Investment Advisers and Consultants

Based on many formulas, variables, and methods, Jitta provides easy of use and intuitive tools available for investors to help identify the best companies to buy through the Jitta Score, and the best time to buy through the Jitta Line. Applicable for the companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). The free version be itself provides very useful and useable data (editor note).
 Coreharbour Ltd.
Coreharbour has its Bangkok office at Zuellig House, Silom road. Investment services : portfolio management, savings plans, school fees planning etc. Retirement schemes, pension transfers, inheritance tax. General insurance and legal services.
 Wealth Management System Ltd.
Wealth Management System produces financial software and comprises 3 business units. Bonanza offers software for treasury and asset management. Wealth Consulting Group offers advisory services. e-frontier provides training courses, e-business consultation, web application and services online. It also organizes financial seminars.
 Advance Finance Public Co. Ltd.
Advance Finance provides funding services (from public and institutions as Certificate of Deposit), lending services (corporate and personal loans), and structured finance (finance advice, equity and debt arrangements, syndication loans, debt restructuring, mergers and acquisitions).
 Paragon Partners
Paragon Partners are a market leader in the areas of debt advisory, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and special situation investments.
 Fintech (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Fintech (Thailand) has its office at Silom road. One of its key products is algorithmic trading which offers emotionless strict discipline of trading and investing, enhanced speed and extra diversification.
 Country Group Holdings (CGH) Public Co. Ltd.
Country Group Holdings (CGH) is an investment holding listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and makes long term investments across multiple sectors. At present, investments in security brokerage firm, Padaeng Industry, asset management company, and real estate company.
 Haven Consultants, Chonburi
Helping clients prepare or the future is our Business. From Investments to insurance, covering retirement plans, educational fee planning, life insurance, International Medical cover and much more. Haven's Wealth management expertise provides unbiased financial planning solutions for clients worldwide.
 InvestAsian by Gelderbauer Ltd.
Asia is the largest engine of global growth today and will remain so in the foreseeable future. InvestAsian's goal is to inform investors throughout the world on how to invest in and profit from the immense potential of this dynamic region, whether they live in or outside of it.
 MBMG Group
MBMG Group offers savings, education, tax, and retirement planning. Wealth, cash, currency management, property solutions. Inheritance planning, asset protection, personal insurance. Offices in Bangkok (Sukhumvit Soi 19), Pattaya.
 Sri Ayudhya Capital Ltd.
Sri Ayudhya Capital is a holding company, listed on the Thai stock market, with investments in the insurance sector.
 Creveling & Creveling Financial Planning Ltd.
We provide fee-only financial planning and investment advice to expatriate clients. Our firm operates under the oversight of the Thai SEC, and is also an RIA with the US SEC. We work directly for our clients, and do not accept commissions from third parties. Principals are Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs).
 CSM Ltd.
CSM Ltd. offer help and guidance to all expatriates seeking advise on offshore insurance, pension and investment products.
  Sage Capital Ltd.
Sage Capital is an SEC-approved financial advisor. With our extensive alliance network of institutional investors, commercial banks, securities firms, and professional services firms, we can independently select the most appropriate partners to achieve the objectives of our client in each case with minimum conflicts of interest.