Historical Monuments in Bangkok, outside Rattanakosin Island

Vimanmek Mansion - Dusit Palace

Vimanmet Mansion, Bangkok

Vimanmet Mansion

Vimanmek Mansion was built in 1900 under the reign of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V). King Rama V moved from the Grand Palace and stayed at Vimanmek Mansion till 1906. The mansion was not uninhabited for long periods during the ensuing years. However, in 1982 it was renovated for use as a museum to commemorate King Rama V. Vimanmek Mansion is the world's largest golden teakwood mansion with an architectural style reflecting Western influence. It houses photographs, personal art and handicrafts of King Rama V area.
Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall (1903) is a one-storey building and served as a throne hall for the Dusit Palace. The wooden building is decorated with intricate floral designs.

Statue at Vimanmet Mansion, Dusit Palace, Bangkok

Vimanmek Mansion, Statue

The Dusit Palace garden grounds contain many more renovated buildings and various museums. The compound is large, and the environment makes for pleasurable walks.
Exhibits include : Photography by King Bhumibol (Rama IX), Ancient Clocks, Antique Textiles, Ban Chiang Pottery, Royal Paraphernalia.
Direction : Take BTS to Victory Monument. From there you take various buses to Wimanmek Mansion and Dusit Palace ground.

Various European style statues are situated around Wimanmek mansion.

Suan Pakkad

Suan Pakkad is a private residence that has been transformed into an attractive medium-sized museum.
It houses a collection of various antiquities, located in different wooden houses and pavillions around a pleasant garden, where you can also relax and have a cool drink.
The collection comprises : Buddha images, sculptures, art from the Rattanakosin area, musical instruments, pentachromatic porcelain (Bencharong), household utensils. A large collection of Sukhothai (Sawankhalok) ceramics is present.
The Khon museum houses various Khon masks, puppets and figurines, used in the traditional Thai dances.
The Lacquer Pavillion, with its inner walls painted in gold and black lacquer is located in the garden.
There is a medium sized well preserved Royal Barge. Another highlight of this museum is its collection of Ban Chiang artefacts, housed in a separate building.

Lacquer Painting at Suan Pakkad Museum, Bangkok

Suan Pakkad, Detail, Lacquer Pavillion

A large collection of Ban Chiang artefacts is located in a separate building. The exhibits are attractively displayed, and the history of the Ban Chiang culture and excavations is summarized. The Ban Chiang culture was located in present Udon Thani province, and dates back 1,800 to 5,800 years. The collection is quite interesting, and the various beads and painted vases look quite fashionable, even today.

Directions to Suan Pakkad : Take BTS to Phayathai station, take exit 4, turn right into Sri Ayutthaya Road. You'll find the museum after about 300 meters.

Wat Benchamabophit

Wat Benchamabophit, Bangkok

Wat Benchamabophit, Monks' living Quarters

Also called the 'Marble' temple, since it is made of Carrera marble. Built by King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V)
The main Buddha image is a copy of the famous Phra Phuttha Chinnarat in Phitsanulok.
The gallery around Wat Benchamabophit has a substantial collection of Buddha images in different styles. They are both original Buddha images, and copies of original sculptures or bronze statues. (The image on the right here is in the 'Lopburi' style.

Similar to other large temples, the compound around Wat Benchamabophit is quite spacious and makes for a pleasant walk. The monks' living quarters are quite colorful.
More about and pictures of Wat Benchamabophit

Wat Benchamabophit, Ubosoth, Bangkok

Wat Benchamabophit

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