Bumrungrad (2020) : Comprehensive Package (over 40 years old)
Bangkok General (2020) : Executive Package (recommended age 40-50 years)
Samitivej Sukhumvit (2020) : Healthy Life Program (40-50 years of age)
Bangkok Christian Hospital (2020) : Check-up 45 years + (Health 4 & 5)

Tests Bumrungrad Hospital (2020) Bangkok General (2020) Samitivej Sukhumvit (2020) Bangkok Christian(2020)
Blood Count x x x x
Fasting Blood Sugar x(+HbA1C) x(+HbA1C) x(+HbA1C) x(+HbA1C)
Lipid Profile x x x x
Kidney function x x x x
Liver function x x Partial x
Thyroid function x x x No
Hepatitis Screening x No No No
Tumor markers x x x x
Urine exam x x x x
Stool exam x No x x
Electrocardiogram x x x x
Exercise stress
test OR echocardiogram
(male: only exercise
test )
Add 3,600 Baht
for Exercise Stress Test
Exercise Stress Test Ask if possible
to add
Chest X-ray x x x x
Whole abdomen ultrasound x x x x
Mammogram and
Ultrasound Breasts
Ask if possible
to add
PAP smear (females) x x x x
Eye exam x x x
Dental screening x
Hearing screening x
No x x No
Pelvic exam
x x not mentioned x
Extra vitamin D level
PRICE (Thai Baht) 22,284(M)-
25,263 (F)
11,600 (M)-
17,300 (F)
16,600 (M)-
21,200 (F)
8,700 (M)-

Comments : Bumrungrad includes hepatitis screening, the other hospitals not. Bangkok Hospital does not include a stool exam, we know it is a hassle, but this surely is an omission (even the more expensive packages do not include the test). The tests at Samitivej include a dental exam, and interestingly, vitamin D level. Christian Hospital may be a good idea, but some tests mentioned at the better known hospitals are not there (but maybe you can do without ?).


Add-On :

Our latest favorite Sukumvit Hospital has been given a separate page, and offers interesting health screening packages.

RSU Healthcare is located at the corner of Sukhumvit Road with Soi 31. It is located on different floors on the RSU Tower building. Besides the RSU Medical Center, there are separate a separate eye clinic and a dental clinic. We had a cursory look walking around inside and found that the place was reasonably busy with mostly Thai people waiting to the examined or treated. English fluency may a small problem here when arranging for your checkup.