Glass and Glassware Products from Thailand

 Bangkok Glass Public Co. Ltd.
Bangkok Glass is a manufacturer of glass containers. Standard and registered design glass bottles. Food jars, medical bottles, insecticide bottles, closures, corrugated carton packaging, PET (plastic) containers.
 Union Victors Co. Ltd.
Union Victors manufactures high-quality hand-made and mouth-blown glassware to cater for the medium to high end market.
 Kong Thavorn Glassware Co. Ltd.
Kong Thavorn Glassware produces handmade and mouth blown glassware. Plates, glasses, bowls, tumblers, carafes, colorful pitchers, etc.
 Ocean Glassware
Asia's leading glass tableware manufacturer, providing a wide range of quality glassware and services in all aspects of business, from retail and food service to decorated glassware.
 BG Container Glass Public Co. Ltd.
With 5 plants in different provinces, BG Container manufactures and sells glass packaging containers. Products include glass containers for alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and packaging products for export.
 Siam Plate Glass Industry Ltd.
Siam Plate Glass Company and Siam Pattern Glass manufacture sheet glass and figure (pattern) glass. Clear sheet glass, frosted sheet glass, dark grey glass for exterior and interior decorations.
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 AGC Flat Glass (Thailand)
AGC Flat Glass is a leading manufacturer in Thailand. Products include clear float glass, tinted float glass, heat reflective glass, mirrors, figured glass, tempered safety glass, insulating glass, laminated safety glass and several kinds of specialty glass.
 AAG Corporation
AAG Corporation designs, manufactures and installs high performance fa├žade's components : curtain wall systems, fenestration (windows and doors products), aluminum cladding, louver(Jalousie), point support glazing systems, sun shades and balustrades.
 Nice Asian Aluminum Co. Ltd.
Nice Asian Aluminum has more than 25 year of experience in aluminum and glass installation. Aluminum frame and windows fixing, curtain walls, frameless glass panels, glass facades.
 Teasco (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Teasco offers glass and glazing solutions. Curtain wall facade panel systems, cascade self draining skylights, aluminium louvres, high performance windows and sliding door suites, canopies, shower screens, unitised skylights. Besides its own products, Teasco also offers Schueco products.
 A.C.D. Thailand
A.C.D. Thailand produces totally new and unique art objects under the Crystela brand name, using the crystal painting technique. The pieces are hand-decorated with genuine Swarowski crystals by a team of artisans.
 Bangkok Modern Glassware Co. Ltd. (BMG)
BMG produces and distributes high quality hand made glass tableware and decorative items.