Herbs, Spices, Condiments, Sauces from Thailand. Thai Food Ingredients.

 Koerner Agro Export Center
Koerner Agro Export Center is located in the heart of the agricultural production area of Thailand. The company supplies a wide range of fresh, frozen and canned produce to buyers around the globe.

 Pichai Fishsauce Co. Ltd.
Throughout its six–decade operation, Pichai Fish–Sauce Co., Ltd. has consistently developed its products to meet the high quality standards set by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute.(fish sauce)

 Tida Tech Co. Ltd.
Tida Tech imports and distributes food ingredients. Seasonings, sausage casings, flavor products, food coloring agents, transglutaminase, flavor enhancers, anti-oxidants, soy protein, and other food additives.

 Hi-Q Food Products Co. Ltd. - Roza Agro-Industrial Co. Ltd.
Hi-Q Food Products : cooking condiments (tomato ketchup, chili sauces, soy sauces, oyster sauce, stir-fried sauce), pickled mustard, ready-to-eat meals, canned food, pet food for dogs and cats.

 Pantainorasingh Manufacturer Co. Ltd.
Pantainorasingh Manufacturer produces a wide variety of Thai sauces, seasonings and chili pastes. Chili sauce, spring roll sauce, plum sauce, Sriracha chili sauce, soya bean curd sauce for sukiyaki, Cantonese suki sauce, soy sauces, chili paste and powder, pickled and preserved products, curry paste, coconut milk and cream.

 Lanna Products Co. Ltd.
Lanna Products provides essential oils, such as mustard, horseradish, ginger and various kinds of spices and herbs, which are preservative-free and chemical-free. Mustard flour, cocktail sauces , sweet chilli sauces, fish dipping sauces. Wasabi paste.

 Thai Commodities Co. Ltd.
Thai Commodities provides herbs and spices, and other agricultural products. Ginger, lemon grass, chili, peppers, coffee beans etc.

 Thai Theparos Food Products Public Co. Ltd.
Thai Theparos Food Products manufactures and distributes seasoning food products under the Golden Moutain brand name. Seasoning sauce, chilli sauce, distilled vinegar, tomato ketchup, chilli and tomato sauce, oyster sauce, fermented soy sauce, fermented soy sauce powder.

 Nana Foods
Nana Foods manufactures authentic Italian-style pasta sauces. Currently 5 flavors available : traditional, champignon mushroom, olive, artichoke, amatriciana (smoked bacon). Available in selected supermarkets around Bangkok and Thailand.

 Ocean Foods Thailand Co. Ltd.
We are a manufacturer of crushed garlic, crushed lemongrass, red onion powder, citrus powder, and more. We also produce corn starch, cassava starch as well as cooking ingredients such as fish sauce, vinegar (under "DS" brand), oyster sauce and so on.

 Exotic Food Co. Ltd.
Signature products of Exotic Food Company include : sweet chilli sauce, hot chilli sauce, Thai curry paste, Wok sauce, satay sauce, coconut juice with pulp. Export oriented.

 Monty & Totco Co. Ltd.
The range of food products exported by Monty and Totco include Thai Jasmine Rice, canned curries and soups, a range of noodles including very popular instant cup noodles, several Thai sauces, salad dressings, minced spices in jars, canned vegetables and mushrooms, coconut milk products, fruit drinks. Thai-Choice brand.

  Nittaya Thai Curry Co. Ltd.
In 1964 Ms. Nittaya and her family created a unique Thai curry paste. From the early beginnings in the small family kitchen until now, Nittaya has become the popular choice with luxury hotels, airlines, top restaurants and still the family kitchen. Product list : red curry paste, green curry paste, panang paste, massaman paste, kari/yellow curry paste (Indian style), chilli in oil.

 NamPrik MaeSri Ltd. Part.
Namprik MaeSri : Sweet Chilli, Suki Yaki, Seafood sauce, curry paste, curry soups, tom yam soups, chilli paste, sweet and sour seasoning, chilli garlic seasoning, various other sauces and seasonings.

 Thai Fish Sauce Factory Co. Ltd.
Squid Brand fish sauce has become widely preferred condiment in Thai households. Squid brand fish sauce also has been exported to America, Europe and Australia.

 Globo Foods Ltd.
Our main business covers Oriental Seasonings & Desserts, Marinade & Coating System for Seafood and Poultry Industries and Ingredients for Sausages, Ham and Bacon, Hog & Sheep Casings.