Yala Province in Southern Thailand


Yala province Map, Southern Thailand

Yala is the southern most province of Thailand with Amphoe Betong as the southern most town which on the Malaysia. Yala is a big city with graceful looking landscape. It has a splendid city layout with wide roads and a grand government offices center. It is the town of the gigantic Reclining Buddha of the Sivichaya Period which is one of the three most important monuments of the South. There is a large number of tourist attractions and places of interest in this province which is 1,084 kms.from Bangkok. Its economy depends on rubber plant production.

Yala is covered mostly by forests and mountains, with little plain and basin area. Its forestry area occupies a space up to 2,012,500 rais thus causing much rains through the whole year round. There are several rivers and canals, but the important one is the Pattani River having its origin in the mountainous jungle. Rainy season in Yala lasts nine months and the province occupies a total area of 4,521 square kilometers. it is administratively divided into six Amphoes and two King Amphoes: Muang, Bannang Sata, Betong, Raman, Yaha, Than To, King Amphoe Kabong and King Amphoe Krong Pinang. It borders on the Malaysia to the south and west, Pattani and Songkhla to the north, and Narathiwat to the east.


What to see and what to do in Yala?


Wat Khuha Phimuk (or Wat Na Tham) is 7 kms. from town along the road to Amphoe Yaha. This wat is commonly called Wat Na Tham, having a big cave, inside of which a large ancient Reclining Buddha is enshrined. This Reclining Buddha is believed to have been constructed in the 757 A.D. and is of the Sivichaya Style Reclining Buddha.

Banglang Dam is located in Ban Banglang, Tambon Ba Cho, Amphoe Bannang Sata, on Yala-Betong route, 58 kms. from Yala township. Banglang Dam is famous for its beautiful scenery and is suitable for peaceful relaxation.

Ku Long Waterfall (or Sukthalai Waterfall) is in the Southern Self-Help Settlement, Amphoe Bannang Sata, about 50 kilometers from Yale township by the Yala-Betong Highway. The waterfall is about eight kilometers off the highway. It has fine cascades with a royal pavilion built in honour of the King's Mother.

Than To Forest Park Waterfall is located about km. 57-58 on Yala-Betong Highway. The area is an arboretum with beautiful decorations, suitable for a weekend picnic. It is surrounded by high mountains and has a waterfall cascading through the nine levelled top of a high mountain.

Amphoe Betong is an interesting border town of Yala, located about 126 kms. from Yala township area. Households constructed in Betong are firm and large in size. It is a very modern province. There is a road linking Thailand and Malaysia at Betong Check Point. The biggest letter box in the world can be seen here in this town.

Betong Central Mosque

Betong Central Mosque

Hot Spring is situated in Mu Ban Bo Nam Ron, Tambon Tano Macro, Amphoe Betong, about 13 kilometers from Betong Town. It is a large natural hot spring with mineral water that is good for curing of skin diseases and muscular pain.

Asean Barred Ground Dove Festival falls in March every year.
Dove-lovers from all over Thailand, as well as from other countries in the region, come to Yala for this event. The highlight is a dove-cooing contest involving more than 1,400 competitors. Young prized doves are on sale along with local products and sports contests are held.