Construction and Building Materials in Thai Industry

 Siam City Cement Public Co. Ltd.
Siam City Cement produces bulk cement and bag cement, and mortar max under the INSEE brand name. Siam City Cement is the second largest cement producer in Thailand.
 Siam Technic Concrete Public Co. Ltd.
Siam Technic Concrete offers prestressed concrete products in Thailand, operating 9 factories. With over 50 vehicles, it also provides concrete product transportation services.
 Lohr Trade & Consulting Ltd. Pts. Thailand
Lohr Trade and Consulting offers insulation materials based on polyurethane solidifying foam. Also comprehensive general construction services.
 Hi Tech Thai Concrete Co. Ltd.
Hi Tech Thai Concrete has an extensive portfolio of developments using its concrete products. Pre-stressed concrete piles.
 Indochine Industries Ltd. Partn.
Indochine Industries manufactures doors, windows, frames, flooring and architectural timber structures for both residential and commercial properties. We offer lumber by the piece, by the truck, exported by the container. Our lumber list includes : teak, Pinkyado, Balau, mahogany, Padauk, pine, oak, Chengal, Selangan Batu, Alan Batu, Keruing, etc.
 The Pathumthani Concrete Co. Ltd.
The Pathumthani Concrete is a leading foundation contractors. We have carried out piling and ground improvement works at major projects such as airports, expressways, refineries and petrochemical plants, hotels, condominiums and hypermarkets. PC Spun piles and I section piles, concrete products such as concrete floor planks and girders.
 Thai Pride Cement Co. Ltd.
Thai Pride Cement produces and supplies cement for Italian-Thai Company construction projects and for other customers. Mixed Cement and Ordinary Portland Cement.
 BuilderSmart Public Co. Ltd.
BuilderSmart provides a wide variety of building materials. Office partitioning suites and furniture systems. Fast track wall and ceiling systems. Paints, glues and acrylic sealants. Door and window systems. Outdoor living solutions. Tiles and sanitaryware.
 Quality Construction Products Public Co. Ltd.
Quality Construction Products manufactures and distributes autoclaved aerated concrete under the trade-name Q-Con. Blocks, lintels, wall panels, floor and roof panels, stairs, thin bed adhesive mortar, rendering mortar.
 Tipco Asphalt Public Co. Ltd.
Tipco Asphalt produces asphalt products for road construction : Asphalt cement, cutback asphalt, ssphalt emulsion, modified asphalt emulsion, special grade asphalt.
 Dimet (Siam) Public Co. Ltd.
Dimet distributes and produces under license : decorative paints for interior and exterior, protective coating, automotive refinish, timber finishes (wood) coating, industrial coating.
 KWH Pipe
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipes and other plastic pipes such as LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) or PP (polypropylene) pipes. Pressure and gravity pipe systems, cable conduits, manholes, stay cable pipes, welding machines. Joint venture between Uponor Corporation and the KWH Group.
 Home Product Center Public Co. Ltd. (HomePro)
HomePro operates a retail business, selling goods and providing a complete range of services related to construction, addition, renovation of buildings, houses, and residence places under the trade. Do-it-yourself market. 17 branches in Bangkok (some quite large) and some more in the provinces outside the capital.
 UHM Group
UHM Co. Ltd. provides various public utility product sales and services. For households and residential buildings, there are water pipes connecting with public water pipes and meters for measuring water usage in the water distribution system. For industry : water supply pipes with chemical resistance capacity, precision measuring equipment, high efficiency water pumps and waste water pipes.
 Sanko Fastem (Thailand) Ltd.
Manufacturing, export and domestic sales of anchor bolts and fastening equipment for construction.
 Vongchai Company Ltd.
We produce floor and wall panels. Our V-CON hollow-core precast concrete slabs have served numerous types of buildings.
 TK Flat Floor Co. Ltd.
TK Flat Floor is a service provider of super flat floor systems, concrete flooring and industrial construction in Thailand.
 Pidilite Bamco Ltd. - Dr.Fixit Thailand
Dr.Fixit Thailand is specialized in waterproofing membrane and bitumen road joint sealants. Products range includes waterproofing materials, sealants, repairing and rendering products, tiling and adhesives, grout and anchors, coatings and paints, flooring, admixtures and concrete productions, marine products.
 Asahi Omni Co. Ltd.
Asahi Omni provides valves, pipes and fittings under the brand name Asahi AV. Asahi AV products are used in the fields of chemicals, steel making, food industry, marine development, environmental preservation, construction, sewage systems, etc.
 Thai Nichias Engineering Co. Ltd.
Thai Nichias Engineering offers thermal(hot and cold) insulation, fireproofing, sound insulation, scaffolding work including material supply.
 X-Per Innovatia Co. Ltd.
We manufacture and export Air Curtain from Thailand to countries worldwide. Visit us to learn more about air curtain.
 Lucky Building System
Lucky Building System is a business unit of Siam Steel International Public Co. Ltd. LBS is specialized in steel-structured prefabricated building systems, especially in the Modular building system. Exporting to several countries across the globe. Also bathroom Pod : factory-built, turn-key bathroom units, fully fitted and plumbed.
 Neramitplus Co. Ltd.
Neramit Plus offers solutions for industries, building and infrastructure developments. Pipe racking systems, racking, plastic pallets, fire protection equipment, aluminium frames, industrial flooring, electronic systems, factory construction.
 S. Kijchai Enterprise Public Co. Ltd.
S.Kijchai Enterprise produces MDF (medium-density fiberboard) products for doors, floor, interior, and furniture.
 Siam Cement Group
Siam Cement Group, a conglomerate active in petrochemicals, cement, paper and packaging, building products and ceramics.
 Nippon Panel (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Nippon Panel is a producer of polyurethane (PU). Sandwich insulated panels for cold rooms and clean rooms. Aluminium panels.
 Metecno Pannelli (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Metecno Pannelli, and Italian company, provides panels for cold rooms and clean rooms, insulated roof and wall systems, fire resistance and acoustic systems, insulated door systems, shelters etc.
 DCON Products Public Co. Ltd.
DCON is a leading expert in manufacturing of a flat pre-stressed concrete planks and pre-stressed piles. CLC blocks, precasted concrete walls, cowboy fences, precasted fences.
 Southern Concrete Pile Public Co. Ltd.
Southern Concrete Pile offers prestressed concrete products and other related precast-prestressed concrete for the construction industry. SCP is also the biggest supplier of electric poles for the provincial Electricity Authority (PEA).
 TPI Polene Public Co. Ltd.
TPI Polene is one of the leading cement manufacturers in the domestic and international market able to produce cement at very low cost of production. Also mortar, LDPE plastic resins, ethylene vinyl acetate, concrete.
 Conwood Co. Ltd.
Conwood Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Siam City Cement Group, and a manufacturer of prime quality materials, particularly wood replacement products for residential and commercial building construction. Conwood products can be used for laths, eaves, moulds, decks, lap sidings, stairs, and as decorative panels.
 WIIK Public Co. Ltd.
WIIK offers HDPE pipeline products, HDPE pipe fittings and high-quality HDPE (high density polyethylene) water tanks. Applications : water supply systems, irrigation and agricultural systems, drainage and sewage, underwater pipes, industry and buildings systems.
 Allied Construction Chemicals Co. Ltd.
Allied Construction Chemicals is a PVC waterstop and asphalt joint sealer manufacturer. Also importer and distributor of : wood fiber expansion joint fillers, expanding concrete joint waterstop, poly-urethane and polysulphide joint sealants, waterproofing membranes and coating, concrete repair materials.
 Bangkok Steel Wire Co. Ltd.
Bangkok Steel wire manufactures and sells : Steel wire for prestressed concrete (P.C. Wire Plain, Indented, Crimped and Chevron Type), steel 7 wire strand for prestressed concrete (P.C. Strand), Cold Drawn Steel Wire for concrete reinforcement.
 Square Panel System Co. Ltd.
We manufacture : Clean Room Panels , Cold Room Panels , Insulating Panels , Pipe Insulation Foam.
 Tozen (Thailand)
Thailand's manufacturer and supplier of Rubber, Stainless Steel, Teflon Flexible and Expansion Joint, Fabric Expansion Joint Spring Vibration Isolator, Butterfly Valve, Check Valve, Y–Strainer, etc.
 Sompong Panich Group
Sompong Panich is a building materials company. Sompong Panich also supplies lightning protection system, fire protection system, waste water treatment system, aluminium hardware.
 Siam Syndicate Trading Co. Ltd.
Siam Syndicate Trading Co., Ltd. (SST) is a leading and reputable company in supplying mechanical and electrical products for infrastructure, waterworks, wastewater, and construction projects.
 Greatwall (1988) Co. Ltd.
Greatwall (1988), a leader in Thailand and Asian wide in cold storage, ceiling systems, roofing systems, portable cabins, toilet partitions and housing projects.
 Dextra Group
Designer, manufacturer, contractor of high value–added technical products and services for the construction industry in targeted niches.(splicing systems,extension or connection to embedded rebars)
 Nippon Paint Thailand
Nippon Paint : motorcycle and automotive coatings, color simulations, home and architectural paints.