Chainat Province in Central Thailand


Chainat Map

Chainat, stablished during the Ayutthaya period , was an important town used several times as a base to confront the Burmese army. The Burmese were defeated every time, thus originating the name of Chai Nat (place of victory)
Chainat occupies and area of 2,469 square kilometers and is administratively divided into six Amphoes : Muang, Hankha, Manorom, Samkhaburi, Sapphaya, Wat Sing.


What to see and what to do in Chainat?

Wat Thanmamun is located at the foothills of Thanmamun, Aphoe Muang Chai Nat, eight kilometers from town. It has been established since the Ayutthaya period. The main attraction is a standing Buddha in the attitude of peace. It is named "Luang Pho Thanmachak" and is highly respected by the people. There is an celebration fair annually. >

Chai Nat Bird Park is located 2 kilometrers on the Asian Highway outside Chai Nat near Phlong Hill, Tamhon Khao Tha Phra. The park is located on an area of 375 rai with huge bird cages, swimming pool, scenic hall, gardens, suspension bridge and souvenir shops.

Chao Phraya Dam is eight kilometers from Chai Nat where the road branches off at Khung Bang Kabian, Tamhon Bang Luang, Amphoe Sapphaya. It is a large dam having a total length of 238 meters and a height of 14 meters. It was completed in the year 1956.

Wat Karuna is located near the Chao Phraya Dam, it houses a revered buddha image highly respected by Chai Nat inhabitants. The name of that image is Phra Phuttha Maha Sila or Luang Pho Hin Yai. This wat is known as the monastery of the dam.

Wat Phra Boromthat Chai Nat is accessible via the road branching off from the Chao Phraya Dam on the right to Amphoe Sankha Buri. By following the old road one can see it on the right hand side.

Chai Nat Muni National Museum is located within the precincts of Wat Phra Borommathat. The museum displays several kinds of artifacts discovered within Chai Nat Province including Buddha images in different positions, Thai and Chinese ceramics, as well as various types of votive tablets. It is expected that the museum will eventually become the votive tablet centre with most tablets in the country.

The Straw Bird Fair is organized to make good use of straw, a by product from rice farming. Various species of huge straw birds will come perching on elaborately decorated floats during parade slated for early February of each year. After the competition, all straw birds will be displayed in front of the Chai Nat City Hall. Local products and agricultural crops will also be available at the fair.

Poi Sang Long Precession is a celebration of novice ordination which the Thai Yai tribe people hold to be a highly meritorious occasion. Offerings for monks are carried through the town in a gala procession. It is usually held during March and May before the Buddhist Rain Retreat period.