Battery Producers and Distributors in Thailand

 Thai Storage Battery Public Co. Ltd.
Thai Storage Battery : Low maintenance and maintenance free car batteries, motorcycle batteries, electric batteries, traction batteries.
 Yuasa Battery (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd.
Yuasa Battery manufactures batteries for cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats and for agricultural purposes - for the export and domestic markets.
 GS Yuasa Siam Industry Ltd.
GS Yuasa Siam : traction batteries, stationary industrial batteries, small-Sized VRLA industrial batteries, heavy duty cycle-service batteries.
 Siam Pan Group Public Co. Ltd.
Siam Pan Group is a distributor of lubricating oils, greases, and automotive batteries manufactured by its 3 subsidiaries.
 Victron UPS (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Victron UPS is a supplier of power quality equipment. Products include : General Electric, GE Digital Energy, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), battery systems and accessories. Power generators, monitoring equipment, voltage stabilizers, transfer switches, chargers and inverters.
 Siam Choak Boon Ma Co. Ltd.
Siam Choak Boon Ma manufactures lead-acid conventional car batteries suitable for most passenger cars, trucks, farming equipment, and heavy industry vehicles. Located in Samut Prakarn, with export to 30 countries worldwide.
 Siam Furukawa Co. Ltd. - FB Battery
FB Battery provides batteries for motorcycles, car and truck batteries, and is an OEM producer for brands such as Toyota, Isuzu and Honda.
 Siam Battery Electronic Ltd. Part.
Siam Battery Electronic assembles and distributes a large range of industrial primary and secondary batteries and battery packs. Sealed Lead Acid batteries for UPS, Nickel Cadmium batteries (NiCd), Nickel Metal Hydride batteries (NiMH), Lithium batteries. The company represents leading battery manufacturers like Panasonic, Energizer, Yuasa, Varta etc.
 Thai Bellco Battery Co. Ltd.
Thai Bellco Battery produces and distributes : Sealed Lead Acid Batteries for emergency lighting, communications equipment, telecommunications back-up, uninterrupted power supplies. Car batteries. Deep Cycle golf cart batteries, solar cell electric generators. Rechargeable motorcycle batteries.
 Watford Control (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Watford Control (Thailand) provides UPS systems, automatic voltage stabilisers, power conditioners, Ni-Cd block batteries. Customers include government agencies, banks, power plants, industrial plants etc.