Tapioca Chips, Pellets, Starch. Cassava Products.

 Eiamrungruang Industry Co. Ltd.
Eiamrungruang Industry : native food grade and industrial grade starch.

 Thai Tapioca Starch Organization
Thai Tapioca Starch Organization gives relevant information about cassava and tapioca production. Representing the Thai tapioca industry, tapioca producers listed.

 Thai Wah Starch Public Co. Ltd.
Thai Wah Starch produces tapioca starch, pellets, pearls, modified tapioca starch. Rice flour and glutinous rice flour. Sorbitol for various applications.

 Sanguan Wongse Industries (SWI) Co. Ltd.
Sanguan Wongse Industries has its head office in Nakhon Ratchasima and has 700 employees. Natural non-GMO tapioca starch, modified starch for both food and non-food uses.

 Sonish Starch Technology Co. Ltd.
Sonish Starch Technology is a large supplier of modified tapioca starch in distribution to the typewriting paper industry. Located Chachoengsao.

 STC Group
The warehouses and factories for tapioca of STC Group are located at three different sites. Total output of 800,000 metric tons per year of high quality tapioca hard pellets. Exports worldwide. Rice production under Capital Rice brand.

 Thai Tapioca Development Institute
TTDI undertakes various tapioca development projects. Research and development on tapioca variety improvements, production technologies, mechanized harvesting. General information regarding tapioca, long lists of producers in Thailand.

 Banpong Tapioca Flour Industrial Co. Ltd.
Banpong Tapioca produces non-GMO native tapioca starch. Modified starch products for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paper, packaging and building industies.

 Siam Modified Starch Co. Ltd.
Siam Modified Starch is a major producer and exporter of tapioca starches derivatives. For export and domestic market. Products are used primarily in the foods, paper, textile industries and in medical and personal care products.

 Chaodee Modified Starch Co. Ltd. (2004)
Chaodee Modified Starch produces more than 4 million tons of fresh tapioca roots every year, with annual production of native tapioca and modified starch of more than 250,000 tons.

 SMS Corporation
SMS Group manufacturers and sells quality starch from cassava for use in food industry, adhesive industry, textile industry, and construction industry.

 Chao Khun Agro Products Co. Ltd.
Chao Khun Agro Products company (CKAP) is a manufacturer, distributor and exporter of high fructose syrup made from cassava. 42% and 55% high fructose syrup available in different packaging material for the food and beverage industries.

 Eiamheng Tapioca Starch Industry Co. Ltd.
Located in Nakhon Ratchasima, Eiamheng Tapioca Starch Industry has a native and modified starch production capacity of 800 tons per day.

 Chokchai Tapioca, Keng Seng Group
Chokchai Starch, a subsidiary of Keng Seng Group, is a producer and exporter of Native tapioca starch under the trademark of Golden Tub. Tapioca chips, pellets and tapioca residue pellets for export.

 Asia Burapa Tapioca Co. Ltd.
Asia Burapa Tapioca in Kanchanaburi produces native and wet tapioca starch.

 Roi Et Group
With six factories at different locations, Roi Et Group, Roi Et Group products tapioca starch and modified starch for domestic and international markets.

 Premier Quality Starch Co. Ltd.
Premier Quality Starch is located in Mukdahan province. Native fine powder starch : High viscosity, high whiteness, low sulphur dioxide content, low microbial, without impurities, non-GMO product.

 Chaiyaphum Plant Products Co. Ltd.
Chaiyaphum Plant Products has been devoting itself in manufacturing and development of Native Tapioca Starch since the establishment in 1974.