Textile Fabrics and Yarns

 Oriental Ace Fiber Co. Ltd.
Oriental Ace Fiber produces webbing and specialty fabrics, with products such as webbing binding and elastics suitable for luggage, bag, garment, shoes, sporting products, harness of pets and animals, camera straps, cargo slings.
 Jong Stit Co. Ltd.
Jong Stit is one of the top five leading synthetic textile and fabric manufacturers in Thailand with more than 60 years experience. Yarns, polyester Fabrics, pile Fabrics (toys and garments) and blankets.
 Thai Acrylic Fibre Co. Ltd.
Acrylic Fiber, under the brand name Birlacril. Manufactured at plants in Thailand and Egypt.
 Nitas Tessile - Fabrics for Interior Design
Over 10 years experience in the production of Jacquard fabrics for drapery and upholstery. In the last few years we have set up a wide spread distribution network into Asia maket.
 Charan Lace Co. Ltd.
Charan Lace is a manufacturer of embroidered fabrics and laces in Bangkok. Established in 1976 with headquarter at Sampheng Market, in Bangkok's bustling Chinatown district.
 Thai Kimuraharu Co. Ltd.
Thai Kimuraharu is a cotton fabric manufacturer, specializing in an extensive range of 100% cotton fabrics, synthetic cotton fabrics, 100% linen fabrics, and cotton/linen fabrics. Also producing uniforms for students of international schools in Thailand and foreign countries.
 Suratanapat Textile Ltd. Partn.
Suratanapat Textile produces a wide range of fabrics by using a variety of fibers and their blends such as 100% Cotton, Polyester-Cotton, Polyester-Rayon, Polyester-Tencel, organic cotton and its blends.
 G.M.S. Textiles
G.M.S. Textiles develops and produces high-quality denims in Thailand. Clients include world reknown companies like : Levi's, Lee Cooper, Guess, Hara, Wrangler, Primark, etc.
 Thai Technical Nonwoven Co. Ltd.
Thai Technical Nonwoven is part of the Charoensin Group. It specializes in producing needle-punched nonwoven fabric. Products for footwear (lining, backing, inner-sock, strobel, insole), automotive industry, furniture and bedding industry.
 Gandhi Impex Ltd. Part.
Fabrics from Gandhi, operating since more than 60 years from Phahurat, cover a wide range : from laces and rich embroideries to silks and chiffons. We have crepes, satins, taffetas, jacquards, linens, cottons and much more.
 Thailon Techno Fiber Ltd. (TTFL)
Thailon Techno Fiber manufactures polyamide (nylon) 6 & 6.6 yarns for apparel applications.
 High P.P.C. (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
High P.P.C. produces : acrylic fur fabric, fleece fabric, polyester fur fabric, blankets and fleeces.
 Star Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Star Manufacturing produces and distributes high quality polypropylene BCF Yarn for the Asian markets. Carpet yarn for the domestic, commercial and automobile markets.
 Textile Prestige Public Co. Ltd.
Textile Prestige produces specialty fabrics for apparel : auto shape fabrics, cool jade fabrics, infra warm fabrics, super bars fabrics. Embroidery lace, knitted fabrics. Fabrics and materials for sport wear (like Dry-Max). Also materials for industrial applications (car industry). Also bedding sets, decorative items.
 Saha Seiren Co. Ltd.
Saha Seiren produces a range of high knitted fabric including velour and velvet, and specializes in automotive upholstery and interior lining.
 Chiem Patana Group
Chiem Patana Group produces yarn spinning products, woven greige fabric, piece dyed fabrics, polyester products.
 Atlantic Mills (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Atlantic Mills produces roughly 2 million meters a month of premium denim.
 Asia Fiber Pcl
Asia Fiber is manufacturer of high quality nylon-6 products. Our product lines include nylon-6 chips (resin, pellet), nylon filament yarn, nylon textured yarn and nylon taffeta fabric. We operate our own dyeing and finishing facilities.
 Bulliontex Co. Ltd.
Welcome to Bulliontex.com : import and export of textile related material and machinery in southeast asia. We export all kinds of yarn, fabrics, interlining and also deal in used textile machinery.
 Thai Taffeta Co. Ltd.
Our plant's 1000 advanced Water-Air Jet-Looms produce large quantities of superior quality synthetic fabrics with an annual production capacity of 120 million yards of nylon and polyester fabrics.
 Thai Rayon Public Co. Ltd.
Thai Rayon Public Co., Ltd. is the pioneer manufacturer of Viscose Rayon Staple Fibre in Thailand and the largest exporter in the world.