Tea Cultivation and Production in Thailand

 Green Tea Co. Ltd.
Green Tea is manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of mulberry tea products (Ranong brand). Products also include : green tea, ice tea, organic tea, Japanese green tea, detox tea, coffee, ginger drinks.
 Chaidim Premium Organic Oolong Tea
Our Oolong teas are from Northern Thailand and sourced from the tea farmers, single estates and small producers, with no intermediaries. We propose several Oolong varieties such as special Oriental Beauty, Golden Oolong, organic Gabaron tea, Ruby Oolong, and many more all handcrafted by experienced tea masters. Online store.
 Ichitan Group Public Co. Ltd.
Ichitan Tea without pesticides or chemicals from the first to final step. Original, honey lemon, kikucha (chrysanthemum), and sugar free varieties. Widely available in Thailand.
 Siam Tea Shop
Siam Tea Shop is specialized on introducing and selling green, Oolong and black tea from north Thailand, coming from less than a handful carefully selected small producers on family operation level.
 SiamTeas - Teas of Northern Thailand
Information around tea cultivation and production in the north of Thailand, the backgrounds and history of the same, the culture of the people and regions involved, and, of course, the teas themselves and their local variations.
 Oishi Group Public Co. Ltd.
Oishi Group is best known for its ubiquitous Oishi green tea products. Also amino acid and coffee beverages. Seaweed snacks, Japanese restaurants (Shabushi, Ramen, Japanese food buffets).
 Jiaogulan Tea Company
Jiaogulan Tea Company packages and ships 100% natural Jiaogulan Tea Leaf anywhere in the world. Our product has no caffeine, no preservatives, no sugar, no colorings and no artificial flavorings. Grown in Chiang Mai province.
 Kanchana Mulberry Green Tea
Kanchana Mulberry Green Tea provides the natural aroma and colour, which make it an excellently refreshing and nourishing drink whether hot or cold. Manufactured in Kanchanaburi, with office in Bangkok
Raming Tea Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of Thai black tea in the country. The finest tealeaves are carefully hand-selected, a delicate process that has occurred for more than a hundred years.
 Kombucha Bangkok
Kombucha Bangkok products are 100% natural and cruelty-free. They contain no synthetic ingredients, no dyes, no fragrances, and no artificial preservatives. Kombucha drinks with different flavors : ginger, blueberry, passion fruit, cinnamon, lemongrass etc. Online shop.
 Pinnacle Gastro Thailand Co. Ltd.
Pinnacle Gastro is an importer of premium beverages. We specialize in loose teas, Arabica coffee beans and Scottish mineral water. Pinnacle Gastro also prides itself in providing a portfolio of professional coffee machines with technical support and services. We offer also Champagne & still wine preservation plus still wine dispensing systems.
 Fine Thai Teas Co. Ltd.
We specialize in quality certified organic high mountain oolong tea and non-organic tea grown in the Northern part of Thailand around Doi Tung mountain. Our fine Thai teas selection include : High Mountain Oolongs, Green Tea, Ginseng Tea, Jasmine Tea.
 Thai Tea Suwirun
With 30 years of experience, growing and manufacturing different variety of quality tea, Thai Tea Suwirun has had plenty of time to invent and improve its products. Currently, we are proud to offer 14 kinds of quality tea grown on our fine tea garden of over 480 acres. These varieties of tea are widely drunk throughout Thailand and abroad.