Paper and Pulp Industry in Thailand. Packaging Products.

 General Computer Co. Ltd. (GNR)
GNR is a leading manufacturer, distributor and exporter of continuous paper in Thailand with over 35 years of experience. We also sell and offer custom printed envelopes, paper bags, packaging, stickers, notebooks, brochures and more.
 J.T. Pack of Foods Co. Ltd.
J.T. Pack of Foods produces various products for packaging (foods). Bakery packaging products, plastic bags, spoons and forks. Foam and paper products, plastic wraps for food, plastic straws etc.
 JMP Holding Thailand
JMP Holding offers packaging products covering many industries including retail packaging, online packaging, cargo protection and materials handling.
 Silver Pack Co. Ltd.
Silver Pack is a custom box manufacturer of corrugated shipping containers and corrugated packaging products. Regular slotted containers (RSC), overlap slotted containers (OSC), full telescope design style (FTD) and die-cuts.
 Double A
Advance Agro obtains its raw material from 3 to 5 year old cash crop plantation trees, which are grown in abundance from our geographically and advantageous locations in Thailand. Main product : Double A paper for printers and copiers.
 Sarnti Packaging Co. Ltd.
Sarnti Packaging produces corrugated paper boxes, corrugated carton boxes.
 Eastern Polypack Co. Ltd. (EPP)
Eastern Polypack produces cups ranging from drinking cups to yoghurt cups to cups used in aircraft. Plates, bowls, trays, bakery boxes, food containers, cutlery. Paper and plastic cups, pattern and logo printing.
 K.M.Packaging Co. Ltd.
K.M. Packaging is a manufacturer of food containers and food packaging in Thailand. Paper cups, paper food containers, and plastic containers.
 Sarnti Green Pack Co. Ltd.
Sarnti Green Pack is a leading manufacturer of corrugated paper boxes. Our pulp mold product line system offers you more than 100 models. We specialize in packing design and have own mold making shop.
 Panjapol Paper Industry Co. Ltd.
Panjapol Paper Industry is a leading kraft paper manufacturer in Thailand. Kraft linerboard, corrugated medium.
 Poly Protech Co. Ltd.
Poly Protech provides : air bubble products (bags, sheets), insulation products for the construction industry, livestock insulation products.
 SCG Packaging Public Co. Ltd.
SCG Packaging provides products that include fiber-based packaging, performance and polymer packaging (PPP). Corrugated containers, retail display packaging, flexible packaging and rigid packaging for display and protection of products. Also packaging paper, paper grocery bags and industrial bags. Part of Siam Cement Group.
 C&H Paperbox (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
C&H Paperbox are experts in corrugated sheet boards. Single face corrugated sheet boards, single wall corrugated sheet boards, double wall corrugated sheet boards, corrugated carton boxes.
 M.R.S. Kato Co. Ltd.
M.R.S. Kato products paper tubes and paper can container products, as well as packaging related material, mainly for the domestic market.
 Brownie Points Co. Ltd. - Goodwill
Goodwill offers food and beverage containers. Paper cups and lids. PET cups, bio-plastic cups. Also ceramic tableware and stainless cutlery.
 Bangkok Wallpaper
Bangkok Wallpaper is and importer and distributor of various kinds of wall coverings from worldwide leading manufacturers. Wallpapers and expanded vinyl wall coverings.
 Narai Superbag Co. Ltd.
Narai Superbag manufactures paper shopping bags, paper bags for food, and paper wraps for food.
StarDrypak is a leader in de desiccant products market. Products include : Silical Gel, Oxygen absorbers, desiccant containers, dunnage bags, humidity indicator cards, slip-sheets, and varieties of packaging material.
 S & D Industries Co. Ltd.
S & D Industries paper packaging products include : corrugated sheet boards, regular slotted containers (RSC), telescope containers, die cut boxes, trays, wrap arounds, partitions.
 ThaiPapermill Co. Ltd.
Thai Paper Mill manufactures high quality kraft liner, corrugating medium paper, sheet boards and boxes, with high-tech machinery.
 Tri(Wall) Thailand Ltd.
We are the exclusive licensed manufacturer in Thailand of Tri-Wall KK's trademark Tri-Wall AAA and Bi-Wall AA heavy duty corrugated paperboard containers and paperboard pallets.
 Fancy Paper Co. Ltd.
Fancy Paper is an importer and distributor of the fine quality printing paper and board.