Prices for selected diagnostic Procedures and Surgeries at Bangkok Hospital and other Hospitals

Note : Ministry of Commerce announced that the central committee on pricing of goods and services’ meeting has agreed to authorise the Department of Internal Trade to implement control measures for pricing of medicine, medical supplies and medical services. This news was first mentioned in January 2019. Hospitals are fighting control over pricing of medications, procedures and medical services. Actually, as of October 2020, less information over pricing is available than was until a few years ago. Bangkok General Hospital seems to be one of the few major hospitals listing prices for many procedures. We did not see a lot of info on the websites of Bumrungrad Hospital, BNH Hospital, Phyathai Hospital. Generally speaking, these hospitals offer less pricing information than a few years ago. Info for Sukumvit Hospital is on a separate page.

As for info about the pricing of medication, there is none. It is well known that private hospitals charge sometimes exorbitant prices for drugs at their pharmacies, when compared with the prices charged at pharmacies outside the hospitals.

Bangkok Hospital :

Bangkok Hospital has revised its website information regarding prices in a major way during 2020. At the time of this writing, there were promotions, offered as a benefit during Covid-19 times. Some of discounts are substantial, they are supposed to last till end 2020 (but hopefully they will last longer). In any case, it offers a guide as to what deals may be available in the next few months.

(prices within brackets indicate prices as listed beginning 2015 or 2016)

Note : there may be additional costs not listed here. Main costs that might have to be added : specialist consultant fees, medical clearance fees (you may need additional investigations to indicate you are suitable for surgery), necessary laboratory tests, longer than usual stays in intensive care units etc.

1) Cosmetic Procedures at Bangkok Hospital :

Full Abdominoplasty with Liposuction Package : 291,000 baht (278,000 baht)

Liposuction Circumferencial Abdomen with Vaser Package : 166,000 baht (152,700 baht)

Rhinoplasty Reduction and Septum Correction: 226,000 (171,700 baht)

Face Lift (Face and Neck) : 240,000 baht (228,000 baht)

Breast Augmentation (gel, saline) : 164,000 baht (153,500 baht)

Breast Reduction : 246,000 baht

Combined Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty (Local Anesthesia/ General Anesthesia) : 86,000 / 80,000 baht



2) Diagnostic and Surgical Procedures at Bangkok Hospital :

Gastroscopy : 15,000 baht (2015-2016 data, prices not listed 2020)
Colonoscopy : 22,000 baht (2015-2016 data, prices not listed 2020)
Sigmoidoscopy : 12,700 baht (2015-2016 data, prices not listed 2020)

Open Appendectory (younger than 15 years old) : 113,900 baht (112,000 baht)
Gastric Banding : 648,600 baht (627,000 baht)
Gastric Bypass : 860,200 baht
Haemorrhoidectomy (staple) : 155,000 baht (146,500 baht)
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy : 253,000 baht (256,500 baht)
TUR-P : 172,500 baht (Note : various types of TUR are listed, no idea what the differences are, most are a bit higher priced than this one)
Flexible Cystoscopy with biopsy (OPD case) : 32,100 baht (28,000 baht)
Simple Stone with Shock Wave under Moderate Sedation : 85,100 baht
Tonsillectomy adult : 86,500 baht (74,500 baht)
Tonsillectomy with adenoid (child) : 89,700 baht
Thyroidectomy adult (lobectomy) : 220,800 baht (181,500 baht)
Excimer PRK (using laser) 2 Eyes : 55,000 baht
Total Knee Replacement : 299,000 baht (price 2019, not listed on website Sept 2020))
Total Hip Replacement : 339,000 baht (price 2019, not listed on website Sept 2020)



3) Bangkok Heart Hospital, part of Bangkok Hospital

has prices for procedures listed as below. Prices from 2011 (!) for comparison.

DEAL OF THE YEAR : Cardiac Calcium Scoring by using 256-slice multi detector CT Scan package : 4,000 baht (not sure whether visit with cardiologist is obligatory and/or included in the price).

Coronary Angiography : 55,000 baht (29,000 baht) Emergency Coronary Angiography : 78,000 baht.

Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) : 212,700 baht (previously a listing of Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty or PTCA at 125,000 baht)

Listed in 2019 (not found in 2020)

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (off-pump), only patients younger than 75 years without severe renal impairment eligible : 680,000-850,000 baht,(450,000 baht in 2011) ( Listed in 2019. not found in 2020)

Mitral (or Aortic Valve Replacement ?) (conditions apply) : 750,000-950,000 baht (590,000 baht in 2011)

Transcatheder Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) : available, price not listed.


Entrance to Bumrungrad Hospital. Very popular with foreigners. The hospital is accessible through soi 1 and soi 3 on Sukhumvit Road.


Bumrungrad Hospital

Let's say around 2010 it was possibly to get estimates of medical costs for different procedures and surgeries at Bumrungrad Hospital. The last few years (though there are requests to do by government agencies), prices are not so clearly advertised. Therefore we are only able to give a limited number of cost estimates below. As of 2016, more prices were listed for common procedures, and you can look at the older version of this file : Bumrungrad Prices 2016 .

As a matter of fact, there are quite a few costs listed today, but for procedures and exams that look a bit esoteric. There is a lot of quotes for different genetic tests, and various rare blood exams.

(link may change)

Present prices (close to the end of 2020) :

gastroscopy : 16,000 baht (512 USD)

colonoscopy : 23,000 baht (737 USD)

gastroscopy + colonoscopy : 36,000 baht.

Calcium scoring CT of the heart : 5,500 baht. There are differently prices screening packages for examining the heart.

Surgeries :

Total knee replacement : 315,000 baht (10,090 USD) : with 3 nights of accommodation, additional charges apply

SMILE for LASIK both eyes : 95,000 baht (3,043 USD), as listed in 2019, but not anymore in 2020.

Selected Cosmetic Surgery Procedures :

(often includes standard hospital stay costs, operating room charges, lab test, radiology, anesthesia, doctor fees, medications ; usually excludes complications, like longer hospital stays, intensive care costs, basically any unexpected or unusual expenditure occurred during or after the procedure)

Breast augmentation (excluding breast implants) : 191,730 baht (6,141 USD)

Face and Neck Face Lift (Rhytidectomy) : 304,380 baht (9,749 USD)

Abdominoplasty plus Abdominal Liposuction : 343,840 baht (11.013 USD)


BNH Hospital :

Mid 2020 BNH Hospital still provides hardly any information about its pricing. A few potentially interesting exams however are listed though :

CT Calcium Score Screening : 8000 Thai Baht

Low-dose CT scan for Lung Cancer screening : 6,500 Thai baht

Carotid Doppler Ultrasound Package : 7,000 baht.

ThinPrep & HPV DNA Package : 2,600 baht.

(it is not mentioned whether doctor's fees are included in these packages, so check before booking)

Link for more information at BNH Hospital (may change, of course)


PhyaThai 2 Hospital

(data checked October 2020, very little info available) :

Room rates : Gold room around 7,000 baht ; platinum room around 10.000 baht.

Coloscopy (IV sedation) : 18,000 baht ; coloscopy (with anesthetist) : 24,500 baht

Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (local anesthesia) : 11,000 baht

Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (IV sedation) : 12,000 baht

Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (general anesthesia) : 18,000 baht