Organic Food Products from Thailand

 Buno Bio Food
Buno Bio Food produces organic products without chemicals, sugar, shelf-life-extenders, coloring etc. Cemembert cheese, burger patties, cake grounds.

 Green Net and Earth Net Foundation
Green Net is a leading organic food wholesaler in Thailand : produce, dried foods, drinks, snacks, seeds and local natural dye textiles.

 Zolito by Coffee Beanery Co. Ltd.
Coffee Beanery is a pioneer in the Thai coffee industry. More than 60 years experience in roasting, selling and trading coffee from Thailand. Zolito coffee, espresso machines, grinders, accessories.

 Thai Organic Trade Association
The Thai Organic Trade Association (TOTA) has private companies as members who are involved with providing and trading certified organic products. Members with their website and/or contact information.

 Southeast Asia Organic Co. Ltd.
Sea-Organic offers organic agricultural products : organic tapioca starch, organic cane sugar. Organic sweetener syrups : glucose syrup, fructose syrup, organic maltodextrin.

 Doi Chaang Coffee
Doi Chaang coffee is grown on a mountainous hillside in Northern Thailand and freshly roasted in Vancouver, Canada. Our Thai farming family co-operative cultivates and processes 100% Arabica, organic, single-origin coffee beans while the Canadian experts roast, market and distribute the coffee. Available in Canada and U.S.A. but also as premium coffee in Thailand (for example, at Siam Paragon).

 Siamese Traders
Siamese Traders sources delicious natural and organic foods and teas of Thailand, China and other regions of the Mekong River. Teas, honey, sea salt and spices, nut mixes.

 Radiance Wholefoods
Radiance Wholefoods provides organic, wholesome foods and produce. Chemical free organic vegetables, eggs, teas, cereals, soups etc. Located Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok. Online shopping.

 Hilltribe Organics
Hilltribe Organics provides free-range organic eggs. Free from hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, added chemicals and synthetic additives.

 Thai Commodities Co. Ltd.
Thai Commodities provides herbs and spices, and other agricultural products. Ginger, lemon grass, chili, peppers, coffee beans etc.
Sales of organic products on line. Also non-organic products that are naturally processed, fermented or brewed, mostly made in Thailand.

 Sureerath Co. Ltd. - Organic Prawns
Sureerath Prawns are certified by Naturland Standard. Frozen raw and frozen cooked black prawn products.

 Longan Thailand - Promgungwahn Ltd. Part.
Our organic longan is longan planted without any chemicals, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Fresh organic longan, dried organic longan, organic longal juice, bakery products.

 Rim Ping Organic Farm
Rim Ping Organic Farm in Chang Mai : salads and local thai vegetables, mango, lychee, longan.

 Xongdur Thai Organic Food Co. Ltd.
The products of Xongdur are completely free of chemical fertilizers of pesticides. Cereal beverages. cereal snacks (sesame), red rice congees, black sesame products.

 Natural and Premium Foods Co. Ltd.
Natural and Premium Foods provides a variety of organic food products : salads and mixed salads, vegetables, leafy vegetables, herbs, ready to cook meals, fruits, eggs and probiotics.

 Merit Food Products Co. Ltd.
Merit Food Products is a manufacturer and exporter of organic canned coconut products. Coconut milk and cream, coconut juice, coconut fruity drinks, virgin coconut oil.

 Fine Thai Teas Co. Ltd.
We specialize in quality certified organic high mountain oolong tea and non-organic tea grown in the Northern part of Thailand around Doi Tung mountain. Our fine Thai teas selection include : High Mountain Oolongs, Green Tea, Ginseng Tea, Jasmine Tea.