Steel, Metals, Alloys in Thailand

 Thai Metal Drum Mfg. Plc
Thai Metal Drum Mfg. is a producer and supplier of new 200-litre steel drum containers in Thailand. A subsidiary manufactures and distributes Polyethylene Terepthalate (PET) plastic bottles and preforms.
 Sammitr Metal Works Co. Ltd.
The products of Sammitr Metal Works are : High manganese steel, high chromium steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel, low alloy steel, cast iron and carbon steel.
 STP & I Public Co. Ltd.
STP&I has vast experiences in the custom steel fabrication business. STP&I has a steel fabrication capacity of 50,000 ton per year. Additionally, we are one of Thailand largest piping fabricators.
 Ngeck Seng Chiang Metal Co. Ltd.
NSCM by Ngeck Seng Chiang Metal is a leading distributor, providing stainless steel, aluminium, aluminium alloy, brass, copper, electro-galvanized steel and galvanized steel products in various forms such as sheets, coils, strips, tubes, rods, bars and wire.
 Asia Metal Public Co. Ltd.
Our structural steel pipes include hot-rolled and cold-rolled pipes as well as C-shaped furring (C-Line). We also focus in the trading of hot-rolled and cold-rolled coil, along with steel sheets and slitting coils.
 Bangsaphan Barmill Public Co. Ltd.
Bangsaphan Barmill is one of the largest steel bar manufacturers in Thailand with a maximum capacity of 720,000 tons per annum. Our plant in Prachuap Khiri Khan is attached with a deep-sea port.
 Lohakit Metal Public Co. Ltd.
Lohakit Metal procures, processes and distributes cold-rolled stainless steel sheets and coils. Stainless steel pipes for construction, food, petrochemical, household appliance and automotive usage. Special grade cold-rolled stainless steel sheets and coils. Etc. Factory located in Samutprakarn, Thailand.
 City Steel Public Co. Ltd.
City Steel offers a steel service center and steel processing. Laser cutting, steel punching, wing beam shearing, steel bending, steel sheet rounding, pipe bending, robot welding, epoxy coating etc. Metal trading. Located Chonburi province.
 G Steel Public Co. Ltd.
G Steel is a producer and distributor of Hot Rolled Coil (HRC). Its products serve as raw materials for cold-rolled coils, galvanized steel, steel pipes, structural steel products for construction, LPG containers, automobiles, electrical appliances as well as steel furniture industries. Located Rayong province.
 CSP Steel Center Public Co. Ltd.
SP Steel Center is a distributor of steel sheet and coil, high-tech shearing machines providing customers with a reliable and efficient steel cutting service.
 Millcon Steel Public Co. Ltd.
Millcon Steel is a manufacturer and trader of many kinds of steel products such as round bars, deformed bars, lip channel steel, steel pipes, etc.
 Samchai Steel Industries Pcl.
Samchai Steel Industries manufactures and distributes steel pipes for use in construction and furniture industries.
 Thai Saeng Huat Ltd. Part.
Thai Saeng Huat manufactures stainless steel tanks. Galvanized steel tanks, pressure tanks. Various sizes.
 Kinzi (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Kinzi provides a full integrated OEM service for stainless steel components. From tensile simulation, jig planing, cost design, quality control structuring, to production control, Kinzi works tirelessly to streamline OEM production and maximize value to our clients. Our services include stainless steel precision casting, forging, machining, welding, surface treatments as well as complete tooling and assembly.
 Trinity Dynamic Corporation Ltd.
Trinity Dynamic Corporation is a stainless steel importer and distributor of stainless steel products in Thailand. Products include : stainless steel coils, flat bars, round bars, fittings, plates, hollow sections and pipes. Also plate polishing services, coil slitting services, coil shearing services.
 J.J. Advanced Products (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
J.J. Advanced Products (Thailand) is a leading supplier of heat and corrosion resistant alloys for the petrochemical, oil refining, and power generation industries.
 Unimit Engineering Public Co. Ltd.
Unimit Engineering fabricates and offers field construction for major petrochemical Plants and oil refineries. Production and services include : pressure vessels, machinery parts, steel structures, chemical tanks, mechanical installation.
 Oriental Copper Co. Ltd.
At its production facility at Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Oriental Copper Co. Ltd. produces superior-quality copper busbar, rods and profiles of various shapes with cross-sectional areas up to 7,000 square mm. Production facilities soon to be upgraded to handle cross-sectional area up to 10,000 square mm.
 Precious Goods Co. Ltd.
Metal Castings and Metal Works from steel, iron, stainless–steel, aluminium, brass to bronze. Machining parts, sheet metal works, wear parts, spare parts, machinery parts. Accept any size of orders.
 Taweechoke Panich Co. Ltd.
Taweechoke Panich : Long products (hot rolled coils, steel plates), flat products (light lip channesl, steel pipes, square pipes, rectangular pipes, structural steel, angle bars, round and deformed bars). Cutting, slotting coil, shearing and pressing services.
 Jutha Wan Metal Lab Co. Ltd.
Jutha Wan Metal Lab provides heat treatment services : vacuum hardening, plasma nitriding, carburizing, carbonitriding, etc. Surface hardness inspections, core hardness testing, case depth inspection, metallurgical analysis, mechanical strength testing.
 Menam Stainless Wire Public Co. Ltd.
Menam Stainless Wire : stainless steel wire and profile wire, stainless steel bars, welding consumables, automotive exhaust welding consumables, alloy and carbon steel.
 NSL Industry Co. Ltd.
NSL Industry produces : free cutting brass, forging brass, brass wire, brass plate, high strength brass. Brass forging parts : for air conditioning, sanitary fittings, valves.
 Sahaviriya Plate Mill Public Co. Ltd.
SPM is Thailand largest manufacturer of hot rolled steel plate. For the construction, ship building, machinery making, steel tank and pipe industies.
 Sahavirirya Steel Industries Public Co. Ltd.
Sahaviriya Steel Industries is Asean's largest fully-integrated flat steel producer with 4 million tons annual capacity of hot rolled steel sheet in coils (HRC).
 Siam Tinplate Co. Ltd.
Siam Tinplate produces tinplate and tin free steel. Coils, flat sheets, scroll sheets.
 G.J.Steel Public Co. Ltd.
G.J.S. operates one of the largest fully integrated steel mills in South East Asia. Iron making plant, steel making plant, thin slab caster, finishing mill, recoil temper mill, push-pull picking line, galvanizing line. Manufacturer of hot rolled coils. (HRC)
 Bangkok Steel Public Co. Ltd.
Bangkok Steel manufactures reinforcing steel round bars and deformed bars, galvanized steel sheets and coils in the forms of flat and corrugated sheets. Steel structures and large containers.
 Thailand Iron Works Public Co. Ltd.
Thailand Iron Works was the first galvanized iron sheet manufacturer in Thailand. It now produces hot dipped Zinc coated steel sheets and painted hot dipped zinc coated steel sheets. Also roofs and walls manufacturing.
 Permsin Steel Works Public Co. Ltd.
Permsin Steel Works has expertise in steel processing and manufacturing of metal sheet roofing products. Its coil center provides slitting and cut-to-length services for various types of steel including Hot Rolled Coil (HRC), Cold Rolled Coil (CRC). In metal sheet roofing products, we have more than 10 roofing profiles that come in a wide range of shapes and colors.
 Chow Steel Industries Public Co. Ltd.
Chow Steel Industries produces and distributes steel billets using scrap as major raw material. Its subsidiary Premier Solution Company is a renewable energy (solar power) project consultant, developer and constructor.
 Tycoons World Group (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Tycoons World Group manufactures and sells coils (wire rods), spheroidized annealing wires, screws and bolts.
 Posco-Thainox Public Co. Ltd.
POSCO-Thainox produces cold-rolled stainless steel in both sheets and coils, both for the domestic and export markets.
 Sricharoen Group
Sricharoen Group offers the following : stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, hot-dip and electro-galvanized steel, brass, copper. A leading steel distributor and manufacturer on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand.
 Pacific Pipe Public Co. Ltd.
Pacific Pipe is a leading steel pipe manufacturer in Thailand. We offer round black steel pipes, round galvanized steel pipes, square pipes and rectangular pipes, of various international standards.
 Porn Prom Metal Public Co. Ltd.
Porn Prom Metal imports and distributes products for industrial usage including copper and brass or copper alloy products, stainless steel wire and steel wires, aluminum and stainless sheet and rolls. Also construction materials such as copper tubes and fittings and heat-resistant rubber insulation.
 Thai Iron Foundry Co. Ltd.
Thai Iron Foundry produces gray cast iron and ductile iron. For agriculture and other mechanics spare parts.
 VS Steel Engineering 1999 Ltd. Partn.
Metal products distributor and supplier for all specifications of steel, stainless, aluminium, copper, and brass.
 Siam Steel Service Center Public Co. Ltd.
General purpose steel of various types, thickness, size and shape. Steel for buildings and construction. Steel processing and services such as slitting, shearing, forming, blanking, piercing, bending, pressing, welding.
 Absys(Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Absys(Thailand) Co. Ltd. is a stainless steel parts manufacturer working mainly by contracts and drawings of customers. We specialise in bending stainless steel tubes and a perfect finish of the products, polished or shotblasted. Outdoor furniture, tables and chairs, design objects and lamps, bathroom fittings.
 Ow Hieb Seng Chieng Ngow Kim Ltd.
Suppliers of : decorative industry stainless steel, heavy industry stainless steel, galvanized steel and electro. Aluminium, brass, copper.(bilingual site)
 Billion Mesh Industry Co. Ltd.
Billion Mesh Co. Ltd manufactures and sells cold drawn steel wire, BMI Wire mesh and Fence mesh (ezy fence) for industry, offices, homes etc.
 Thailand Smelting and Refining Co. Ltd.
Thailand Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd. (Thaisarco) was founded in 1963 Thaisarco is recognised worldwide as an industry leader in the manufacture of tin, tin alloys and tin–related products. From its LME (London Metal Exchange) registered Thaisarco and Phuket brands of pure tin to specialty alloys, powders and extruded products.
 Thai-Scandic Steel Co. Ltd.
A Board of Investment promoted company, Thai-Scandic Steel Co. Ltd. (located Rayong province) is fully integrated unit offering complete design and fabrication facilities as well as hot-dip galvanizing and modular packing.
 Ziga Innovation Public Co. Ltd.
Ziga Innovation produces structural steel : steel sheets and coils, galvanized steel pipes, structural rectangular tubes, structural square tubes, structural lip channelsteel. Also white conduits and accessories.
 Usha Siam Steel Industries (USSIL)
Usha Siam Steel Industries is among the largest integrated steel wires, industrial strands, control cables and wireropes plants based in the ASEAN region annual manufacturing capacity of 36,000 MT.
 S.P.K. Metal Works Co. Ltd.
Foundry and exporter of casting products in Thailand. Products include metal castings (steel, iron, brass, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum), machining parts, spare parts for excavators, tractors.
 Chavin Metal Products Co. Ltd.
Chavin Metal Products Co. Ltd. : Cold and Hot Rolled Sheets, and Coils. Electro Galvanized Sheets. Aluminum and Stainless Steel Sheets, and Coil. Copper, Brass and Spring Steel.
 Lersak Stainless (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
We, Lersak Stainless, are a quality manufacturer of stainless steel material handling equipment. Our skills lie in the fabrication of stainless steel as well as other steel materials.
 Siam Steel Gratings Co. Ltd.
Siam Steel Gratings Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand – manufacture of steel gratings and steel galvanizing services.
 United Coil Center Limited
United Coil Center Ltd. produces hot and cold rolled steel sheets, hot–dip and electric galvanized steel sheets, electro galvanized sheets, electrical steel sheets (silicon).