Agrobusiness and Agriculture in Thailand

 GFPT Public Co. Ltd.
GFPT and its subsidiary companies operate a fully integrated chicken business. To begin with feed mill business, rearing grand parent chicken to produce parent DOC, rearing parent chicken to produce broiler DOC, rearing broiler, slaughtered and processed chicken products.

 Betagro Group
We have grown into a leading integrated agro–industrial concern : feed and livestock, chicken and swine farming, breed development, processed and frozen foods.

 Kmuch Industry Co. Ltd.
Kmuch Industry Co., Ltd. is established with the purpose of promoting trade between buyers and suppliers of animal feed products, especially acid based animal feeds with fermentation technique.

 Sunrise Dairy Ltd.
Sunrise Dairy provides premium dairy products. Yolida yogurt is a natural low-fat unsweetened yogurt with live active bacterial cultures. Products for Horeca under Alli brand name : whole milk, sour cream, low fat milk, whipping cream.

 Thai Dairy Industry Co. Ltd.
Thai Dairy Industry produces : sweetened condensed milk and creamers ; evaporated filled milk and creamers ; UHT milk.

 KCG Corporation Co. Ltd.
KCG Corporation imports, produces and distributes a wide variety of food products : beverages, butter, cakes, cheese, coffee, chocolate, biscuits, snackfood, flour, ham and sausages, honey, meat, pasta, olive oil, milk, seafood, etc. Formerly known as Kim Chua Group.

 AgriSource Co. Ltd.
AgriSource is a Bangkok-based food and agribusiness advisory services firm serving clients throughout Southeast Asia.

 Porpeang Farm Thailand
Toon & Leigh living off-grid on a Porpeang style farm in Kamphaeng Phet province Thailand. Porpeang centers around achieving self-sufficiency through diversifying in what you produce. We mainly focus on free-range poultry, organic fruit, vegetables and fish.

 Vet Products Group
In livestock business, Vet Products Group has established companies in Thailand and foreign countries such as China, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia and Laos. We are involved in business sectors such as swine, poultry, ruminant and aquatic animal businesses. Also animal feed products and veterinary (animal) hospitals.

 Yearrakarn Co. Ltd.
Yearrakarn produces non-dairy creamer, coconut cream powder and ginger powder, condensed milk powder.

 Bangkok Animal Research Center Co. Ltd.
Bangkok Animal Research Center provides animal nutrition research, feed additive and other product testing. The Center in Samutprakarn features ab office building, broiler house, layer house, pig house, temperature-controlled metabolic rooms for broiler chicken and mice, a feed mill and farm laboratories.

 Grobest Corporation Ltd.
Grobest Corporation : aquatic shrimp and fish feed, shrimp hatchery and aquaculture farm, fish strains. Frozen tilapia fish.

 Thai Ha Public Co. Ltd.
Thai Ha : jasmine rice and glutinous rice for export. Mung beans, kidney beans, red and black beans, white and black sesame, bean thread made from bean starch. Also vermicelli, vinegar, soybean oil and palm oil for domestic market.

 Specialty Biotech Co. Ltd.
Specialty Biotech produces yeast and yeast extract products for the food and cosmetic, pharmaceutical and animal feed industries.

Sungroup's subsidiaries : animal feed, closed-system broiler farm, feed broiler chicken, chicken hatcheries, farm for parent chicken. Slaughter house to produce fresh chicken meat and cooked products for domestic market.

 FD Green (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Liquid fertilizer is main product of FD Green. Organic chemical fertilizer, animal feed additives (amino acids), fertilizer raw material such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, amino acids.

 United Feeding Co. Ltd.
United Feeding produces : piglet feed, pig breeder, pig finisher, layer feed for chickens, H&N layers.

 Thai Cereals World Co. Ltd. - Raitip
Thai Cereals World sorts and packages cereals, nuts and various herbs to serve consumers under the brand name Raitip.

 Green Net and Earth Net Foundation
Green Net is a leading organic food wholesaler in Thailand : produce, dried foods, drinks, snacks, seeds and local natural dye textiles.

 Thai Organic Trade Association
The Thai Organic Trade Association (TOTA) has private companies as members who are involved with providing and trading certified organic products. Members with their website and/or contact information.

 Nanapan Agri-Industrial Co. Ltd.
The products of Nanapan Agri-Industrial are : yellow maize, red sorghum, various pulses, sesame seeds, pearl barley, rice etc. For export markets.

 Luft-Tech Co. Ltd.
Luft-Tech provides consulting, planning, designing, engineering (mechanical, electrical, environmental, and automation), fabricating, installation processing and commissioning for animal feed mills (poultry, pig, dairy, shrimp, fish, frog, petfood etc.).

 Thep Watana Co. Ltd.
The focus of our business is on crop protection and plant nutrition. Our crop protection and plant nutrition products are normally marketed and promoted in pre-designed packages or application programs for each target crop. Fungicides for various crop diseases.

 East West Seed Group
All East-West Seed products have been developed through the use of conventional plant breeding techniques. All our products, including those currently under development, are free of any Genetically Modified Organism (GMO). Seeds for a wide variety of vegetables and legumes. Offices also in South-East Asian countries.

 Asia Star Lab Co. Ltd.
Asia Star Lab Co., Ltd. specializes in aquatic farming technology and machinery. Under the brand name Asia Star Lab : feed additives, microorganism and water treatment, disinfectants, antibiotics, chemicals and test kits.

 Lee Feed Mill Pcl
Lee Pattana Group of businesses is involved in the production and distribution of complete animal feed and day-old chicken and livestocks.

 Thai Central Chemical Pcl
TCCC is Thailand's largest producer and distributor of compound chemical fertilizers. The chemical fertilizers produced consists of basic chemical nutrients being Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P2O5), Potassium (K2O) and secondary nutrients such as magnesium (MgO), Sulphur (S) and other supplementary nutrients such as Boron (B).

 Thai Luxe Enterprises PCL
Thai Luxe Enterprises produces a wide variety of shrimp and fish feed.

 Dutch Mill Co. Ltd.
Dutch Mill manufactures and distributes pasteurized yoghurt and pasteurized milk.

 Charoen Phokphand Foods Public Co. Ltd.
Charoen Phokphand Foods is a major agro-industrial and foods company with no less than 58 subsidiaries. It operates agro-industrial business related to animal farming and the manufacture of food products from meat in Thailand and overseas. It sources raw material for animal feed production and distribution, breeds and farms animals, processes meat products, and manufactures ready-to-eat cooked meat products.
Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CPF) offers fresh products (chicken, egg, pork, duck) and cooked food products (Ready Meals, Ready To Eat).

 Sahaikaset Group
Sahaikaset Agrochemicals Co. Ltd. imports and exports all types of agricultural chemicals, namely insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.

 Sprinkle Bottled Drinking Water
Distributor of bottled 'Sprinkle' drinking water.

 J.M. Food Industry Co. Ltd.
J.M.Thaifood, Manufacturer and exporter of Thai frozen ready to eat meals, frozen prepared food and chilled food ready to eat.

 Radiance Wholefoods
Radiance Wholefoods provides organic, wholesome foods and produce. Chemical free organic vegetables, eggs, teas, cereals, soups etc. Located Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok. Online shopping.

 Hilltribe Organics
Hilltribe Organics provides free-range organic eggs. Free from hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, added chemicals and synthetic additives.

 Chia Tai Group
The business units of Chia Tai Group include : seeds, fertilizers, crop protection. More than 100 seed types for vegetables and flowers. Insecticides, fungicides, acaricides, herbicides, for crop protection. Headquarters in Bangkok, with offices around Thailand.

 Betagen Co. Ltd.
Betagen produces and distributes Betagen" brand pasteurized dairy drinking yoghurt, Cara custard, egg soy-bean cakes and vermicelli products.

 Centaco Group
Centaco Group's subsidiaries : poultry feeds (broilers, layers, breeders, ducks, quails), swine feed (piglets, starters, growers, finishers, breeders), dairy feed (young cattle, beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses), aquatic feed for catfish, tilapia, carps. Poultry and swine farm. Cooked food products for retail. Hydroponic vegetables.
Sales of organic products on line. Also non-organic products that are naturally processed, fermented or brewed, mostly made in Thailand.

 Pure Chem Co. Ltd.
Pure Chem produces sugar derived products : dextrose monohydrate, sorbitol solutions, fructose solutions.

 AG-GRO (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Ag-Gro provides natural extracts, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, hormone and nutrient products, liquid fertilizers, for the agricultural sector.

 Thai Chim Ltd.
Tofu skin, fried tofu, and various tofu-based Japanese food items.

 Xongdur Thai Organic Food Co. Ltd.
The products of Xongdur are completely free of chemical fertilizers of pesticides. Cereal beverages. cereal snacks (sesame), red rice congees, black sesame products.

 Kemtrade Co. Ltd.
Kemtrade imports and sells agrochemical products. Herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, foliar fertilizers, plant growth products. Also related household products and products for live stock.

 M-Pathy Intertrade Co. Ltd.
M-Pathy Intertrade Co. Ltd. is a Thailand-based trading company, exporting Thai agricultural products such as rice, tapioca, canned fruits and vegetables, tuna, cat food, etc.

 P.O.P. Intertrade Co. Ltd.
P.O.P. Intertrade supplies canned foods, seafood products, rice vermicelli, tapioca, gluten rice flour, monk bean flour, starch. Tuna processing machinery like butchering conveyors, pack shapers, seamers, can washers etc. Packaging material.

 Dynamic Seeds Co. Ltd.
Dynamic Seeds produces a variety of fruit and vegetables' seeds.

 Seinsuwan Chemical Co. Ltd.
Seinsuwan Chemical imports fertilizers from Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 200 dealers of its products around Thailand.

 National Food Institute of Thailand
National Food Institure of Thailand. You will find a list of companies here in various fields of food production and agrobusiness. Food statistics and links to related sites.

 Brand's Thailand (Cerebos)
Our Vision : to be the leading food and health supplements enterprise in the Asia Pacific region. Our brands : Gravox, Brand's, Gregg's, Fountain, Robert Harris.

 Nam Sai Farms Co. Ltd.
Breeder of mono-sex Tilapia strain fish. Our emphasis over the past few years has been research and development into new strains of tilapia with superior colour, body shape and growth rate.