Nong Khai Province in Northeastern Thailand (Isaan)


Nong Khai province Map, Northern Thailand

Another province located on the bank of the Mae Khong. Nong Khai is only twenty four kilometers from Vientiane and is opposite Tha Dua on the other side of the river. At Amphoe Si Chiang Mai, some forty kilometers from town, a road runs along the river bank affording clear view of the Laotian landscape. Nong Khai is 621 kilometers from Bangkok.


What to see and what to do in Nong Khai?


Luang Pho Phra Sai,the major Buddha Image of the province, is enshrined at Wat Pho Chai within the town limits. Comparatively small, with only a spread of about one meter across the knees, it is thought to have been cast in Lan Chang. The annual Bun Soeng Bang Fai (or Rocket Festival) which is held on the day of the Full Moon in April, is celebrated at this temple.

Tha Sadet is a pier where tourists can take a ferry across the Mekhong River to Tha Dua, Laos. However, they are required to have an entry visa from the Laotian Embassy in Bangkok and to contact Ta Sadet Immigration Checkpoint. Tha Sadet is also a shopping area where numerous souvenirs and products from Laos are sold.

Thai- Lao Friendship Bridge, the first bridge across the Khong River linking Nong Khai with Tha Na Laeng in Laos is 20 kilometers from Vientiane. The bridge measures 1.2 kms. long. Foreigners wishing to visit Laos are required to have a passport and visa.

Phrathat Bangphuan, 22 kilometers from the township area on Nong Khai - Tha Bo Road, is an ancient pagoda long revered by Nong Khai people. The pagoda houses relics of the Lord Buddha. There is an homage paying fair for Phrathat Bangphuan on the 11th waxing day of the 2nd lunar month every year.

Wat Hin Mak Peng, 30 kilometers from Amphoe Si Chiang Mai on the Highway 211, stands on Mekong River bank with spectacular scenery. It is a peaceful place where priests come to practise their meditation.

Pha That Luang, Vientiane (Laos)

Pha That Luang, Vientiane (Laos)

Than Thong & Than Thip Waterfalls are 85 kms. and 110 kms. away from town respectively along the Nong Khai - Si Chiang Mai - Sangkhom route some parts of which hug the bank of Mekhong River with a scenic view. Than Thong is a small waterfall flowing into Mekhong River. Than Thip is a larger 2-tiered waterfall with plentiful water during the rainy season.

Phu Thok is situated in Amphoe Bung Kan, some 185 kilometers from the province. Phu Thok (a lonely mountain) is topped by Wat Chetiya Khiri Vihan (or Wat Phu Thok) with a wooden spiral staircase leading there. The completion of the staircase took 5 years.

Phu Wua Wild Life Sanctuary, 31 kilometers from Amphoe Bung Kan, is adjacent to the Laotian border where the two borders run parallel to the Khong River. The area is about 150-300 meters above sea level and is comprised of many beautiful waterfalls including Chanaen Waterfall, Tham Fun Waterfall, Tham Phra Waterfall and Chet Si Waterfall.

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