Legal Offices and Representations, Lawyers in Bangkok and Thailand (2)

 JPN Legal Co. Ltd.
Services of JNP Legal include : contract drafting, employment contracts and disputes, family disputes, intellectual property issues. Real estate issues, will drafting, work permits and immigration, corporate services (structuring, company establishment, mergers, etc.)
 G.A.M. Legal Alliance
G.A.M. Legal Alliance is an international law firm with a solid background in Thai legal practice with offices located in the Bangkok Metropolis and in Phuket. We can assist with concerns pertaining to long term Thai visas, Thai company set up, business registration in Thailand, property purchase, prenuptial agreements, Thai marriage registration and foreign visa applications such as US, UK and AUS and Schengen visa.
 DMC Inter Law and Consultants
DMC Inter Law, Pattaya, practices a wide array of legal matters. Visas and immigration, work permits, criminal law, company registration, wills and testaments, Thai property law, divorce and family law, civil law and litigation.
 International Law Office Patong Beach Co. Ltd.
Areas of practice of International Law Office Phuket : Corporate and business entity law, real estate law, tax law, immigration law and litigation.
 International Legal Counsellors Thailand (ILCT)
Among others, the practice areas of ILCT include : alien business, banking and finance, contract negotiations, expatriate services, information technology services, insurance, labor issues, litigation and arbitration, mergers and take-overs, real estate, taxation, trademark patents and copyrights. Also offices in Vietnam, Taiwan and Russia.
 Isaan Lawyers
Isaan Lawyers is the leading law firm in the NorthEast of Thailand. They provide professional legal services for foreigners and Thais, including adoption, divorce, marriage, translation, drafting contracts, wills and last testaments, setting up companies, corporate law, BOI approval, and much more. They can serve you in English, French, Thai and have several offices.
 Mulvana, de Angeli and Associates Ltd.
Mulvana, de Angeli and Associates is a specialized law firm focusing principally on investment transactions, mergers and acquisitions and real estate acquisitions. The firm serves a client base ranging from investment banks and funds, insurance companies, manufacturers and distributors, hotel developers, real estate developers, real estate brokers. Offices in Bangkok and Phuket.
 Juris International Law Office, Pattaya
Juris International Law Office is a Thai law firm providing a variety of legal services to both foreigners and Thai people. Based in Pattaya, Juris International Law Office is established and managed by experienced licensed lawyers and registered with the Lawyers Council of Thailand as a legitimate law office.
 Anti Money Laundering Office
Mission of AMLO: Undertake all possible measures to stop money laundering. Strengthen regional cooperation to fight money laundering. Prevent offenders from enjoying the proceeds. - Pattaya
The state of the art network of international civil, social security and tax lawyers, serving the expats in the Thai, English, German and French languages. We provide quality for reasonable fees.
 Siam Trademark - Intellectual Property Consultants
Siam trademark has attorneys, consultants and investigators with decades of experience in protecting trademark and other intellectual property rights within the dynamic arena of Thailand commerce.
 Thai Legal and Associates Co. Ltd.
Thai Legal has been established in Pattaya since 1985, and can be trusted to work honestly and sincerely on your behalf. The managing lawyer at Thai Legal, Mr. Kamnod Soponvasu, is a Barrister at Law, registered with the Law Society of Thailand, and with more than 25 years of experience in Law.
 Integrity Legal Co. Ltd.
With offices in the United States and Asia, Integrity Legal (Thailand) is a full service international law firm serving clients from all countries with specific emphasis on clients from the United States, the European Union, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Website contains vast archive of searchable articles on a variety of legal matters.
 Hawryluk Legal Advisors, Phuket
We are a team of Thai and English speaking lawyers practicing in Phuket. We specialize in real estate law, business or corporate law. Other legal services that we provide are litigation services, family law and immigration law cases.
 Anglo-Thai Legal
aTL is an international virtual law firm with Thai and foreign lawyers providing outsourcing legal services, advice, drafting, negotiation, representation and litigation for a fixed fee. Our barristers provide in-house consultancy in the fields of corporate, commercial, criminal and employment law. We liaise with government departments, embassies, NGOs and charities to protect and promote the rights of Distressed Foreign Nationals in Thailand.
 MVP Interlaw & Associates
MVP Interlaw & Associates is comprised of ten Thailand lawyers and is managed by a licensed international lawyer. Areas of expertise of our team include family law, land and real estate acquisitions, US immigration law, international prenuptial agreements and divorce, international litigation (including fraud, torts and business disputes), company law, criminal law and investigations.
 Inter Consultant Law & Accounting Associates Co. Ltd.
We provide legal services (also online), investigating and information services, tax assistance, accounting, business consulting.
 Info Business and Consultant Co. Ltd.
We assist clients with work permits, visa, business licenses, annual audits, accounting, taxation, social security issues, company registration, BOI, foreign business license and also provide business and law consultancy services.
 Thai Law Online
ThaiLawOnline provides free legal information about all fields of Law in Thailand. From business to family, immigration or real estate, Thai laws and regulation, samples of contracts and more.
 Weerawong, Chinnavat & Peangpanor Ltd.
As of 1 January, 2009, the Bangkok office of White & Case became an independent Thai law firm known as Weerawong, Chinnavat & Peangpanor Ltd. Full range of legal services : banking and finance, capital markets, private and public debt restructurings, energy, infrastructure and project finance, corporate commercial, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, real estate, litigation, arbitration, dispute resolution, and tax.
 SBC International Law Associates Co. Ltd.
SBC International Law Associates has a strong network of relationships with various government organizations, the Royal Thai Police and the Immigration Police. Its key areas of legal services are corporate services, immigration and executive transfers, litigation and dispute resolution. Located Silom Road, Bangkok.
 CSBC Law Offices
CSBC provides expert legal advice every aspect of commercial law and other areas. Corporate and commercial services, dispute resolutions : (litigations, arbitrations, product liabilities), expatriate services (work permits, residency, investments, taxations), intellectual property issues (patents, trademarks, copyrights) etc. Located Silom Road.
 Pacific Legal Advisory Ltd.
Pacific Legal Advisory(PLA), a Thailand law office is one of the leading law firms based in Bangkok. PLA provides a wide range of legal services for individual and corporate clients both in the local and international areas.
 Koerner & Associates Ltd.
Thai business law firm that provides legal services principally in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, finance, foreign investment in Thailand, joint ventures, commercial transactions and corporate law.
 Narit and Associates
We are a Bangkok based–law and business consulting firm specializing in company formation, real estate, visa and work permits in Thailand, international sales disputes. Thai Attorneys at Law, Business Consultancy and Commercial Intelligence. Your legal and business consultant with local expertise and international perspectives.
 Department of Intellectual Property
The Department of Intellectual Property encourages the creation of intellectual property in Thailand. It promotes management and commercial exploitation of intellectual property.
 Chaninat and Leeds
Chaninat and Leeds : specialists in real estate, land, condo lease or purchase, marriage and divorce, USA immigration, fiance visa, investigation and other aspects of Thailand law.
 Siam Legal International
We specialise in Thai real estate, leases, marriage and divorce, K1 & K3 Visa applications, UK fiancee visa, and other aspects of Thai law. We are headquartered in Bangkok with offices located in Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Samui and Phuket.
 Suwat International Law Office
Suwat International Law offers legal services in Thailand, including company registrations, work permits, visas, translations and accountancy. Immigration information, notary public services and registrations, intellectual property rights etc.
 Nagadatta & Doyle Ltd.
Nagadatta & Doyle Ltd., Intellectual Property, Trademark and Patent Protection solutions for Thailand and the Asia–Pacific region.
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