Songkhla Province in Southern Thailand


Songkhla province Map, Southern Thailand

Songkhla is one of the most famous seaside resort towns of the South. It has Hat Yai as the gate welcoming Malaysian and Singaporean tourists to Thailand. There are big,beautiful seaports and places of interest, such as, the lake, Ko Nu, Ko Maeo, Khao Noi, Khao Tangkuan, Laem Son and beautiful Samila Beach.

Songkhla is located 950 kms. south of Bangkok, situated on the eastern side of the Malayan Peninsula occupying an area of 7,393 square kilometers. It borders on Nakhon Si Thammarat and Phatthalung to the north; Yala, Pattani and States of Kedah (Sai Buri) and Perlis of Malaysia to the south; the Gulf of Thailand to the east, Satun and Phatthalung to the west. It is administratively divided into 16 Amphoes and 2 King Amphoes. They are; Amphoe Muang, Chana, Hat Yai, Na Thawi, Ranot, Rattaphum, Saba Yoi, Sadao, Sathing Phra, Thepha, Khuan Niang, Krasae Sin, Na Mom, Singha Nakhon, King Amphoe Bang Klam and King Amphoe Khlong Hoi Khong.



What to see and what to do in Songkhla?


Wat Matchimawat (or Wat Klang) On Saiburi Road is Songkhla's largest monastery. The complex is some 400 years old and houses a museum containing several ruins and artifacts discovered throughout southern Thailand.

Laem Samila Cape is a beach lined with big pine trees, having canvas picnic chairs provided by the beach food shops, as dining places. It is also the location of Samila Hotel. Two famous off-shore islands, well known all over the country, are Ko Nu and Ko Maeo.
Kaoseng is located 3 kms. south of Laem Samila and is one of the most beautiful beaches of Songkhla. There are several pieces of rock located along the coastline and one of which is outstandingly located above the cliff.The locals call that rock Hua Nai Rang. Legend says a long time ago, nine hundred thousand bahts worth of treasure was buried under it.

Thale Sap Songkhla (or Songkhla Lake) is the largest inland body of water in Thailand with a length of 80 kms. and some 20 kms. at its widest point. Sightseeing via a boat is an interesting. Boats can be hired at the Post Office pier or at the market pier. The trip will pass various islands, such as, Ko Yo, Ko Si and Ko Ha.

Tinsulanond Bridge, the longest concrete bridge of Thailand with the length of 2.6 kms. was completed in 1986. The bridge fills the missing link for the whole southern highway system, which joins the major Southern Thai provinces on the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand.

Ko Yo in Songkhla Lake, is easily accessible by crossing Tinsulanond Bridge. Attractions on the island are orchard plantations, the weaving of "KO YO" fabric, a giant sea perch farm and two old monasteries; Wat Khao Bo and Wat Tai Yo.

Sunset at the Beach, Songkhla

Songkhla beach sunset

The Institute of Southern Thai Studies is located on Ko Yo hill, some 10 kms. from Songkhla or merely 20 kms. from Hat Yai. The institute houses a collection of southern Thai folk arts. They are categorically grouped into Folk Technology Park, Shadow Play Garden, Ancient Beads Garden, Traditional Medicinal Garden and Bamboo Culture Garden. A great variety of local plant species, within the museum's compound, make it an exceptionally appealing place.

Khu Khut Waterfowl Park is a residential area for hundreds of thousands of waterfowl. It is accessible from Songkhla via Tinsulanond Bridge to Highway No.4083 totalling a distance of 32 kms. ,where a 3 kms. access road branches off on the left. It's in Thale Sap Songkhla Non-Hunting Area. Boats can be hired for sightseeing. Appropriate time for birds watching is in the cool season falling between November-February.

Wat Pha Kho is a very old monastery of Amphoe Sathing Phra. Its importance involves Luang Pho Thuat, who turned sea water into fresh water by putting his foot in it. In the monastery, one can see the replica of Luang Pho Thuat and a crystal of his being enshrined there.

Hat Yai is the junction of transportation, both railroad and highway ; a business center and a market for rubber and ores. Hat Yai is the most progressive community of Southern Region and a place where one can enjoy satifying life activities.

Ton Nga Chang Waterfall is a famous waterfall of Songkhla located in Amphoe Hat Yai. The waterfall itself has many levels where the current flows down the cliffs,which are surrounded by an evergreen forest. It is accessible via Hat Yai - Rattaphum Highway for a distance of 13 kms. then branching of on the right for another distance of 13 kilometres.

Boriphat Forest Park Waterfall, in Amphoe Hat Yaiat at Amphoe Rattaphum crossroad near Km.50., is a beautiful rest area. The waterfall cascades down amidst trees and limestones. There is a path provided for tourists to walk around the falls.

Chinese Lunar Festival falls in September - October every year.
Thais of Chinese ancestry make offerings to the moon (or Queen of the heavens) in gratitude for past and future fortune. Traditional festivities include lion and dragon dances, lantern processions,contests, displays and folk entertainment.