Tropical Fish Breeding in Thailand

 Bangkok Aqua Plus Co. Ltd.
Bangkok Aqua Plus is specialized in exporting live freshwater tropical fish from Thailand. The company passes the control of quality for export from Inland Aquatic Animal Health Research Institute, Department of Fisheries of Thailand.
 Mister Aqua (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Mister Aqua supplies a variety of live tropical fish and aquatic plants, fish food, and decoration ornaments for aquariums., Aquatic Plants and Tropical Plants
ewaterplant : We offer a wide selection of aquatic plants, water lily, lucky bamboo and are the source for tropical plants from Thailand. Our aquaculture specialists have 32 years experience working with freshwater aquarium plants, pond plants, tropical water lily Thai, lucky bamboo and tropical fish.
 Asia Tropic Zone Co. Ltd.
Asia Tropic Zone exports all kinds of aquarium freshwater tropical fish, Koi, coldwater fish, aquatic plants to wholesalers worldwide.

A worldwide tropical fish exporter with over 32 years of experience. We supply all kind of tropical fishes : discus, bettas, cichilds, tetra.

 Grand Aquatic (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
We are specialized in exporting live freshwater tropical fish and water plants from thailand. Guppy, Betta, Shark, Botia, Loach, Cichlid, etc.

 P & P Aquarium World Trading Co.Ltd.
With over 17 years experience in the tropical fish industry, P&P is ready to support you in every aspect of fresh water tropical fish sales. Hundreds of varieties of tropical fish.

 Jeda Aquarium Ltd. Part.
Import tropical freshwater fish with 100% survival rate guaranteed! We are exporters of discus, betta, goldfish and 22 other categories.