Maha Sarakham Province in Northeastern Thailand


Maha Sarakham Map, Northeastern Thailand

Located in the middle of the Northeast region, Maha Sarakham is 475 kilometers from Bangkok.


What to see and what to do in Maha Sarakham?


Wat Mahachai is located in Maha Sarakham municipality and is the center where northeastern literature and art objects are collected.

Kaeng Loeng Chan Reservoir about 3 kilometers from town center, is a popular holiday spot, with a peaceful, beautiful atmosphere.

Mongkhon Standing Buddha is the principal Buddha image of Maha Sarakham. Of the Dvaravati Period, it is made of red sandstone. Located in Amphoe Kantharawichai, it is believed to have been cast at the same time as the Phra Phuttha Ming Muang. Legend has it that ever since the two images have been in existence, rainfall has been plentiful and regular.

Phra Phuttha Ming Muang (or Phra Phuttha Rup Suwanmali) is a sandstone Buddha Image enshrined at Wat Suwan-Mali in Amphoe Kantharawichai. It is of the style of the Dvaravati Period.

Ku Santarat, a laterite sanctuary of ancient Khmer style, is located 60 kilometers from Maha Sarakham along the route to Amphoe Na Dun.

Phra That Na Dun, located in Amphoe Na Dun about 65 kilometers from town, is an important monument of the ancient city named Nakhon Champasi, more than one hundred years old. Its surrounding area is a shady arboretum.

Ban I San Museum
Situated near Phra That Na Dun, Amphoe Na Dun, the museum puts on exhibition the northeasterners' lifestyle. There are local houses furnished with implements, northeastern musical instruments and carts of different periods.

Local Woven Cloth is handmade by villagers of Ban Nong Khuan Chang which is about 14 kilometers from town along the route to Amphoe Kosum Phisai. Silk and cotton are woven in delicate designs and beautiful colors. They are put on sale in souvenir shops in Maha Sarakham .