Pattani Province in Southern Thailand


Pattani Map, Southern Thailand

Pattani was very famous in the old days as a town having a woman ruler. The biggest cannon, ever caste in Thailand, was been caste here and was named Nang (Phraya Tani). The central mosque there is the most beautiful one in the southern Region which is the center for Thai Moslems. Other outstanding places are Wat Chang Hai, the monastery where Luang Po Tuat lived. It is on the campus of Songkhla Nakharin University.
Pattani is located 1,055 kms. from Bangkok on the coast of the South China Sea. It occupyies an area of 1,377 square kilometers. The province is administratively divided into 11 Amphoes and 1 King Amphoe. They are Muang, Khok Pho, Mayo, Nong Chik, Panare, Sai Buri, Yarang, Yaring, Thung Yang Daeng, Mai Kaen, Kapho and King Amphoe Mae Lan. The generally the area is a low basin suitable for cultivation, bordering on Songkhla to the north, Narathiwat to the south, the Gulf of Thailand to the east and Yala to the west.


What to see and what to do in Pattani?


Som Det Phra Si Nakharin Park is a new public park located on the left side of Pattani River, in Tambon Rusamilae, 1 km. from town.

Pattani Central Mosque is the place where religious ceremonies are performed by Thai Moslems. The mosque is located on the outskirts of Pattani on Pattani-Yala Highway. It is the most beautiful and largest in Thailand.

Institute of Arts and Culture is located in Prince of Songkhla University, Pattani Campus. Collected in its museum are documents, artifacts and objects of art such as, images of Buddha, votive tablets, coins and local handicrafts.

Pak Nam Pattani is a 3 km distance from town. There is a big fishing village. Thousands of coconut trees line the beach like in Hat Bang Nara, Narathiwat. This beach, within this vast space Songkhla Nakharin University,is suitable for afternoon relaxation.

Pattani Harbor, Southern Thailand

Pattani Harbor

Wat Chang Hai is well known as the wat that belonged to Luang Pho Tuat. Respected by people from all over the country, it is located on Khok Pho-Yala Road on a 1 km. access road.

Sai Khao Waterfall National Park is accessible via a 6 kms. access road branching off the Khok Pho-Yala Highway. The area is a beautiful, pleasant arboretum having a stream running from the falls through beautiful scenery.

Prasat Nang Phomhom Forest Park is located in Tambon Pithen, King Amphoe Thung Yang Daeng, 52 kms. from Pattani township. In the park, there is a small waterfall which is good to visit between November and December.
In addition, Pattani has many other beautiful beaches, such as, Hat Khae Khae, Hat Panare, Hat Chalalai, Hat Ratcharak, (all in Amphoe Panare) Hat Patatimo or Hat Wasukri, (in Amphoe Sai Buri) Hat Talokapo and Laem Tachi (in Amphoe Yaring).
Furthermore, there are waterfall, such as, Phong Phong and Aranyawariti, which are located in Amphoe Khok Pho.

Chao Mae Lim Ko Nieo Fair This festival falls in February - March every year.
Chao Mae Lim Ko Nieo, a goodness believed to possess potent magic powers, is revered in Pattani and other provinces of the far south. This annual fair pays homage to her and features ascetics able to perform extraordinary feats of endurance, as well as, a lively procession of devotees through the provincial capital.