Yasothon Province in Northeastern Thailand


Yasothon province Map, Northeastern Thailand

Yasothon was created a separate administrative entity from Ubon in 1972. Here is the home of the famous Bang Fai (the Rockets Festival) which is staged on a grand scale every year around mid-May. Yasothon is 531 kilometers from Bangkok.


What to see and what to do in Yasothon?


Wat Maha That is located in the heart of the city. Phra That Yasothon contains the ashes of Phra Ananda, a prominent follower of the Lord Buddha. An old carved wood scripture hall built in the middle of a pond is where the temple's old scriptures are kept.

Chee River Beach is about 1 km from town. The beach originated from the natural retreat of water during December and May. It stretches for about 2 kms and is lined with local food shops .

That Kong Khao Noi is an ancient Khmer Chedilocated at Tambon Tat Thong in Amphoe Muang. Its Buddha image made of bricks is revered by local people. Traditionally, the image is ritually bathed in the 5th Lunar month (April) in the belief that without the ceremony there will be no rain.

Also at Tat Thong village, the fine Arts Department has conducted an excavation project to research prehistoric times. Skeletons of prehistoric humans were discovered, as well as, Ban Chiang-style items with uniques coloring designs.

Wat That Khao Noi, Yasothon

Wat That Khao Noi, Yasothon

Ban Si Than is famous for handmade silk and cotton. Ban Si Than is 20 kilometers from Yasothon municipality on Route 202.

Replica of Holy Footprints at Ban Nong Yang, Amphoe Maha Chanachai, is another place of interest.

Reclining Buddha of Phu Tham Phra is located to the East of Ban Kut Hae,Amphoe Loeng Nok Tha, 85 kilometers from Yasothon.

Rocket Festival is held annually over the second weekend of May. The festival includes a rocket parade in which intricately decorated entries of various sizes, depending on the amount of saltpeter use, are displayed. A rocket dance accompanying the procession is joined by townspeople of all ages and may stretch for several kilometers. The rockets are launched on the second day of the festival.

Poi Sang Long Precession is the celebration of novice ordination which the Thai Yai tribe people hold to be a highly meritorious occasion. Offerings for monks are carried through the town in a gala procession. It is usually held during March and May before the Buddhist Rain Retreat period.