Canned Fruits, Vegetables and Seafood from Thailand

 Universal Food Public Co. Ltd.
UFC distributes processed fruits and vegetables, beverages, sauces and seasonings. UFC Refresh coconut water, oat milk and coconut milk, ready to eat soups, fruit juices, canned juices, canned fruit (lychee, longan, rambutan, toddy palm, water chestnuts), canned vegetables.
 Siam Agro-Food Industry Public Co. Ltd.
Canned pineapple in slices, chunks, tidbits, or crushed ; in natural juice or syrup. Pineapple juice.
 Daygusto International
Canned foods by Daygusto include : canned fruits, canned tropical fruit cocktails, canned and glass jar vegetables, fruit juices, fruit jam, pickled vegatables, canned ice tea and coffee, seasoning sauces. Wide choice of canned fruits and vegetables.
 River Kwai International Food Industry Co. Ltd.
Canned super sweet corn, kernel and cream style, are River Kwai International's main products.
 Ubis (Asia) Public Co. Ltd.
UBIS (Asia) Public Company Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of sealing compounds, lacquers and coatings used in can production for the food, beverage and general industries.
 Thai Agri Food Public Co. Ltd.
Thai Agri Foods provides a wide variety of canned fruits like palm seed, coconut, guava, longan, lychee etc. Frozen fruit products, seafood, prepared foods.
 Advanta Co. Ltd.
Advanta is an exporter of canned foods and rice from Thailand. Rambutan, pineapple, lychee, longan, toddy palm. Sweet kernel corn, baby corn, bamboo shoots. Sardines and tuna. Long grain Hom Mali rice.
 ABC Products Co. Ltd.
ABC Products is a canned food exporter. Canned fruits such as pineapple, rambutan, jack fruit, mango, lychee, longan, guava, papaya. Canned corn, tomato, kidney beans, chilli, mushrooms, bean sprouts, etc. Sardines, crab meat, shrimps, tuna, squid, baby clams. Different can sizes and carton capacity available.
 Chef's Choice Foods Co. Ltd.
Chef's Choice Foods is a manufacturer of canned coconut milk in Thailand. Besides various coconut milk products also : bamboo shoots, aloe vera juice, young corn, oyster mushrooms in brine, toddy palm, jackfruit, rambutan. Chili sauces and curry pastes.
 Tropical Food Industries Co. Ltd.
Tropical Food Industries is manufacturer of high quality canned pineapple, concentrated pineapple juice, seasonal canned fruits, lychees, longans, rambutans, mangoes, toddy palms, sweet kernel corn, baby corn and other vegetable products. Under the brand name TROFCO.
 JFC Enterprise Co. Ltd.
JFC Enterprise is a canned foods and dehydrated fruits broker and buying agent in Thailand. Canned pineapple, canned pineapple juice, pineapple juice concentrate, pouch packed pineapple crush and tidbits, canned tropical fruit cocktails, canned sweet corn kernel, canned young corn, canned bamboo shoot, canned mango, etc.
 O.V. International Import-Export Co. Ltd.
We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of canned fruit and vegetable in Thailand. We are able to export all sorts of foodstuff so as to meet our clients' demands.
 Grand Asia
We are committed in giving our consumers high quality, reliable, safe and attractively packaged food products, from canned fruits and vegetables to our latest product line – Thai Recipe.
 Asian Union Exporting Co.
The company specializes in the export of canned seafood, canned fruits, canned vegetables, rice and general food products