Kitchen Design and Installation. Kitchenware

 Kvik (smart in Danish)
Kvik (smart in Danish) has 125 stores around the world, and in Thailand locations in Bangkok and Hua Hin. Kitchen sales at surprisingly low prices, kitchen consultancy, bathrooms, wardrobes, white goods. - Kitchenware Online is a online shopping mall for Thai kitchenware from a variety of famous kitchenware manufacturers. We normally have 10% lower prices than giant retail shops plus offer free delivery.
 Pen K Inter Trading Co. Ltd.
Appliances under the MEX brand name : hoods, sinks, various kitchen appliances (ovens, microwaves, hobs, cookers, dishwashers, taps), electric water heaters.
 Kitchen Hi-Tech Co. Ltd.
Kitchen Hi-Tech supplies professional and commercial kitchens. Established since 2004 with our own factory of stainless steel kitchen equipment. We provide a complete range of services including planning, design, manufacturing, fabrication, installation, after-sales service and also infrastructure installation such as gas system, exhaust ventilation system, electric system and plumbing system.
 RCD Kitchen Design Center
Kitchen furniture and interior fittings under the RCD Kitchen brand name. Free design services to generate a complete plan and 3-D computer generated image of your kitchen. Also doors, closets, shower rooms. Imported (mostly Italian) brands also available.
 Gio Home Kitchen Co. Ltd.
Gio Home stands for high quality home kitchen products including stainless steel cabinets, crystal doors and counter tops that are easy to clean, durable, and with a modern look.
 P.L. Bronze Co. Ltd.
P.L. Bronze has a wide variety of bronze and stainless steel cutlery. Napkin holders, bowls and trays, salt and pepper sets, vases, candle holders, etc.
 Thai Stainless Steel Co. Ltd.
Thai Stainless Steel offers a wide range of kitchen products under the Seagull brand name. Cooking utensils, household items, dining sets, storage, knife sets.
 J & P Jasco Products Co. Ltd.
J & P Jasco Products provides low cost, high quality products ranging from smallwares, tabletops, bar supplies, bake wares, buffet ware to cookware.
 Able Housewares Co. Ltd.
Able Housewares makes wooden kitchen trolleys, small furniture. Boxes and storage items, knife blocks, racks and trays, trivets, all in wood.
 Sevenfive Distributor Co. Ltd.
SevenFive Distributor provides a broad range of commercial kitchen equipment meeting the requirements of high-end kitchens. Equipment for cooking, food holding, food preparation, beverages, refrigeration, ware wash, kitchenware and also built-in stainless steel kitchens.
 Rangsit Professional Appliance Service .Co. Ltd.
P.A.S. provides a wide range of kitchen products and cold rooms. Customers among fast food industry, industrial canteens, catering firms, hospitals, hotels, clubs and armed forces. Fryers, gas burners, hot tops, griddles, ovens, microwaves. Cold rooms, refrigerators, bakery equipment, warmers, etc.
 Lucky Flame Co. Ltd.
Lucky Flame has been a manufacturer of gas appliances and accessories for more than 25 years. We ignite happiness in every household.
 Metro H & Res Co. Ltd.
Our services include consultation, design, supply, after sales service for commercial kitchens. For hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops, fast food outlets, bakeries, superstores, hospitals, clubs and industrial canteens.
 Satien Stainless Steel Public Co.Ltd. - Zebra
Satien Stainless Steel Public Company Limited is the largest producer of stainless steel kitchenware in Thailand.