Vegetable Oils including Palm Oil. Biodiesel Companies in Thailand.

 Vichitbhan Palmoil Public Co. Ltd.
Vichitbhan Palmoil (VPO) produces crude palm oil, palm kernel oil, and palm byproducts (shell, decanter, fiber).
 Raja Biodiesel Co. Ltd.
Raja Biodiesel Co., Ltd operates a biodiesel plant and is a pioneer in developing non-fossil diesel fuel in Thailand. Products are coco-diesel, palm-diesel, Methyl Ester.
 Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Co. Ltd.
Thanakorn is presently one of the largest purchasers of locally grown oil-bearing seeds, which include soybeans and sunflower seeds. Products include : cooking oil, margarine, shortening, lecithin, soybean acid oil, deodorizer distillate (byproduct). Located Samutprakarn.
 Lam Soon (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd.
Lam Soon (Thailand) manufactures extracted and refined products including palm vegetable oils, margarine, shortening and specialty vegetable fats. Operates a crushing mill (Trang) and a palm oil refinery (Samut Prakarn).
 Thai Vegetable Oil Public Co. Ltd.
Thai Vegetable Oil (TVO) is the largest soybean oil producer in Southeast Asia. We convert tonnes of soybeans into oil and meal annually.
 Ama Marine Public Co. Ltd.
Ama Marine is a leading maritime transport service provider for palm oil and other vegetable oils in Southeast Asia i.e. Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines.
 Kasisuri Group
Kasisuri : rice bran oil and rice bran oil by-products (lecithin, free fatty acids, wax), rice bran spa products, sunflower oil.
 Tropicana Oil Co. Ltd.
Tropicana Oil produces cold press 100% coconut oil, coconut oil capsules. And a wide variety of cosmetic products based on coconut oil : shower gels, suntan lotions, toners, day and night creams, foot cream, body lotion, coconut oil soap and lip balm etc. Coconut oil is known for its moisterizing properties.
 Merit Food Products Co. Ltd.
Merit Food Products is a manufacturer and exporter of organic canned coconut products. Coconut milk and cream, coconut juice, coconut fruity drinks, virgin coconut oil.
 Univanich Palm Oil Public Co. Ltd.
Univanich Palm Oil is a pioneer of the oil palm plantation industry in Thailand. Large exporter of crude palm oils and high quality oil palm seeds.
 Chumporn Palm Oil Industry Public Co. Ltd.
Products of Chumporn Palm Oil Industry : crude palm oil, palm seedlings, crude palm kernel oil, palm olein.
 Oleen Co. Ltd.
Oleen produces palm olein and palm stearin. The former becomes OLEEN vegetable oil for cooking purposes, whereas the latter, being the solid fraction, is a source of hard fat for products such as shortenings and margarines used in bakery industry. Fatty acids in the meanwhile are inputs for soap and candle makings.
 Surin Bran Oil Co. Ltd.
Surin Bran Oil : Producer of refined rice bran oil, acid oil, extracted rice bran, crude rice bran oil.