Thailand : Energy Producers, Petroleum, Gas, Coal

 Precise Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
PEM is a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of electronic devices used in power distribution systems. Construction services for power distribution systems, underground cabling systems, and high voltage substations.
 Gunkul Engineering Public Co. Ltd.
Gunkul Engineering is a supplier of equipment for power systems and renewable energy systems, covering all stages of transmission and distribution of electricity from power plants.
 WHA Utilities & Power Public Co. Ltd.
WHA Utilities & Power have a dual business core : 1) Distributing raw water, producing and distributing industrial water and providing wastewater treatment services in industrial estates. 2) Electricity generation and distribution, both conventional (coil- or gas-fired power plants, hydro power) and alternative (solar rooftop, waste to energy power generation).
 EGCO Group
EGCO Group is a Thai integrated power company providing electricity generation and comprehensive energy services. It provides operation, maintenance, engineering and construction services to power plants and other industries. Listed company.
 B. Grimm Power
B.Grimm and Amata B.Grimm develop, finance, construct and operate gas-fired and diesel power plants. It wants to increase its combined total electricity power generation to 2,000 MW in 2019.
 Egat Diamond Services Co. Ltd.
Egat Diamond Services repairs and refurbishes gas turbine hot gas path parts with OEM standard services. Customers include EGAT and Ratchaburi power plants.
 PTT Public Co. Ltd.
PTT is Thailand's only fully-integrated gas company. It has a leading position in the marketing and trading of various crude oil and refined petroleum products. In addition, through interests in associated companies, PTT has invested in Thailand's petrochemicals and refining industries.
 Banpu Public Co. Ltd.
Banpu has two core and complementary business lines : coal mining and coal-fired power generation. Banpu currently manages production capacity of around 19 million tonnes per annum from its mines in Indonesia and Thailand.
 Scan Inter Public Co. Ltd.
Scan Inter operates a small network of natural gas stations in Bangkok and adjacent provinces. It sells industrial compressed natural gas to industrial plants. Manufacturing, installing, and maintenance and distribution of compressed natural aas compressors.
 PTG Energy Public Co. Ltd.
PTG Energy operates gas stations throughout Thailand, and has tank farms around the country.
 AI Energy Public Co. Ltd.
AI Energy is a manufacturer and distributor of biodiesel (from palm oil) and edible oil. AI Logistics provides sea and land logistics and specializes specializes in transport of lubrication oil, crude palm oil, refined palm oil. Also storage tanks farm for petroleum, crude palm oil, lubrication oil. Biodiesel, palm oil, refines glycerine.
 Star Petroleum Refining Public Co. Ltd.
SPRC operates a Complex Catalytic Cracking Refinery located in the Rayong province with a throughput of up to 175,000 barrels a day. We create value-added products, such as LPG, gasoline, jet, diesel as well as some fuel oil and bitumen.
 Sakol Energy Public Co. Ltd.
Sakol Energy operates Private Mother Stations (PMS) for compressing NGV to the natural gas transportation vehicles of PTT Company. It produces sells compressed bio-methane gas. It produces energy from a small biomass power plant.
 V.L. Enterprise Public Co. Ltd.
V.L. Enterprise transports petroleum and chemical products for both domestic and international cargo. Customers are the main oil refineries in Thailand.
 WP Energy Public Co. Ltd.
WP Energy or World Premium Energy is the 2nd largest LPG distributor in Thailand with more than 40 years of specialized knowledge and expertise. LPG service stations at more than 800 locations. Gas-filled cylinders for household use. WP Energy also caters to industry needs for fuels and other petrochemicals.
 Unique Mining Services Public Co. Ltd.
Unique Mining Services imports coal from Indonesia for distribution to several domestic industries, especially manufacturers in Bangkok and nearby provinces.
 Lo Brothers Engineering Co. Ltd.
Established in 1964, Lo Brothers began providing machinery to oil refineries and petroleum, but later it extended to include various industries - oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical, power plant, pulp and paper, and food industries. Our products consisted of storage tanks, pressure vessels, dished heads, heat exchangers, reactors, silos, columns, stacks.
 Global Power Synergy Co. Ltd.
GPS supplies electricity, steam, and processed water. Gas-turbines, power co-generation plants. Part of PTT group.
 Thai Special Gas Co. Ltd.
Thai Special Gas produces industrial gases and special gases. Tank and pipeline installation, gas equipment, gas certification. Acetylene, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, LP Gas, Propane, Krypton, Sulfur Hexafluoride, Xeon, Ethylene Oxide, Laser gases.
 Thai Petroleum & Trading Co. Ltd.
Thai Petroleum & Trading manufactures and distributes lubricating oils and greases, plastic containers and automotive batteries.
 PTT Natural Gas Distribution Co. Ltd.
PTT NGD distributes and supplies Natural Gas to various industries, with its own pipeline network in Thailand. For electricity generation, fuel for vehicles.
 Dacon Inspection Services
Dacon Inspection Services offers a range of inspection services in onshore and offshore industries, mainly in the oil and gas, petrochemical and power sector. Main office in Thailand (Rayong), and operating throughout South East Asia.
 CK Power Public Co. Ltd.
CK Power is a holding company with investments in businesses that produce and distribute electricity generated from various sources. Interests in hydro power , solar power and thermal power generation.
 Thai Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering & Construction
Thai Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering & Construction is working in the upstream oil and gas sector. It provides engineering capabilities, feasibility studies, designs, procurement engineering and construction engineering. Including offshore platform topsides, substructures, bridges, flares, tanks and pressure vessels.
 Linde Thailand
Linde Thailand (formerly Thai Industrial Gases) produces and distributes oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, high purity gases and gas mixtures for industries throughout the kingdom of Thailand. Part of the German Linde Group.
 Sahamitr Pressure Container Plc
SMPC manufactures LPG cylinders for the domestic and global market. Welded steel cylinders for compressed gas, welded steel cylinders for automobiles, fefillable and non-refillable refrigerant cylinders, reconditioning of welded steel cylinders.
 TRC Construction Public Co. Ltd.
TRC construction, a construction and engineering company, is focused on natural gas pipelines, crude oil pipelines, gas metering skids, tank repairs and maintenance.
 Lanna Resources Public Co. Ltd.
Lanna Resources imports coal from mining projects in Indonesia and from other sources for the domestic market. Through a subsidiary the company also produces ethanol-for-fuel using molasses as the raw material.
 Sahacogen (Chonburi) Pcl
Sahacogen (Chonburi) is a Small Power Producer (SPP) producing electricity and steam under a concession granted by the Ministry of Energy. Our power plant is a natural gas fired cogeneration combined cycle type, located in Sriracha, Chonburi.
 Bangchak Petroleum Public Co. Ltd.
Bangchak Petroleum operates in the oil refinery business, with maximum crude processing capacity of 120,000 barrels per day. Network of 515 standard service stations and 550 community service stations.
 Siamgas and Petrochemicals Public Co. Ltd.
Siam Gas distributes LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) for cooking, cars, and industrial use. Provides LPG to LPG filling stations and autogas stations.
 PTT Exploration and Production Public Co. Ltd.
PTTEP is a national petroleum exploration and production company dedicated to provide a sustainable petroleum supply to Thailand. PTTEP operates more than 40 projects around the world and in Thailand.
 Esso Thailand
The retail network of Esso Thailand includes 570 Esso branded retail service stations nationwide - the largest international branded network of retail service stations in Thailand. Refined petroleum products, lubricants, aromatics and chemicals.
 Glow Group
The Glow Group of companies is an energy company with as its core business the supply of electricity and steam. Glow has 2 business lines : the Independent Power Producer (IPP) business and the Cogeneration Business. Glow is 70% owned by GDF Suez, and listed on the Thai stock exchange.
 Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) is a state enterprise under the Ministry of Energy. EGAT presently builds, owns and operates various types and sizes of power plants across Thailand with a combined installed capacity of more than 15,000 MW (the majority of the country's generating capacity). It also buys electric power from private companies and neighboring countries.
 Ratch Group Public Co. Ltd.
Ratch Group has a total installed capacity of about 4,000 MW., deriving from its current commercial operating electricity power generating plants.
 Topgas - Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
Topgas is a leading supplier of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) equipment, LPG systems. Also active in the field of cutting and welding. Wide range of cutting and welding machines, including high-end robotic solutions.
 Ceco Groups
CECO Groups are specialized in engineering and marketing of equipment for use with LP–gas, Natural Gas, Anhydrous Ammonia, and Industrial Gas. We distribute equipment from the premier manufacturers with the most extensive products lines in their respective industries.
 Thai Petroleum Pipeline Co. Ltd.
Thai Petroleum Pipeline Co., Ltd. is one of Thailand first organizations to introduce oil transportation through pipelines in order to improve efficiency of oil transportation system.
 Siamraj Public Co. Ltd.
Siamraj is a specialist in flow measuring systems and in building branched pipelines for natural gas. It also operates a few stations for natural gas for vehicles. It also offers a variety of industrial pump systems.
 Prima Marine Public Co. Ltd.
Prima Marine provides integrated marine transportation and storage of crude oil, petroleum products, semi-petroleum products and liquefied petroleum. Customers operate oil refineries or are major oil traders.
 Gulf Energy Development Public Co. Ltd.
Gulf Energy Development is a holding company with a portfolio of electricity, steam and chilled water generating projects and related businesses.
 AC2M Co. Ltd.
AC2M is a manufacturer of high frequency transformers, EMI filters and coils used in power conversion products. All the manufactured products are made according to our customer's requirements winding with single or Litz enameled wire up to 200°C of temperature grade.
 Ebara (Thailand) Ltd.
Products of Ebara Thailand include : standard and custom pumps, procession equipment (pumps) for oil and gas, chillers, cooling towers. Spare parts and maintenance services. Ebara has expertise in analyzing and handling flow of fluids and in designing and manufacturing related equipment and systems.
 Thai Oil Group
Thai Oil Company Limited is Thailand's most important oil refiner (up to 275,000 barrels per day). Also producer of petrochemical products (paraxylene, benzene, mixed xylen), solvent and chemical producer, etc. Subsidiary of PTT Group of companies.
 SPCG Public Co. Ltd.
SPCG is a leading solar farm developer in Thailand and Asean. SPC is a subsidiary that holds 34 licences to develop solar farms, with a connected output of 200 mWp, to be completed in 2013.
CUEL is designing pipelines and platforms, procuring materials from around the world, fabricating integrated oil process decks and lightweight innovative low-cost wellhead platforms and installing and commissioning pipelines, platforms, and FPSO systems in the Gulf of Thailand.
 Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO)
Energy Policy and Planning Office, Bangkok, Thailand.[Ministry of Energy, Thai Government]
 Petroleum Institute of Thailand (PTIT)
PTIT concern lies in the development and strengthening of organizations, personnel and facilities throughout Thailand, to meet the needs of the petroleum and petrochemical industries.