Prices at Dental Hospital, off Onnuj Road, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok

The following price list is available at simple request at the reception desk of Dental Hospital, now located at Onnuj Road in a brand new facility. I could not find a list with recent price updates on their website. We show a selection of procedures below, the list is quite comprehensive, and may be a good guide to estimate costs.

I reckon the prices quoted are not the cheapest in Thailand. Then again, quality of work and material, we assume, are well above average.

This list was last updated in February 2020, and was still valid in August 2020. Compared with the data listed in 2013 and 2015, most prices had not increased up to 2018. Thereafter there have been some price changes, also the last year or so.

The value of the US Dollar vs. the Thai Baht has gone up and down, but the last few years (to the government's dismay) the Thai Baht has gained in value, and stands at about 31 baht for 1 US Dollar mid 2020. Theoretically, prices quoted in Thai Baht for imported goods should not be rising, since the baht is still strong.

We have indicated price increases compared to May 2018 below. If increased, we will also indicate the price as it was before.

Prices for medical procedures in general hospitals in Thailand, are forever rising, and lately also seem to be talked about in the English-language local press.

One final note : you may compare prices as listed with other dental facilities or hospitals. This is useful. Even more useful, if you are presented with expensive procedures, is to obtain a second opinion, not only regarding prices, but also whether an altogether less expensive treatment might suffice. In this regard, it it good to note that initial evaluation (and most dental X-rays) are rather inexpensive, so you do not wast money getting different opinions. All that said, we personally have relied for our treatments on Dental Hospital, with little regrets.

Remember, if you have one of the more expensive treatments, you may have to pay before the treatment has been concluded. So bring your cash or credit card with you from the first visit.

Remember, prices may always change without prior notice.

Oral Diagnosis Department Prices : Thai Baht
(1 U.S. $ = about 31 baht mid-2020)
Initial oral examination
Periodic oral examination 200
Panoramic x-ray 1,000
Intraoral periapical x-ray 200
Periodontal Department
Teeth cleaning or root planing (per visit -· 25 min.) 1,500 - 1,800
Topical application of fluoride 300
Air-flow stain removal 300-500
Periodontal surgery 8,000-12,000 (6,000-9,000)

Operative Department

Composite filling** 1,600-2,400 (1,400 - 2,200)
Ceramic inlay 12,000-15,000 (9,000 - 14,000)
Gold inlay 11,000- 16,000
Cosmetic Department
Zoom Whitening 10,000
Home bleaching 8,000-9,200
Ceramic veneer IPS e.max 16,000 (12,000)
Composite resin veneer 8,000-9,000 (5,000-7,000)
Orthodontic Department
Diagnostic caste 900
Diagnostic Photographs 500 (300)
Metal bracket onhodontic appliances, per arch 16,000
Ceramic bracket orthodontic appliances, per arch 20,000
Damon bracket orthodontic appliances, per arch 35,000
Fixed orthodontic appliances. adjustment 1,800
Gold lingual indirect bracket. full arch 150,000
Gold lingual indirect bracket. adjustment 5,000
lnvisalign orthodontic appliances, full arch 90,000-220,000 (130,000)
Oral scanning for Invisalign 12,000
Orthodontic retainer, per arch 5,000
Endodontic Department
Endodontic CT scan 3,000
Microscopic endodontic therapy 13,000-15,000
Microscopic removal ol previous root canal filling 2,300-2,800 (1,800-2,800)
Microscopic removal of broken instrument 2,200-4,200
Microscopic removal ol post or core 2,200-4,200
Microscopic perforation repair 1,700-2,700
Microscopic endodontic investigation 2,200
Microscopic apicoectomy with retrograde filling 13,000-15,000
Prosthodontic Department
Study models 900
Temporary crown or bridge 1,200
Cast post and core 7,500 (5,500)
Removable partial denture, per arch 28,000
Occlusal guard 6,000-7,000 (4,000-6,000)
Crown full ceramic Zirconia/IPS e.max*** 20,000
Crown full gold 28,000-30,000 (26,000-28,000)
Crown or bridge porcelain with high precious metal/unit 24,000 (22,000)
Crown or bridge porcelain with semi-precious metal/unit 22,000 (20,000)
Pediatric Dentistry Department  
Initial oral examination 500 (350)
Prophylaxis or scaling including fluoride application 900 (800)
Sealant 1,400
Primary tooth extraction 1,500-3,000
Composite filling 1,600-2,200
Prefabricated stainless or resin crown 2,000-2,200
Topical application of fluoride 500 (400)
Pulpotomy (partial pulp removal) 3,000
Pulpectomy (total pulp removal) 3,500 (3,200)
Oral Surgery Department  
Simple tooth extraction 1,500-3,000 (1,500-2,500)
Surgical removal of tooth or root 3,000-5,000
Surgical removal of impacted tooth 4,500-6,500 (4,000-8,000)
Alveoloplasty 3,000-4,000
Removal of cyst 5,000-6,000 (5,000-8,000)
Dental implant**** 100,000-127,000 (99,000-125,000)


** : In practice, prices may vary depending on location, size, material.
In 2013, we had a lot of fillings.
On one occasion, 3 composite fillings costs me 9,600 baht, which is way higher than advertised prices. On another occasion, I was charged 6,400 baht for 4 composite fillings, which fits the prices listed and is exactly half of what I paid earlier per filling.
A filling I received at Bumrungrad Hospital costs me 2,400 baht. We suggest, you interpret the above prices as guidelines.
In any case, especially for substantial treatments, it is useful to ask for an estimate of the costs beforehand. .

***: Our experience : there can be additional cost such as "crown buildup" (2,000 baht), and prefabricated post and core (3,500 baht). We assume similar add-on costs also apply for the crowns with other material composition. Don't forget that the price of placing a crown does not include a prior root canal treatment (if necessary) and intraoral-periapical X-ray films. Just to sum it up : We paid a total all included for one crown (including root canals) of 41,100 baht end 2016.

****: At the time we received dental implants, which admittedly is a while ago (2014), we checked prices at major facilities in Bangkok (Bumrungrad, BNH Hospital, Samitivej) and found prices as reported by email to be very similar. Prices can be a few thousand baht more for dental implants if you need additional supporting treatments, such as bone grafts.
For those uninitiated, we found the procedure involved, much less dramatic and 'easy' than we anticipated.
Update Januari 2020 : We found some promotional rates at Bangkok Christian Hospital, where costs were 53,000 baht (material from Korea), 63,000 baht (Zimmer from U.S.A.) and 73,000 baht (Nobel from Sweden). Price does include implant and crown, but not additional materials (like bone graft) or CT etc.



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