Seafood, Tuna Fish, Shrimps from Thailand

 Thai Union Frozen Products Public Co. Ltd.
Thai Union Frozen Products (TUF), is the foremost seafood producer in Thailand : Tuna, sardines and mackerel, shrimps, cephalopods, salmon.

 May Ao Foods Co. Ltd.
Frozen shrimp and prawn products : cooked white shrimp, sushi ebi, breaded torpedo shrimp, raw white shrimp, shrimp fritters and nuggets, shrimp spring rolls.

 Tep Kinsho Foods Co. Ltd.
Tep Kinsho Foods produces and exports : octopus, squid and cuttlefish products ; fish products (grilled salmon, grilled mackerel, tara etc.), shrimp products. Also Korean- and Japanese-style pork products.

 Pacific Fishmeal Industrial Co. Ltd. (PFP)
PFP produces frozen seafood and a variety of processed products like fish paste, also known as Surimi. Also crab sticks, chikuwa, oboro tsuki, seaweed rolls, fish tofu and imitation crab claw.

CPTuna supplies tuna precooked loin (yellow Fin, Skipjack, Tongo, Bonitoto) to many leading canned tuna producers in Thailand.

 S.S. Frozen Food Co. Ltd.
S.S. Frozen Food offers a wide variety of frozen seafood and cephalopods. It is a subsidiary of PTN Group.

 Siam Intersea Co. Ltd.
Siam Intersea is one of the top five trading companies of frozen seafood in Thailand. White shrimp, black tiger shrimp, fresh water shrimp, sea water and fresh water fish, seafood mixes.

 Kuang Pei San Food Products PCL
Offering a variety of canned seafood with different sauces and spices : sardines, mackerel, fish paste, cockles, baby clam, catfish, crispy seafood snacks, rice with different seafood. Under the Smiling Fish brand name.

 Surapon Foods Public Co. Ltd.
Conventional seafood (shrimp, cuttlefish, squid), further processed foods (steamed dim sum and deep fried items), sushi toppings (sushi ebi, cuttlefish, eel slice, and etc.), breaded seafood (breaded shrimp, breaded fish fillet etc.

 Chotiwat Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Chotiwat Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. (CMC), is a manufacturer of canned pet food, tuna loins, and value-added tuna.

Prantalay owns 14 Fishing boats catching fish in international waters, including around Indonesia. Ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat seafood. Frozen and chilled seafood, Japanese sushi.

 Daiho (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Daiho (Thailand) processes foods including squid, tuna, salmon, cuttlefish, baby clam, and vegetables. Japanese style fresh frozen and marinated products, cooked and fried products, breaded products.

 Kingfisher Holdings Ltd.
Kingfisher Holdings and subsidiaries : frozen seafood, canning, fish protein. Tuna, sardines, cephalopods, canned and pouched chicken, fish based wet pet food, meat based pet food. Cold storage.

 Lucky Union Foods Co. Ltd.
Lucky Union Foods manufactures and exports surimi filamented crab sticks and other surimi-based products.

 Sureerath Co. Ltd. - Organic Prawns
Sureerath Prawns are certified by Naturland Standard. Frozen raw and frozen cooked black prawn products.

 Omoshiroi (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Omoshiroi is a seafood importer, exporter and processor in Thailand. Supplier of shrimps, giant octopus, squid, cuttle fish, tilapia fish and other seafood. Also dry cat and dog food producer.

 Xian-Ning Seafood Co. Ltd.
Xian-Ning Seafood : raw and cooked shrimp, frozen tilapia, value added scampi products. Thai-Taiwanese company.

 I.T. Foods Industries Co. Ltd.
I.T. Foods Industries is a frozen food manufacturer and exporter. Freshwater fish (tilapia, climbing perch, walking catfish), freshwater prawns, cephalopods, dried fish. Ready-made meals. Tropical fruits.

 Thai Ocean Venture Co. Ltd.
Thai Ocean Venture : regular, smoked and deep frozen tuna, regular and smoked sword fish, Mahi Mahi filets, snapper fillets, Cobia filets.

 Thai Delmar Co. Ltd.
Thai Delmar produces value-added fish and shrimp products. Fish block, Alaskan Pollock filets, breaded Alaskan Pollock portions, Salmon blocks and filets, breaded shrimp products, Tilapia skin-on and skinless.

 Siam Canadian Foods
One of the industry leaders in sourcing and delivering the highest quality frozen seafood to major buyers worldwide.

 Seafresh Group
Seafresh is a group of companies : Seafresh Industry(frozen shrimps and prawns) and Seafresh Chitosan(high and consistent quality Chitin and Chitosan).

 Pataya Food Industries
We produce a broad range of canned seafood(tuna) for export to markets worldwide.(Nautilus brand)

 Champaca Co. Ltd.
Champaca is your reliable servicing organization. 25 Years of International business expertise in : canned food, processed food, Thai cuisine, timber and timber products.