Thai Amulets and Charms
Our online amulets are authentic, come either straight from the temple or from reliable sources including dealers and collectors around Thailand. sells a wide collection of Thai amulets and Tibetan dZi beads online. Operating out of Singapore.
Thailand amulets and statues are powerful consecrate holy items which bring good fortune in life and protection from all dangers. Large inventory of amulets and statues from Thailand directly from monks and temples.
 Super Rich Amulets
Super Rich Amulets is an online Thai Amulet shop. We sell amulets consecrated by famous and reputable monks including LP Pae, LP Toh, Chao Khun Nor etc.
 La Magie du Bouddha
The purpose of this website is to alert you to the esoteric aspects of Tantric and Theravada Buddhism, and to offer you a large selection of Tibetan and Thai magical objects. Mostly in French, with some English-language sections.
 Thai Amulet Sales
Ajahn Jumnien Silsetso is the abbot and founder of a temple in the south of Thailand named, Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Sua, Krabi). Online sales of amulets and pendants originating from this temple.
 Thai Amulet Showcase
Thai Amulet e-commerce. We sell various types of Buddha amulets, old and new. Operated by Thai specialist, worldwide service.
 Religious Thai Amulets, Pendants and Medallions
Provides a basic information relating to some popular Buddhist Thai Amulets. Exhibits some personal collections & contributions from friends in Malaysia & Thailand.