Chaiyaphum Province in Northeastern Thailand


Chaiyaphum Map

Chaiyaphum is located almost at the center of Thailand about 342 kilometers from Bangkok and it is easily reached by road.


What to see and what to do in Chaiyaphum?


Phraya Phakdi Chumphol Statue, located at the circle in the town center, honors the founder of Chaiyaphum and was built by voluntary donations from the local people.
Not far from center of town is the site said to be where Phraya Phakdi was killed by invaders from Vientiane. Here was erected a shrine in his memory. It is called San Chao Pho Phraya lae, the title his people bestowed upon him and has a statue of his likeness inside. Every year, beginning on the first Wednesday of May, a weeklong festival in his honor is held.

Prang Ku, one of the oldest religious structures in Chaiyaphum, is about two kilometers from the town hall. Built of sandstone, it enshrines a Dhvaravati Period Buddha image which is highly revered by the local inhabitants. Bathing rites are held each year on the day of Full Moon in April.

Ban Khwao is renowned for its quality and elaborately patterned hand-woven silk. The village is located 13 kilometers from the provincial city on the Highway 225.

Tat Ton National Park, only 20 kilometers from town along the Chaiyaphum-Kaset Sombun highway, is a very scenic spot which is excellent for relaxing or picnicing.

Sai Thong national Park Waterfallis about 60 kms. from town along the Chaiyaphum-Nakhon Sawan route, then it is another 7 kms. after turning right to the Park's Headquarters. The main attraction is Sai Thong Waterfall about 1 km. away from the headquarters. Another interesting spot is the field of the pink "Kra Chico" flowers which requires trekking and 1 night stay in the forest to view.

Pha Koeng, a high cliff on top of the Lambda Mountain, is about 47 kilometers from Chaiyaphum proper. Here is a 7-meter tall Buddha image built in a religious park.

Phu Faek, another restful and scenic spot, can be reached by following the Chaiyaphum-Phu Kieo Highway twelve kilometers and turning on a sideroad and traveling for six kilometers. Phu Faek is a low sloping area with tall trees providing cool shade. The Phu Faek Holy Footprint is located nearby.

Wua Dang Cave Although getting there is still inconvenient, the cave more than makes up for it by its beauty. Sixty kilometers from the district seat of Nong Bua Dang, Wua Dang Mountain has a number of caves to be explored.

Wat Phra That Nong Sam Mun, eighteen kilometers form Amphoe Phu Kieo, is an old place of warship believed to have been constructed in the 17th century. It had been restored and contains a large reclining Buddha and plaster sculptures depicting the legend of heaven and hell, as described in the popular literature of Sang Thony.

Pa Hin Ngam National Park is a forested area in Amphoe Thep Sathit situated 140 kilometers away from Chaiyaphum. Huge rocks in curious shapes are scattered throughout the area. In early rainy season during May to July, Pa Hin Ngam is carpeted with pink flowers growing wild. In cool season (December to January) yellow orchids grow in the rock crevices and a variety of wild flowers grow in the forest. Camp sites and accommodation are available.

Chulabhorn Dam in Amphoe Khon San is popular with both one-day and over-night tourists. Its lake-like reservoir provides beautiful scenery and surrounding. Bungalow-style accommodations may be booked at the Bangkok office of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand.

Ban Khai and Chaiyaphum Elephant Round-Up
Located 12 kilometers from the provincial city, Ban Khai (or Ban Khai Mun Phaeo) is Chaiyaphum's elephant village. The main occupation of the villagers is to tame captured wild elephants. Chaiyaphum has revived the elephant round-up as an annual event which takes place in January.