Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), Brokers, Securities Trading

Based on many formulas, variables, and methods, Jitta provides easy of use and intuitive tools available for investors to help identify the best companies to buy through the Jitta Score, and the best time to buy through the Jitta Line. Applicable for the companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). The free version be itself provides very useful and useable data (editor note).
 Bualuang Securities
Bualuang Securities (majority owned by Bangkok Bank) services include : securities brokerage, investment banking, fund management, derivatives business, securities borrowing and lending. Company, industry and economic research.
 Kasikorn Securities Co. Ltd.
Kasikorn Securities is a component of the Kasikorn Bank Group, one of the leading financial service providers in Thailand. We offer a complete range of professional investment solutions and services, including investment banking, securities underwriting and securities brokerage.
 BTS Mass Transit Growth Infrastructure Fund
BTSGIF is an investment possibility for investors who want to get dividends generated by farebox revenues of the core 2 first lines of the BTS skytrain system.
 Online Asset Co. Ltd.
Online Asset provides software systems, investment tools, along with news and information on real-time basis enabling investors to make accurate decisions when investing in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), the Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX), or the Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand (AFET).
 DBS Vickers Securities
DBSV Thailand is a member of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, and has been operating in Thailand since 1998 servicing both institutional as well as retail clients. We offer brokerage services as well as online trading to both individual and institutional investors. Other services include investment advisory, selling agent for mutual funds, fixed income, credit balance, derivatives and underwriting.
 Capital Nomura Securities Public Co. Ltd.
Capital Nomura Securities has been listed on The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) since 1988. Securities brokerage services for both domestic and foreign investors, derivatives investments, futures contracts, securities borrowing and lending, overseas investing, fixed income investments, investment banking, selling agent for mutual funds.
 Merchant Partners Securities Public Co. Ltd.
Merchant Partners Securities : brokerage and settlement services, merchant banking, asset management, research and investment analysis.
 KT ZMICO Securities Co. Ltd.
KT ZMICO is a partnership between Krung Thai Bank and Seamico. Its operations include : retail, online and institutional brokerage, derivatives, investment banking, investment information.
 SCB Securities Co. Ltd.
SCB Securities Co. Ltd. is a 100%-owned subsidiary of The Siam Commercial Bank. SCBS offers a full range of fully-integrated investment banking services to meet the needs of corporates, retail investors, and institutional investors.
 I V Global Securities
IV Global Securities has been in the securities business since 1972 and was awarded the following four licenses from the Ministry of Finance : brokerage, investment research, financial advisory and underwriting.
 Aira Securities Public Co. Ltd.
Products and services of AIRA include : equity sales (retail, institutional, online), futures and derivatives, stock borrowing and lending, private wealth management, financial advisory services.
 Phillip Securities
Phillip Securities (Thailand) currently offers the full stock brokerage services, and was the first to offer internet and mobile stock trading to the Thai investors. Part of the Phillip Group, active in 11 countries around the world.
 Seamico Securities Public Co. Ltd.
Seamico Securities : Securities brokerage, securities and derivatives trading, investment advisory, securities underwriting, financial advisory, derivatives agent and asset management services. On line trading.
 Phatra Securities Public Co. Ltd.
Phatra Securities is licensed by the Ministry of Finance to carry out five types of securities businesses, namely securities brokerage, securities dealing, underwriting, investment advisory and securities lending and borrowing businesses.
 Yuanta Securities
Yuanta Securities provides services as a securities broker in both the equity and derivatives market. Trading tools include fundamental and technical analysis, quantitative strategies. Also mutual funds available (provided by third parties).
 BLS Warrant
Information about derivative warrants (SET 50 and selected Thai stocks listed on the SET), not only for warrants issued by Kasikorn Securities, but also for warrants issued by other brokers.
 Association of Securities Companies (Thailand)
The objectives of the Association of Securities Companies (ASCO) are : Development and promotion of the Thailand's capital and securities market, to protect and safeguard member companies, improvement of the standard of business operations, cooperation with regulatory agencies in drafting rules and regulations to develop the infrastructure of the Thai capital market.
 Finansia Syrus Securities Public Co. Ltd.
Finansia Syrus Securities provides the following services : securities brokerage and trading ; investment advisory ; underwriting ; stock borrowing and lending. Also derivatives business and bond dealer in the Thai Bond Market Dealing Center.
 UOB Kay Hian Securities (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd.
UOB Kay Hian Securities provides online security trading, broker assisted trading, trading in derivatives, mutual funds, and fixed income instruments.
 Thanachart Securities Public Co. Ltd.
Thanachart Securities is a securities company in Thailand with more than 25 years of experiences in the industry and managed by a team of highly professional executives. Thanachart Bank is its major shareholder.
 Maybank Kim Eng Securities (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd.
MBKET offers securities services with 44 branches around Bangkok and upcountry. Member of Maybank Group (of Malaysia). Brokering, trading, underwriting, investment advisory services, corporate finance advisory services, securities registrar services, and securities lending and borrowing. Co. Ltd., established by The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), has operated since 2000 to provide Internet Trading platforms and leverage investment technology for brokerage houses in order to accommodate retail investors with increasing trading channels.
 Asia Plus Securities Public Co. Ltd.
Asia Plus Securities operates overall 19 branches, of which 7 branches are within Bangkok metropolitan area and another 12 are in provincial area. We offer 4 types of securities business, i.e., securities brokerage, securities trading, investment advisory services, and underwriting.
 Stock Exchange of Thailand
THe official website of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. You can get info about individual stocks (main shareholders, profits, revenues, dividends, latest news etc.)
 Phatra Edge
Phatra Edge developed an informative investment portal. We designed several tools and features to help you take control of your investment and spot any opportunities that might just pass the eyes of other investors. A member of the Kiatnakin Phatra Financial Group.
 ThaiQuest Ltd.
ThaiQuest is a information technology service company with core competencies : real-time financial information services, online news. Products include Aspen (stock charting) for different platforms, ThaiQuest Enterprise search. Also software development.
 Srisawad Finance Public Co. Ltd.
Offering merchant banking services, including money–market investments, commercial lending, corporate and project financing, transacting securities and managing provident funds.
 KGI Securities (Thailand)
Offering information about stocks and investments. Online trading.
 Thai Bond Market Association
The Thai Bond Market Association (ThaiBMA) is a securities business related association under the Securities and Exchange Commission Act B.E. 2535. Its main purposes are to be a self-regulatory organization (SRO) for a fair and efficient operation of the bond market and to be an information center for the Thai bond market.