Sugar from Sugar Cane. Ethanol, Biogas.

 Khonburi Sugar Public Co. Ltd.
Khonburi Sugar produces various sugar products : white sugar, refined sugar, raw sugar, molasses. The company also produces its own electricity (from sugar cane). Head office at Sukhumvit Soi 23, Bangkok.
 Ueno Fine Chemicals Industry (Thailand) Ltd.
Ueno Fine Chemicals Industry (Thailand) manufactures sugar-substitute sweeteners from natural sources : sorbitol and maltitol.
 Mitr Phol Sugar Group
Mitr Phol Sugar Group is the leading sugar company of Thailand and offers an extensive range of sugar products. Refined sugar, brown sugar, rock sugar etc. from sugar cane. Also ethanol production as alternative fuel.
 KI Sugar Group
KI Sugar Group and its subsidiaries : sugar, electricity from bio substances, ethanol, biogas. Mostly Thai language.
 Plantheon Co. Ltd. - TCC Agro-Industrial
The Plantheon Group and its subsidiaries process : pineapple, sweet maize, tomatoes, sugar, natural and chemical fertilizers, ethanol and natural rubber. Also trading agro-industrial products and commodities.
 Kaset Thai International Sugar Corporation Public Co. Ltd. (KTIS)
Besides sugar as the company's major product, KTIS Group, with its many subsidiaries, also produces bio products, such as paper pulp from bagasse, ethanol from molasses and electrical energy from biomass.
 Buriram Sugar Co. Ltd.
Buriram Sugar is a pioneer sugar manufacturer in the North-eastern area that has supported and bought produce from sugarcane growers to make sugar for more than 50 years. Now also biomass power plant that uses 100% bagasse as fuel. Also uses filter cake, which is a byproduct from sugar production, as a main ingredient to make organic fertilizer.
 Rajburi Sugar Co. Ltd.
Rajburi Sugar manufactures raw sugar, white sugar and refined sugar for local distribution and export under the brand name Bee, with production capacity is 14,000 tons of sugar canes per day.
 Southeast Asia Organic Co. Ltd.
Sea-Organic offers organic agricultural products : organic tapioca starch, organic cane sugar. Organic sweetener syrups : glucose syrup, fructose syrup, organic maltodextrin.