Cosmetics and Personal Care Products in Thailand

 Phruksa Candle Co. Ltd.
Phruksa Candle provides : candles, fragrance diffusers, aroma oils, scented sachets, spa products.
 Pathawin Co. Ltd.
Pathawin produces refreshing towels, refreshing tissues, and cleansing wipes.
 Karmarts Public Co. Ltd.
Karmarts distributes cosmetic products imported from overseas. Finished goods of established makeup and skincare brands. House brands and products of joint research and development. Facial care, body care, nail and hair care products.
 Thann-Oryza Co. Ltd.
Thann-Oryza manufactures and sells natural skincare products with natural ingredients under the THANN brand name. Aromatherapy products ; face, lip, body, hair and scalp care products. Bed and bath room accessories.
 Tropicana Oil Co. Ltd.
Besides 100% cold press coconut oil, Tropicana Oil produces a wide variety of cosmetic products based on coconut oil : shower gels, suntan lotions, toners, day and night creams, foot cream, body lotion, coconut oil soap and lip balm etc. Coconut oil is known for its moisturizing properties.
 Institute of Beauty and Health Sciences Co. Ltd.
IBHS develops formulas for personal care, home care, dietary nutrition. Plant extracts technical analysis, human skin and hair testing product efficacy validation, technical analysis (chromatography, in vitro tests).
 KM Interlab Co. Ltd.
KM Interlab is a contract manufacturer for cosmetics and toiletries in Asia. Color cosmetics (lipsticks, powders, pencils, Mascara), facial skincare (cleansing, toning, moisturizing products), soaps, fragrance, hair products, aromatherapy products.
 Perfumes Thailand
Perfume Thailand is an online shop offering genuine brand fine fragrances. We are the best source for buying perfumes, fragrances and cologne.
 Lion Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.
Lion produces a variety of personal care and home products : shower creams, body lotions, shampoos, toothpaste (Salz), toothbrushes, mouthwash (Systema), baby care products, powder and liquid detergents, softeners, dishwashing liquids. Products widely available in supermarkets etc.
 S & J International Enterprises Publ. Co. Ltd.
S & J International produces skin care products (basic toners, moisturizers, skin treatment preparations), toiletries, color cosmetic products.
 DeoNat, Nature's own deodorant
DEONAT mineral deodorant stick is a safe and effective deodorant made from ammonium alum. Ti reduces perspiration, prevents body odour caused by bacteria, provides protection all day long, does not stain clothing and does not leave a residue. Also deonat refreshing powder, and deodorizing foot care powder.
 Praileela -
All of the products are uniquely blended from very special formula of Thai herbs and Thai flower scent extracts. Range of products : hair shampoos and hair conditioners ; shower gels and soaps ; body lotions and body scrubs.
 Do Day Dream Public Co. Ltd.
Do Day Dream offers skin care products under the brand Namu Life.
 Beauty Buffet
Beauty Buffet offers a wide range of cosmetic products so that customers can try different kinds of beauty products before confidently selecting their best choice. Its more than 300 shops are designed in a buffet style, like at a restaurant and decorated in vividly attracting colors.
 SoapChalet, Bangkok
Looking for high quality soap? We are a manufacturer of handmade soaps that are moisturizing, long lasting, smell great with a rich lather and environmental friendly.
 Scent Up Aroma Marketing Thailand
Scent Up Aroma Marketing Thailand aims to deliver the right scent to your environment at the right time and place.
 Alpha Baby Care Co. Ltd.
Alpha Baby Care produces baby feeding products : feeding bottles, silicone nipples, cups, nipple cleaning brushes, bottle warmers, bath toys, cotton buds, step stools, potty seats, baby wipes etc.
 Natura Charm - F.T.C Flemish Thai Co. Ltd.
A variety of beauty care products under the Nature Charm brand name. Purifying cleansing foam, anti-wrinkle, deep moisturizers, aroma oil, aroma bath scrub, sauna herbs, whitening products, beauty care giftsets.
 Bath and Bloom by Earth Factory Co. Ltd.
We provide 'Daily Home Spa' to our customers. From this concept, simply natural, Bath and Bloom products will not harm you even if you use them daily. You can feel relax as if you visit a famous spa and resort everyday. Massage oils, handmade soaps, shower gels, essential oils, scrubbing and detoxifying products.
 SSUP Group
SSUP Group is one of Thailand's leading companies in the beauty and wellness industries. In the beauty industry, SSUP is the leader in quality skin care, makeup, fragrance and hair care products.
 Thai Puff
Puffs, cosmetic puffs, makeup puffs, powder puffs are made from velour, sponge, etc. to use as an applicator for cosmetic compact, powder and foundation.
 Paveemol Co. Ltd.
Paveemol Co., Ltd. was established in 1985, and manufactures and trades cosmetic and pharma-cosmetic products under the brand name of KA.