Mukdahan Province in Northeastern Thailand (Isaan)


Mukdahan Map, Northeastern Thailand

Mukdahan is located on the bank of the Mae Khong River opposite Suwannakhet in Laos, 642 kilometers from Bangkok. Mukdahan is famous for its beautiful scenery along the Mae Khong River. The scenery of Mukdahan, the Mae Khong River and Sriwannakhet can be viewed from the top of Phu Manorom which is located to the south around 3 kms. from Mukdahan city.


What to see and what to do in Mukdahan?



View of Mukdahan


Wat Si Mongkhon Tai is Mukdahan's ancient and most revered image of Buddha. It is enshrined is in town on the bank of Mekhong River near the immigration check-point. Within its compound, there are shops selling souvenirs and products from Laos. Boat service is available at nearby piers seeing along the Mekhong River. To cross the border to Laos, tourists are required to hold passports with visas from the Embassy of the Lao L.D.R. in Bangkok.

Luang Pho Yai, a Buddha image in the giving the First Sermon, is seated on a hilltop within Wat Phu Dan Tae (Wat Phuttha Thammatharo). The Wat is accessible by Highway 212, a distance of 33 kilometers from the province of Amphoe Nikhom Kham Soi.

Phu Mu Forest Park is located on Highway 212 with a turn between km. 128 - 129. Phu Mu is a low hill to a large plateau in Amphoe Nikhom Kham Soi. The park is 3 kms.above sea level and covers an area of about 4 square kilometers. It was established as a park area in 1980. Phu Mu was once home to wild boars but now is only a place where a panoramic view of Mukdahan can be appreciated.

Fortune Tellers in Mukdahan

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Mukdahan National Park office is situated just of Mukdahan - Don Tan route with a right turn Km. 14-15. The park was established in December 1984 with a total area of some 52 square kilometers including Phu Mano, Phu Chom Nang, Phu Chom Si, Phu Mak Yang, Phu Rang, Phu Kham Ma. Tham Phra, Phu Pha Thoep, Phu Nang Hong and Phu Lak Se. Most of the area is covered with Dipterocarps and Mixed Deciduous Forests. Other attracations in the park are strangely shaped rocks and colorful flowers which bloom in early winter.

Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park is reached by traveling along the Don Tan - Loeng Nok Tha route. Tourist spots include rock paintings, scenic cliffs and wild flowers when in bloom.

Poi Sang Long Precession is a celebration of novice ordination which the Thai Yai tribe people hold to be a highly meritorious occasion. Offerings for monks are carried through the town in a gala procession. It is usually held during March and May before the Buddhist Rain Retreat period.