Banking and Finance in Thailand

 Bangkok Bank Public Co. Ltd.
Bangkok bank, Bangkok's largest private bank. For personal banking, the bank offers a full range of banking products and an extensive distribution network with more than 600 branches, Internet banking, phone banking, and self-service ATM and Express Banking machines.
 Siam Commercial Bank Public Co. Ltd.
Operating since more than a century, Siam Commercial Bank offers : Personal banking (Thai baht deposits, foreign currency deposits, international remittances, currency exchange, fund management, internet banking, consumer loans, life and accident insurance), business banking and corporate banking.
 TISCO Bank Public Co. Ltd.
TISCO was established in 1969 as the first investment bank in Thailand. Tisco Bank started its commercial banking operations on July 1st, 2005 with its head office located at Tisco Tower on the North Sathorn Road and 14 branches in strategic locations nationwide.
 Krung Thai Bank Public Co. Ltd.
Krung Thai Bank offers a wide range of products to meet the financial needs of our clients : personal customers, commercial and wholesalers clients.
 Muangthai Capital Public Co. Ltd.
Muangthai Capital focuses on motorcycle title loan with the biggest market share in Thailand. Also other loans such as all car title loans, personal loans, agricultural vehicle title loans, Nano finance and land title loans. More than 2,800 branches in Thailand.
 Vasu Exchange
Vasu Exchange is located at a corner of Sukhumvit road and Soi 7. It offers currency exchange at better rates than available at commercial banks.
 United Overseas Bank (Thai) Public Co. Ltd.
UOB Group has more than 500 offices in 19 countries and territories in Asia Pacific, Western Europe and North America. UOB (Thai) has a network of more than 150 branches, 300 ATMs, and foreign exchange kiosks in Thailand.
 Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives
BAAC provides financial assistance to farmers, farmer associations and agricultural cooperatives which conduct agriculture and other related-agriculture business.
 Chayo Group Public Co. Ltd.
Chayo Group and its subsidiaries operate the service of tracking and collecting of nonperforming loans. The company will manage the secured and unsecured non-performing loans, acquired from banks or financial institutions under the Bank of Thailand’s supervision.
 Bank of Thailand
Website of the Bank of Thailand. The Bank of Thailand Act was promulgated in 1942 decreeing the Bank of Thailand a juristic person responsible for all central banking activities.
 Superrich Thailand
Superrich Thailand is a currency exchange leader in Thailand, and aims to provide the best possible exchange rates in the Thai market. Head Office at soi Rajdamri 1 offering the best rates.
 Thanachart Bank Public Co. Ltd.
Thanachart Bank provides general financial services with automobile hire purchase as one of its core businesses.
 Asia Sermkij Leasing Public Co. Ltd.
Asia Sermkij Leasing focuses on hire purchase credit for all auto types, both commercial and personal, brand-new and used cars mostly for individual customers. Also providing services on car registration, tax renewal and car insurance. Subsidiaries provide leasing credit for machinery, provides factoring business, hire purchase for corporate customers.
 TMB Bank Public Co.
TMB Bank is Thailand's fifth largest bank and offers general banking services. Also mutual funds, insurance services.
 Kasikorn Bank (former Thai Farmers Bank)
Kasikorn Bank, one of the major private general banks in Thailand.(former Thai Farmers Bank).
 CIMB Thai Bank Public Co. Ltd.
CIMB Thai (formerly known as Bank Thai) is the Thai branch of CIMB Bank, based in Malaysia. General, corporate and personal banking services.
 Kiatnakin Bank Public Co. Ltd.
Kiatnakin Bank, a recently established smaller bank, has expertise in consumer loans, residential project loans, commercial and industrial loans. Also core commercial services at its more than 20 branch offices.
Images and information regarding Thai banknotes and paper money.
 SCB Easy Net
Siam Commercial Bank's online banking services.
 Export-Import Bank of Thailand
EXIM Bank can offer short-term as well as long-term credits, either in domestic or overseas markets, in Baht or any foreign currency denominations.
 Acap Advisory Public Co. Ltd.
ACAP Advisory (ACAP) is a financial advisory and service company active in areas such as loan asset management, investment banking advisory and rehabilitation planning and administration. Main office on Sathorn road. Core specialization in not-performing-loans (NPL) valuation and management.
 Citibank Thailand
Citibank Thailand Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Citigroup, one of the world's largest financial services organizations. Citibank Thailand offers some of the world's leading range of financial and online banking services including personal banking, credit card, deposit accounts, loan services, Ready Credit, business banking, insurance, investment, wealth management and more.
 Bangkok Helper
For those who need it, you can get help in setting up a Thai bank account, and related services.
 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Thai)
Formerly known as ACL Bank until the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China became its main shareholder. The main office is at Emporium Tower. Branches in Bangkok and main provinces in Thailand. General commercial banking services.
 Mida Assets Public Co. Ltd.
Mida Assets operates in the hire purchase business for electrical home appliances, home furniture and motorcycles. Product delivery, installment collection service and product repairing service.
 Aeon Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd.
Aeon Thailand : Financial services, including credit cards, hire purchases, personal loans and other services.
 Group Lease Public Co. Ltd.
The core business of Group Lease is motorcycles hire purchase.
 HSBC in Thailand
Financial services of Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.
 Sukhumvit Asset Management
Sukhumvit Asset Management Co., Ltd. (SAM), is set up and wholly owned by the Financial Institution Development Fund (FIDF) to manage and resolve approximately 500 billion baht of non–performing loans