Kalasin Province in Northeastern Thailand (Isaan)


Kalasin Map

Comparatively small among its sister provinces of the Northeast, Kalasin was once relegated to the status of an Amphoe before being restored to its present administrative entity. Despite its smallness, Kalasin is a busy agricultural province with considerable attractions. It is 519 kilometers from Bangkok.


What to see and what to do in Kalasin?


Wat Klang in Amphora Muang houses a Buddha image in black and cast in a bronze shrine. Of fine craftsmanship, it is the main image of the province. During any dry spell, it is borne aloft on a procession to plead for rain. At the base of the image are inscribed ancient Thai letters.
In addition to the black Buddha image, Wat Klang also houses a large replica of the Holy Footprint made in sandstone. It was moulded during the reign of the Lawa. The Footprint used to be located on the bank of the Lam Pao River but was moved to Wat Klang when the bank became eroded.

Culture & Tourism Promotion Center, located in the area of the Thirawat Hospital, depicts the way of life of the local people. It alsoas sells selected Kalasin made products such as Phrae Wa fabric and local musical instruments.

Muang Fa Daet Sung Yang is an ancient town dating hack over 1,000 years. Major attractions include the Phra That Ya Khu, a huge brick stupa decorated with stucco art and carved sandstone boundary markers depicting episodes from the Life of the Lord Buddha. Wat Pho Chai Semaram is located in Amphoe Kamalasai, 19 kilometers away from Kalasin.

Lam Pao Dam built across the Lam Pao and Huay Yang rivers is thirty five kilometers from town center on the Kalasin-Yang Talat highway. The reservoir can hold up to 1,260 million cu.m. of water and is as beautiful as any natural lake. Along the bank of the reservoir is an open zoo that serves as a major attraction of the Northeast.

Wat Sakkawan, a small temple in Amphoe Sahatsakhan about 30 kilometers from Kalasin, is where the remains of dinosaurs were discovered.

Phra Phrom Phumipalo is a Buddha image in the Manwichai Posture with a spread of 10.5 meters across the knees. It is located on the Phu Singh Mountain in Amphoe Sahatsakhan, 32 kilometers from town.

Phra Buddha Saiyat Phu Khao, about six kilometers away from Sahatsakhan Market, is a Reclining Buddha Image carved on the stone cliff. It is different from other reclining Buddha images in that the figure reclines on the left-side instead of the normal right-side. Built around 1692, the image is highly venerated by local worshippers.

Phrae Wa Silk, a most renowned hand-crafted product of Kalasin, is hand-woven in unique colorful designs by the Phu Thai people of Ban Phon Village, Amphoe Kham Muang. Phu Thai People are descendants of Vietnamese immigrants from Muang Taeng. Phrae Wa silk is available at Kalasin Cultural Center and souvenir shops in around the province.