Trang Province in Southern Thailand


Trang province Map, Southern Thailand

Trang (or Thap Thiang Town) is located some 828 kms. from Bangkok. It is another big city of the South, being the communication center to Nakhon Si Thammarat. Rubber plants were first grown in this province by Phraya Rasdanupradit Mahissara Phakdi, who got the seedling stocks from Malaysia. It was a sea port of Thailand's west coast on the seashore of the Indian Ocean in the old days.

Trang occupies an area of 4,917 square kilometers bordering on Nakhon Si Thammarat to the north, Satun and the Indian Ocean to the south, Phattalung to the east and the Indian Ocean and Krabi to the west. It is administratively divided into 8 Amphoes and 2 King Amphoes: Muang, Huai Yot, Kantang, Palian, Sikao, Yan Ta Khao, Na Yong, Wang Wiset, King Amphoe Ratsada and King Amphoe Hat Samran.


What to see and what to do in Trang?


Kaphang Surin is a broad lagoon where the surrounding is suitable for relaxation. It is located not far from the monument of Phraya Rasdanupradit Mahissara Phakdi.

Phrai Sawan Waterfall is located on highway no. 4125, 3 kms. from Sai Rung Waterfall and turn left for another 3 kms. It is a 7-level waterfall with clear water good for swimming.

Ton Te Waterfall is about 7 kms. than Chong Banphot Waterfall. It's a very big waterfall with a 320-metre height. Ton Te is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Trang.

Palian Seaside Resort
Beautiful beaches located in this resort are Hat Samran and Hat Ta Se. There are also several beautiful offshore islands, such as, Ko Sukon.

Mu Ko Phetra National Park covers areas in Trang's Amphoe Palian and Satun's Amphoe Langu. It consists of a group of islands in different sizes: Ko Phetra, Ko Khao Yai, Ko Lanti, Ko Lidi, Ko Bulon, Ko Lao Liang and Ko Perama. The national park headquarters is located at Ao Nun, Amphoe Langu. From Trang, boat rental is available at Kantang Port or Pak Bara Port from Satun. The peak season here starts from December and ends in April. The park's accommodation is provided near its office and on Ko Lidi. Private accommonation is available on Ko Bulon.

Hat Chao Mai National Park is located in Tambon Ko Libong, Tambon Bo Nam Ron, Tambon Bang Sak of Amphoe Kantang and Tambon Mai Fat of Amphoe Sikao, some 50 kms. on Trang-Sikao route. It is comprised of: Hat Pak Meng, Hat Chang Lang, Hat San, Hat Yao, Hat Yong Ling, Hat Chao Mai and Tham Chao Mai. The office of park is in Hat Chang Lang and accommodations are available here by calling the National Park Division, Royal Forestry Department, Tel: 579-0529, 579-4842. The park also includes some beautiful islands, such as:

Ko Kradan, is one of the most beautiful islands in Trang, located about 40 minutes by boat from the mainland. Some area of the island is a part of Chao Mai National Park and some parts are private rubber and coconut plantations. There are beautiful, powdery sand beaches and coral reefs along the coastline. Accommodations and restaurants are available on the island. Accommodation calls Tel: 392-0635 or (075) 211-391.

Koh Mook (Koh Muk), Trang, Southern Thailand

Koh Mook (Koh Muk), Trang - Courtesy

Ko Muk and Tham Morakot
Ko Muk is one of the interesting islands in Trang. A fishing village is located on the eastern coast facing the mainland. An interesting area of the island is the high cliffs, a residential area of plenty swallows, where there is a beautiful cave called "Tham Morakot". Ko Muk is located 30 minutes by boat from Khuantungku Pier.

Ko Libong
The largest island of Amphoe Kantang is a sub-district incorporated as part of Mu Ko Libong Non-Hunting Area, where various species of birds nest. Around the island, there are several inlets and beaches. Many fishing villages are located on this island. From Kantang Port, the trip to Ko Libong takes about an hour.

Ko Ngai, a small island with its 3,000 rais, is situated in the Andaman Sea, off the shore from Hat Pak Meng in Trang, but it belongs to Amphoe Ko Lanta in Krabi. The boat from Pak Meng takes 40 minutes to reach the island. Ko Hai is located amidst the so-called Island of Tales. It is another big tourist attraction in the Andaman Sea because of the well-preserved natural environment.

Vegetarian Festival is held in around September - October every year.
The annual festival originated among immigrant workers in the 19th century and is one of the major events of Trang's year. Residents of Chinese ancestry go on a ten-day vegetarian diet. There are ceremonies at local Chinese temples, as well as, parades that feature remarkable feats by ascetic believers.