Chemical Products from Thailand

 Dow Thailand
Dow Thailand Group has a large manufacturing base in Thailand. Chemicals and petrochemicals sold in Thailand include : polyethylene, elastomers, polyurethanes, coatings, polystyrene, Sytrene-Butadiene Latex, etc. Also joint ventures with Siam Cement Group.
 Louis T. Leonowens Thailand Ltd.
Louis T. Leonowens' key business sectors include hardware marketing and distribution; specialty building products; industrial chemicals; industrial products, and biomedical products.
 Gratitude Infinite Public Co. Ltd.
Gratitude Infinite is a chemical supplier importing and distributing specialty and intermediate chemicals from around the globe. Products range from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics; from printing and packaging to cleaning products; from decorative and industrial coatings to plastics etc.
 Toa Paint (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd.
Toa is a producer of paints and coatings, active in Thailand and surrounding countries. Decorative coatings, wood coatings, construction chemicals, heavy duty coatings. Offers Supershield brand paint.
 Selic Corp. Co. Ltd.
Selic Corp manufactures and distributes industrial adhesives in Thailand. It offers hot melt, water based, and solvent based adhesives. For application in various industries such as footwear and leather, furniture, packaging, automotive, construction, food and beverage, etc.
 Chartermate (Thailand) Ltd.
Chartermate Group has "Aquamate" for Waste Water Treatment and all Water related equipments and chemicals "Kleannshine" for surface treatment of metals. The products Polish/Coat protect from rusting and prevents fingerprints on the surface for a Klean n Shine Surface. We also have a stainless/steel polishing machine to suit industries needs. "Assyflux" is the brand you should look for when searching for ways to clean PCBs.
 A.F. Supercell Co. Ltd.
A.F. Supercell produces several types of chemical blowing agents, used for thermoplastics, natural rubbers and synthetic rubbers.
 Siam PVS Chemicals Co. Ltd.
Siam PVS Chemicals provides caustic soda, liquid chlorine, hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite.
 STC Nicca Co. Ltd.
STC Nicca produces textile, metal working, pulp and paper, lens chemicals.
 AGC Chemicals (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
AGC Chemicals produces : sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, potassium carbonate, liquid and gas chlorine, hydrocloric acid, sodium hypochloride, sodium hydroxide flakes, chlorine, refrigerants, solvents, polypropylene glycol.
 Saksri Industry Co. Ltd.
Saksri Industry is an importer and producer of Sulphuric acid, Ammonium Alum and other chemicals. Delivery from factory to client’s premises with our own transport.
 Global Green Chemicals Public Co. Ltd.
Global Green Chemicals is an oleochemicals producer in Thailand under the PTTGC group. With state-of-the-art technology, we deliver high quality methylester, fatty alcohols (under trade name THAIOL) and glycerine.
 VIV Interchem Co. Ltd.
VIV Interchem provides industrial and specialty chemicals. Monomers (acrylic acids and methacrylic acids and derivatives), solvents (alcohols, esters, glycol esters, ketones, phthalates), performance chemicals. Agricultural chemicals, cosmetic and food ingredients, pharmaceutical ingredients. Animal nutrition. Specialty industrial chemicals.
 Lenso Corporation
Lenso Corporation is a leading distributor and transporter of chemical products in Thailand. Operating 37 storage tanks with chemicals in bulk, warehouses for chemicals in drums and bags. Transportation and logistics services with fleet of stainless steel tank lorries.
 Thai Parkerizing Co. Ltd.
The chemical division of Thai Parkerizing produces and supplies surface treatment chemicals including rust preventive products and rolling oils. Surface heat treatments such as carburizing, carbonitriding nitriding and quenching.
 MC Industrial Chemical Co. Ltd.
Various basic chemicals for industrial applications. Solvents and specialty chemicals, plastic resins, textile chemicals.
 Moresco (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Moresco produces die casting lubricants, cutting fluids, high quality vacuum pump oil & fluid, lubricating oil for high temperature applications, fire resistant hydraulic fluid.
 F.M.T. (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
FMT is a leading wet ground calcium carbonate producer, for the paper, rubber and paint industries.
 A.F. Alliance Co. Ltd.
We are a manufacturer and distributor of chemical blowing agents for the rubber and plastic industries in Thailand.
 Siam Luck Trading Co. Ltd.
With an emphasis on the paint, ink, rubber and plastic industries, Siam Luck Trading provides various quality chemical products. Coatings, links, extenders, fillers, hardeners, resin pigments, titanium dioxide, carbon black, white carbon, synthetic rubber etc.
 Grand Chemical Group
Grand Chemical Group imports chemicals directly from reputed international manufacturers such as Solvay, Ineos, Bayer, BASF, Occidental etc. Our stocks cover chemicals for industrial, food and beverages, electronic, water-treatment, agriculture, animal feed, cosmetics, canneries, breweries and pharmaceutical applications.
 Modern Chemical Co. Ltd.
Modern Chemical is importer and distributor of chemical products and solvent : alcohols, esters, glycol-ethers, ketone, glycols, hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents etc.
 Thai Sanmei Co. Ltd.
Thai Sanmei : Industrial chemicals, inorganic and organic chemicals, solvents, surface finishing chemicals. Chemicals for electro plating and electroless plating, metal anodes, electronics chemicals for printed circuit boards and for electronic parts. Electronics grade chemicals and metals. Etc.
 Bangkok Synthetics Co. Ltd.
Established as the first C4 derivatives in Thailand, Bangkok Synthetics (BST) is known as one of the leading producer of MTBE, Butene–1 and Butadiene in Thailand
 RCI Labscan Ltd.
RCI Labscan provides quality reagent products. High purity laboratory reagents. Electronic grade and laboratory grade acids and solvents. Hundreds of different products.
 APC Industries Co. Ltd.
APC Industries produces emulsion paints, enamel paints, multi-colored paints and several kinds of textured finishes for the building industries, and traffic paints and thermoplastic road marking materials for the road marking industries.
 Siripanit Industry
Siripanit Industry is an importer of chemical raw materials. Mainly supplies of construction chemicals, adhesives, paints and coating chemicals. Also expanding into cosmetics, plastics and rubber industries.​
 Chemical Enterprise Co. Ltd.
Chemical Enterprise provides a long list of basic chemicals for most industries : food and beverage, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, cars, electronics, water treatment etc.
 T.A.O. Bangkok Corporation Ltd.
T.A.O. Bangkok produces screen, pad, textile and digital printing inks. Plastic films, water and wood based lacquers, airless sprayers.
 Quality Minerals Public Co. Ltd.
Quality Minerals produces high quality ground calcium carbonate, coated and uncoated. Also PP Compound, White Titanium Dioxide Masterbatch, Calcium Masterbatch (Calpet), Polyethylene Wax.
 Diachrome Chemicals Ltd.
Diachrome Chemicals produces basic Chromium Sulphate of various grades. Also Sodium bicarbonate.
 Asia Cemedine Co. Ltd.
Asia Cemedine produces adhesives : super-X series, elastic adhesives, epoxy resin adhesives, instantaneous adhesives for industrial use, reactive acrylic adhesives, emulsion adhesives, hot melt adhesives, elastomer adhesives, sealers, applicators etc.
 Thai Ethoxylate Co. Ltd.
Thai Ethoxylate produces fatty alcohol ethoxylate, an ingredient in many personal hygiene products such as shampoo, shower cream, detergent, and also used in dish washing liquid and cleaning agents. A joint venture between PTT Chemical and Cognis Thailand.
 Chememan Co. Ltd.
Chememan is a regional leader in the lime industry, with operations in Thailand, Australia, Vietnam and Singapore. Applications in pulp and paper, PCC (precipitated calcium carbonate), iron and steel, non-ferrous ores, chemical industry, construction, water treatment etc.
 Pimai Salt Co. Ltd.
Industrial salt is the main raw material in the production of caustic soda and chlorine - essentials in the manufacture of such products as processed food, paper pulp, detergents, textiles, petroleum, cooking oil, pharmaceuticals and glass, besides being utilised in such processes as metal–plating, water purification, stain removal and so on.
 IACC Chemical Solutions Co. Ltd.
IACC manufacturers chlorinated paraffin, an ingredient in the fabrication of PVC, metal working fluids, rubber and paint.
 T.J.K. Chemical Co. Ltd.
TJK Chemical is a chemical distributor which mainly supply Matting Agents, Coating Additives, Printing Ink Distillates, Specialty Solvents and other Industrial Solvents for Paints, Industrial Coatings, Printing inks, Paper and any others industries such as Pharmaceutical, Lubricant, Plastic etc.
 Siam Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.
A joint venture company with Dainippon Ink Chemicals Inc.(DIC), one of the biggest Japanese chemical company. SCI conducts production of Coating Resins, Molding Resins, Industrial Resins, and etc.
 Steinert Co. Ltd.
The current product portfolio of Steinert in Thailand comprises : Adhesives and special cleaners for the furniture and woodworking industry, paper packaging, as well as textile and automotive industry. Sealants, coatings, foams and special adhesives for the construction industry. Industrial machines and equipment for the furniture woodworking industry
 Sherwood Chemicals Public Co. Ltd.
Sherwood Chemicals (Thailand) manufactures and supplies many recognised brands such as Chaindrite, Chaingard, Stedfast, Vapona, Biforce, Fipforce, Imiforce and Teepol, throughout Asia and Australia.
 Applied DB Industrial Co. Ltd.
ADB products : PVC compounds, industrial adhesives, sealants, lubricants, super glue, epoxy adhesives, automotive sealants etc.
 Thai Mitsui Specialty Chemicals Co. Ltd.
Thai Mitsui Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd. (TMSC) is a manufacturer and distributor of synthetic resin based raw materials for both domestic and foreign markets.
 Thanant Chemical
We have become one of the leading distributors of specialty chemicals throughout Thailand.Our products are used in detergents, water treatments, textile auxiliaries, and in agrochemicals.
 Nam Siang
Nam Siang, a distributor of specialty chemicals and raw materials, serves the cosmetics, nutritional, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Packaging and equipment for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
 Siampoolsup Inter-Chemical Co. Ltd.
Siampoolsup Inter–Chemical Co. Ltd. : Air refreshers, wax products.