Ceramics, Tableware and Kitchenware in Thailand

 The Royal Ceramics Industry Public Co. Ltd.
Today we are one of the largest producers and sellers of ceramic tile products in Thailand, and we export our product to over 50 countries on 6 continents. Listed on SET.
 Ceramics of Phuket
Our ceramic exclusive collections are well presented at several luxury hotels in Phuket. Unique artful style and prime quality ceramics.
 Chue Chin Hua Co. Ltd.
Chue Chin Hua provides aluminium cookware, stainless steel cookware, accessories, non-sticking pans and woks. Under the Crocodile brand name.
 Thai Soojung Glass Co. Ltd.
Thai Soojung Glass is a Thai manufacturer and exporter of opal glassware products. Plates, bowls, casseroles, cups and saucers. Gift collections, dinner sets.
 Rattanakosin - Ratchaburi Pottery Co. Ltd.
Using firewood method of production, Ratchaburi Pottery offers all kinds of often colorful and artful pottery, both wholesale and retail, for personal use and gifts.
 All Thai Pottery & Gardening Co.,Ltd.
Thai Pottery & Gardening manufactures and exports Thai pottery, planters, garden furniture, garden ornaments and living tropical plants. Hand-made terracotta, earthenware, etc.
 Home Pottery Public Co. Ltd.
Home Pottery, located in Lampang, produces fine china tableware, under the name Pe'tye. Export-oriented, all products are dishwasher and microwave safe. Also offices in Barcelona and Oslo.
 Thai Silverware
Visit our online store for premium handmade Thai cutlery, flatware, tableware or silverware. Perfect for fine dining and Asian cuisine. Made from quality stainless steel, with worldwide access and delivery from Bangkok. Supplying individuals, restaurants, cafes and bars. Discounts for bulk orders.
 Royal Porcelain Public Co. Ltd.
Royal Porcelain is one of Thailand's and the region's largest and leading producers of fine ceramic tableware.
 Cowin Color Co. Ltd.
Cowin Color is one of the leaders in manufacturing ceramic colors and supplies high quality underglaze colors, binders, mediums and special products for ceramic industry in Thailand and for abroad.
 Na Nawa Ceramic, Chiang Mai
We have created a fascinating range of kitchenware that we regard as usable works of art that are most tempting for the buyer. Due to the ultra high temperature treatment during the production process (1300'C) our high quality products are compatible with your washing machine, microwave and standard oven and are toxin free.
 Lanna Pottery
The Lanna Pottery range consists of two unique designs – each design with a choice between 3 colours and different sizes. Suitable of a wide variety of plants.
 Baan Celadon - Chiangmai
Buy the best quality celadon – ceramics products in ChiangMai at Baan Celadon, Ltd, Part.